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Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Michael Asch

Aboriginal Autonomy and Development in Northern Quebec and Labrador
Colin Scott

Aboriginal Education
Lynne Davis
Louise Lahache
Marlene Brant Castellano

Aboriginal Law
Thomas Isaac

Aboriginal Peoples and Politics
Paul Tennant

Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest
Robin Marles

Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada
Yale Belanger

The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism
Neal Ferris

As Long as the Sun Shines and Water Flows
Ian L. Getty
Antoine S. Lussier

As Their Natural Resources Fail
Frank Tough

At Home with the Bella Coola Indians
Douglas Cole
John Barker

Battle Grounds
P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Between Justice and Certainty

Andrew Woolford

Bitter Feast
Denys Delage
Jane Brierley

Breathing Life into the Stone Fort Treaty
Aime Craft

Captured Heritage
Douglas Cole

Chiefs of the Sea and Sky
George F. MacDonald

Cis dideen kat -- When the Plumes Rise
Jo-Anne Fiske
Betty Patrick

Citizens Plus
Alan Cairns

Colonizing Bodies
Mary-Ellen Kelm

The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence
Robert Boyd

A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau
Brian Hayden

Contact and Conflict
Robin Fisher

Contact Zones
Myra Rutherdale
Katie Pickles

Cree Narrative Memory
Neal McLeod

The Curtain Within
Marianne Boelscher Ignace

Decolonizing Education
Marie Battiste

Eagle Down Is Our Law
Antonia Mills

The Early Years of Native American Art History
Janet Catherine Berlo

The Ermatingers
W. Brian Stewart

Finding Dahshaa
Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

First Nations Education in Canada
Jean Barman
Marie Battiste

The First Nations of British Columbia
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd edition
Robert J. Muckle

First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts
Michael Lee Ross

First Nations, First Thoughts
Annis May Timpson

Fractured Homeland
Bonita Lawrence

Good Intentions Gone Awry
Jean Barman
Jan Hare

Haida Gwaii
Daryl Fedje
Rolf Mathewes

Haida Monumental Art
George F. MacDonald

Healing Traditions
Laurence J. Kirmayer
Gail Guthrie Valaskakis

Historicizing Canadian Anthropology
Julia Harrison
Regna Darnell

The Honour and Dishonour of the Crown
Jamie Dickson

Hunters and Bureaucrats
Paul Nadasdy

Georges Sioui
Jane Brierley

If I Had a Hammer
Margaret Little

Imaging the Arctic
J. C.H. King
Henrietta Lidchi

In Celebration of Our Survival
Doreen Jensen
Cheryl Brooks

In Divided Unity
Theresa McCarthy

The Indian Association of Alberta
Laurie Meijer Drees

Indian Education in Canada, Volume 1
Jean Barman
Don McCaskill
Yvonne Hebert

Indian Education in Canada, Volume 2
Jean Barman
Don McCaskill
Yvonne Hebert

Indian Ernie

Ernie Louttit

Indigenous Legal Traditions
Law Commission of Canada

Is the Sacred for Sale?
Alison Johnston

Islands of Truth
Daniel Clayton

Jack Shadbolt and the Coastal Indian Image
Marjorie M. Halpin

Kiumajut (Talking Back)
Peter Kulchyski
Frank James Tester

Kwakiutl String Figures
Julia P. Averkieva
Mark A. Sherman

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Landscapes and Social Transformations on the Northwest Coast
Jeff Oliver

Legends of Our Times
Morgan Baillargeon
Leslie Tepper

Life Lived Like a Story
Julie Cruikshank

The Lillooet Language
Jan Van Eijk

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

More Indian Ernie
Ernie Louttit

Moving Aboriginal Health Forward
Yvonne Boyer

Musqueam Reference Grammar
Wayne Suttles

Myth and Memory
John Sutton Lutz

A Narrow Vision
Brian Titley

Nationhood Interrupted
Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum)

Native Writers and Canadian Writing
W. H. New

George F. MacDonald

One of the Family
Brenda Macdougall

Our Box Was Full
Richard Daly

Our Chiefs and Elders
David Neel

Our Tellings
Darwin Hanna
Mamie Henry

Paddling to Where I Stand
Martine J. Reid
Daisy Sewid-Smith

A People's Dream
Dan Russell

Plains Indian Rock Art
James D. Keyser
Michael A. Klassen

Positioning the Missionary
Brett Christophers

Potlatch at Gitsegukla
Marjorie M. Halpin
Margaret Seguin Anderson

The Power of Symbols
N. Ross Crumrine
Marjorie M. Halpin

Privileging the Past
Judith Ostrowitz

Protecting Aboriginal Children
Chris Walmsley

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage
Marie Battiste
James [Skj] Youngblood Henderson

The Raven's Tail
Cheryl Samuel

"Real" Indians and Others
Bonita Lawrence

Rebuilding Native Nations
Miriam Jorgensen

Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision
Marie Battiste

The Red Man's on the Warpath
R. Scott Sheffield

Revisiting the Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples
Dwight G. Newman

Robes of Power
Doreen Jensen
Polly Sargent

Shifting Boundaries
Tim Schouls

Sinews of Survival
Betty Kobayashi Issenman

The Social Life of Stories
Julie Cruikshank

Speaking for Ourselves
Julian Agyeman
Peter Cole
Randolph Haluza-DeLay
Pat O'Riley

Andrea Laforet
Annie York

Strangers in Blood
Jennifer S. H. Brown

The Subarctic Fur Trade
Shepard Krech, III

The Subarctic Indians and the Fur Trade, 1680-1860
Colin Yerbury

Jennifer Kramer

Taking Control
Celia Haig-Brown

Tales of Ghosts
Ronald W. Hawker

Tammarniit (Mistakes)
Peter Kulchyski
Frank Tester

They Call Me Father
Margaret Whitehead

Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian
Clarence R. Bolt

Totem Poles
Marjorie M. Halpin

Trading Beyond the Mountains
Richard Somerset Mackie

Treaty Promises, Indian Reality
Simon Underdown
Harold LeRat
Linda Ungar

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, 2nd edition
Christopher McKee

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition
Christopher McKee

Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed
Robert Galois
Neil J. Sterritt

E. Richard Atleo

The Tsimshian
Margaret Seguin Anderson

Twana Narratives
William W. Elmendorf

Un/Covering the North
Valerie Alia

Unsettling Encounters
Gerta Moray

Urbanizing Frontiers
Penelope Edmonds

Visitors Who Never Left
Kenneth B. Harris
Frances M. Robinson

A Voyage to the North West Side of America
Robert Galois

Walking in Indian Moccasins
Laurie Barron

The Way of the Masks
Claude Levi-Strauss

Ways of Knowing
Jean-Guy Goulet

When I Was Small -- I Wan Kwikws
Lisa Matthewson

Will to Power
David Mulhall

With Good Intentions
Celia Haig-Brown
David A. Nock

Witsuwit'en Grammar
Sharon Hargus

Women and the White Man's God
Myra Rutherdale

A World You Do Not Know
Colin Samson

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