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Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Michael Asch

Aboriginal Peoples and Politics
Paul Tennant

Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada
Yale Belanger

Shannon Stettner
Kristin Burnett
Travis Hay

After Morgentaler
Rachael Johnstone

Agenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada
Stuart N. Soroka

Alberta Oil and the Decline of Democracy in Canada
Meenal Shrivastava
Lorna Stefanick

Alliance and Illusion
Robert Bothwell

The Aquaculture Controversy in Canada
Nathan Young
Ralph Matthews

Attitudinal Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada
C.L. Ostberg
Matthew E. Wetstein

Auditing Canadian Democracy
William P. Cross

Becoming Multicultural
Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

The Big Red Machine
Stephen Clarkson

Breaking News?
Frédérick Bastien

Canada and the Beijing Conference on Women
Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon

Canada, the Congo Crisis, and UN Peacekeeping, 1960-64
Kevin A. Spooner

Canada's Voice
Adam Chapnick

The Canadian Election Studies
Mebs Kanji
Antoine Bilodeau
Thomas Scotto

Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes
A. Claire Cutler
Mark W. Zacher

Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
Melody Hessing
Michael Howlett

Canadian Oceans Policy
Don M. McRae
Gordon Munro

The Canadian Party System
Richard Johnston

Paul Kershaw

CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan
David Quiring

Champagne and Meatballs
Larry Hannant

Citizens Plus
Alan Cairns

Code Politics
Jared J. Wesley

The Comparative Turn in Canadian Political Science
Linda A. White
Richard Simeon
Robert Vipond
Jennifer Wallner

Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter
Patrick James

Contested Constitutionalism
James B. Kelly
Christopher P. Manfredi

Conventional Choices
Ian Stewart
David K. Stewart

The Courts
Ian Greene

Critical Policy Studies
Miriam Smith
Michael Orsini

Cycling into Saigon
Graham White
David R. Cameron

Decision at Midnight
Michael Hart
Bill Dymond
Colin Robertson

Diplomatic Departures
Kim R. Nossal
Nelson Michaud

Diversity and Equality
Avigail Eisenberg

Domestic Reforms
Chris Clarkson

Dominion of Race
Laura Madokoro
Francine McKenzie
David Meren

Ethics and Security in Canadian Foreign Policy
Rosalind Irwin

Fire and the Full Moon
David Webster

The Freedom of Security
Colleen Bell

From UI to EI
Georges Campeau
Richard Howard

Gendering Government
Louise A. Chappell

Give and Take
Shirley Tillotson

Good Government? Good Citizens?
W.A. Bogart

Governing Ourselves?
Mary Louise McAllister

Governing with the Charter
James B. Kelly

Grassroots Politicians
Donald E. Blake
R. Kenneth Carty
Lynda Erickson

The Harper Era in Canadian Foreign Policy
Adam Chapnick
Christopher J. Kukucha

Hidden Agendas
Barry Cooper
Lydia Miljan

Hunters and Bureaucrats
Paul Nadasdy

In the Long Run We're All Dead
Timothy Lewis

Insiders and Outsiders
Philip Resnick
Gerald Kernerman

The International Politics of Agricultural Trade
Theodore H. Cohn

Invisible and Inaudible in Washington
Edelgard Mahant
Graeme S. Mount

Manipulation and Consent
David J. Elkins

The Middle Power Project
Adam Chapnick

Misrecognized Materialists
Matt James

Money, Politics, and Democracy
Lisa Young
Harold J. Jansen

Mr. Smith Goes to Ottawa
David C. Docherty

Multicultural Nationalism
Gerald Kernerman

Multiculturalism and the Foundations of Meaningful Life
Andrew Robinson

National Politics and Community in Canada
W. Peter Ward
R. Kenneth Carty

National Visions, National Blindness
Leslie Dawn

No Boundaries Upstairs
Joseph T. Jockel

Offshore Petroleum Politics
Peter Clancy

Once Upon an Oldman
Jack Glenn

The Oriental Question
Patricia E. Roy

Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections
Anthony Sayers

Passing the Buck
Kathryn Harrison

Pepper in Our Eyes
W. Wesley Pue

The Political Economy of Pensions
Richard Lee Deaton

The Politics of Canadian-Japanese Economic Relations, 1952-1983
Frank Langdon

The Politics of Resentment
Philip Resnick

The Politics of War
Jean-Christophe Boucher
Kim R. Nossal

Politics, Policy, and Government in British Columbia
R. Kenneth Carty

The Price of Alliance
Frank Maas

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage
Marie Battiste
James [Sákéj] Youngblood Henderson

David K. Stewart
Keith Archer

Quebec During the American Invasion, 1775-1776
Micheal P. Gabriel
Douglas Deur
S. Pascale Vergereau-Dewey

Queer Mobilizations
Manon Tremblay

Racing to the Bottom?
Kathryn Harrison

Rebuilding Canadian Party Politics
R. Kenneth Carty
William P. Cross
Lisa Young

Rediscovering Thomas Adams
Wayne J. Caldwell

Religion and Canadian Party Politics
David Rayside
Jerald Sabin
Paul E.J. Thomas

Relocating Middle Powers
Andrew Cooper
Richard A. Higgott
Kim R. Nossal

Rethinking Federalism
Karen Knop
Sylvia Ostry
Richard Simeon
Katherine Swinton

Roasting Chestnuts
Ian Stewart

Rooted Cosmopolitanism
Will Kymlicka
Kathryn Walker

Securing Borders
Anna Pratt

Shelter in a Storm
Casey Ready

Shifting Boundaries
Tim Schouls

Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State
Fiona Kay
Richard Johnston

Solidarity First
Robert O'Brien

Sovereignty or Security?
Shelagh Grant

A Stake in the Future
Mary Louise McAllister
Cynthia Alexander

Street Protests and Fantasy Parks
David R. Cameron
Janice Gross Stein

Sean P. Hier
Joshua Greenberg

Talk and Log
Jeremy Wilson

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, 2nd edition
Christopher McKee

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition
Christopher McKee

Two Political Worlds
Donald E. Blake

Wet Prairie
Shannon Stunden Bower

Whose North?
Mark Dickerson

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