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 Staff Directory

All UBC Press email addresses are in the format:

General inquiries can be made to:

Alison Cobra, Front Desk
t: (604) 822-5959


UBC Press Publication Board


Director's Office

Melissa Pitts, Director
t: (604) 822-6376
e: pitts at

Valerie Nair, Assistant to the Publisher
t: (604) 822-4161
e: nair at


Darcy Cullen, Assistant Director, Acquisitions (Vancouver)
t: (604) 822-5744
e: cullen at

• Aboriginal Studies
• Canadian History
• Gender and Sexuality Studies
• Transnational and Multicultural Studies


Randy Schmidt, Senior Editor (Kelowna)
t: (250) 764-4761
f: (250) 764-4709
e: schmidt at

• Asian Studies
• Law and Society
• Military History
• Political Science
• Political and Diplomatic History


James MacNevin, Senior Editor (Toronto)
t: (289) 779-2414
e: macnevin at

• Communications & Media Studies
• Environmental History
• Environmental and Resource Studies
• Health and Food Studies
• Sociology
• Urban Studies and Planning

Nadine Pedersen, Editorial Coordinator
t: (604) 827-1795
e: pedersen at


Production Editorial

Holly Keller, Assistant Director - Production and Editorial Services
t: (604) 822-4545
e: keller at

Ann Macklem, Editor
t: (604) 822-0093
e: macklem at

Megan Brand, Editor
t. (604)-822-5885
e: brand at

Lesley Erickson, Editor
t: (604) 822-4548
e: lerickson at

Katrina Petrik, Assistant Editor
t: (604) 822-6436
e: petrik at


Steve Young, Assistant Director Finance and Operations
t: (604) 822-8938
e: young at

Derick Chan, Finance Assistant
t: (604) 822-5370
e: chan at



Laraine Coates, Marketing Manager
t. (604)-822-6486
e: coates at

Harmony Johnson, Academic Sales & Marketing Manager
t: (604) 822-1978
e: johnson at

Kerry Kilmartin, Publicity and Events Manager
t: (604) 822-8244
e: kilmartin at

Alexa Love, Catalogues & Advertising Manager
t: (604) 822-4546
e: love at

Liz Hudson, Inventory and Distribution Services Co-ordinator
t: (604) 822-1221
e: hudson at

Krista Bergstrom, Digital Publishing Coordinator
t: (604) 827-5790
e: bergstrom at

Megan Malshewsky, Agency and Digital Marketing Coordinator
t: (604) 822-8226
e: malshewsky at

For all advertising related matters, please contact advertising at


Director Emeritus

Peter Milroy, Director Emeritus
t: (604) 822-3807
e: milroy at


Valerie Nair
t: (604) 822-4161
e: nair at


Ian Morey, Site Support
t: (604) 512-8349


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