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The 12 Chinese Animals
Zhongxian Wu

Administering the Colonizer
Blaine R. Chiasson

Adventures of Eddie Fung, The
Judy Yung

American Missionaries, Christian Oyatoi, and Japan, 1859-73
Hamish Ion

Ammaís Daughters
Meenal Shrivastava

An Ancient Bird-Shaped Weight System from Lan Na and Burma
Donald Gear
Joan Gear

Arming the Chinese
Anthony B. Chan

Art and Alchemy of Chinese Tea, The
Daniel Reid
Christian Janzen

Art in Turmoil
Richard King

The Art Lover's Guide to Japanese Museums
Sophie Richard

Asian Religions in British Columbia
Larry DeVries
Don Baker
Dan Overmyer

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy
Lawrence T. Woods

Asia-Pacific Legal Development
Gerry Ferguson
Douglas Johnston

Aung San and the Struggle for Burmese Independence
Angelene Naw

Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's Struggle for Democracy
Bertil Lintner

Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness
Ning Wang

Being Chinese
Wei Djao

Beyond Suffering
James Flath
Norman Smith

Beyond the Amur
Victor Zatsepine

The Book of Change
Eileen Chang

Born In Seattle
Robert Sadamu Shimabukuro

Brewed in Japan
Jeffrey W. Alexander

A Brief History of Lan Na
Hans Penth

Building In China
Jeffrey Cody

The Business of Culture
Christopher Rea
Nicolai Volland

Chandigarh's Le Corbusier
Vikramaditya Prakash

Chasing the Dragon in Shanghai
John D. Meehan

Chasing the Phantom
Eduard Fischer

Chieftains into Ancestors
David Faure
Ho Ts'ui-p'ing

Chigusa and the Art of Tea
Louise Allison Court
Andrew M. Watsky

China and Iran
John W. Garver

China Experiments
Ann Florini
Hairong Lai
Yeling Tan

China Gadabouts
Susan Armstrong-Reid

China in World Politics, 2nd ed.
Judith F. Kornberg
John R. Faust

China Watcher
Richard Baum

China's Changing Political Landscape
Cheng Li

China's Open Door Policy
Samuel P.S. Ho
Ralph W. Huenemann

China's Terracotta Warriors
Liu Yang

China's Transition to Modernity
Minghui Hu

Chinese Ambassadors
Xiaohong Liu

The Chinese Book of Animal Powers
Chungliang Al Huang

Chinese Comfort Women
Peipei Qiu
Stephen D. Bryen
Su Zhiliang
Chen Lifei

Chinese Democracy after Tiananmen
Yijiang Ding

The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80
Wing Chung Ng

Chinese Opera
Peter Lovrick
Wang-Ngai Siu

The Chinese State at the Borders
Diana Lary

Chinese Students Encounter America
Qian Ning
T.K. Chu

City of Virtues
Chuck Wooldridge

Clearing a Space
Keith Foulcher
Tony Day

Colonial Hong Kong in the Eyes of Elsie Tu
Elsie Tu

Common Careers, Different Experiences
Katharine Venter

Conditional Spaces
Denise Tse-Shang Tang

Confinement and Ethnicity
Jeffery F. Burton
Mary M. Farrell
Florence B. Lord

Conflicts of Interest
Philip Hu
Rhiannon Paget
Sebastian Dobson
Maki Kaneko
Sonja Hotwagner
Andreas Marks

Consuming Hong Kong
Gordon Matthews
Tai-lok Lui

Contesting White Supremacy
Timothy J. Stanley

Contradictory Impulses
Patricia E. Roy
Greg Donaghy

Coping with Calamity
Jiayan Zhang

Crisis and Transformation in China's Hong Kong
Ming K. Chan
Alvin Y. So

Cultivating Connections
Alison R. Marshall

Cultivating Qi
David W. Clippinger

Daoist Reflections from Scholar Sage
Damo Mitchell

Deco Japan
Kendall H. Brown

The Diary of Kosa Pan
Dirk Van der Cruysee
Michael Smithies

Diasporic Chineseness after the Rise of China
Julia Kuehn
Kam Louie
David M. Pomfret

Diasporic Media beyond the Diaspora
Sherry S. Yu

Doctoral Dissertations on Hong Kong 1900-1997
Frank Joseph Shulman
Anna Leon Shulman

Dreaming in Canadian
Faiza Hirji

Eating Bitterness
Kimberley Ens Manning
Felix Wemheuer

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
Chungliang Al Huang

Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria
Norman Smith

The Empress and Mrs. Conger
Grant Hayter-Menzies

An Enduring Vision
Lisa Rotondo-McCord
Tadashi Kobayashi

Engaging the Spirit World
Kirsten W. Endres
Andrea Lauser

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development
Akihisa Mori

The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine
Gary Wagman

The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu
Elaine Liechti
Vicky Smyth

The Face of Resistance
Aung Zaw

The Fall of the Pagoda
Eileen Chang

Family Revolution
Hui Faye Xiao

Michael C. Howard

Forestry and the Forest Industry in Japan
Yoshiya Iwai

From Slave Girls to Salvation
Shelly Ikebuchi

Frontier Livelihoods
Sarah Turner
Christine Bonnin
Jean Michaud

A Frontier Made Lawless
Joseph Lawson

Frontier People
Mette Halskov Hansen

The Fundamentals of Acupuncture
Nigel Ching

Gandharan Buddhism
Kurt Behrendt
Pia Brancaccio

Gems from the South
Susan Y.Y. Lam
Ruan Huaduan

Gender and Change in Hong Kong
Eliza Wing-Yee Lee

Genders and Sexualities in Modern Thailand
Peter Jackson
Nerida Cook

Genocide and Resistance in Southeast Asia
Ben Kiernan

A Geography of China
T.R. Tregear

Getting Heard
Christine Loh
Civic Exchange

A Gift of Barbed Wire
Robert S. McKelvey

Global Goes Local
Timothy J. Craig
Richard King

Globalization and Local Adaptation in International Trade Law
Ljiljana Biukovic
Pitman B. Potter

Glorify the Empire
Annika A. Culver

God's Little Daughters
Ji Li

Gods of Angkor
Louise Allison Cort
Paul Jett

Governing China's Multiethnic Frotiers
Morris Rossabi

Gutenberg in Shanghai
Christopher A. Reed

The Han
Agnieszka Joniak-Luthi

Healing Henan
Sonya Grypma

A Heart at Leisure from Itself
Margaret Prang

Heaven in Conflict
Anthony E. Clark

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches - TianGan DiZhi
Master Zhongxian Wu
Dr. Karin Taylor Wu

Hiroshima Immigrants in Canada, 1891-1941
Michiko Midge Ayukawa

The Holy Cow and Other Animals
Pratapaditya Pal
Betty Seid

The Hong Kong Ballet
Wang-Ngai Siu

Hong Kong English
Kingsley Bolton

Hong Kong Reintegrating with China
Lee Pui-tak

The Hope of Another Spring
Barbara Johns

The House of Our Ancestors
Thomas Reuter

Images in Asian Religions
Phyllis Granoff
Koichi Shinohara

Imagining Gay Paradise
Gary Atkins

Imperial Masquerade
Grant Hayter-Menzies

Inside the Floating World
Allen Hockley

Intoxicating Manchuria
Norman Smith

Islam in the Hinterlands
Jasmin Zine

Him Mark Lai
Genny Lim
Judy Yung

Japan at the Millennium
David W. Edgington

Japanese Diplomacy in a Dilemma
Nobuya Bamba

Japanese Historians and the National Myths, 1600-1945
John Brownlee

Japan's Emergence as a Modern State - 60th anniv. ed.
Lawrence T. Woods
Herbert E. Norman

Japan's Foreign Policy
Frank Langdon

Japan's Modern Prophet
John F. Howes

Japan's Motorcycle Wars
Jeffrey W. Alexander

Jewels of the Qila
Hugh J.M. Johnston

Journeys to the Japanese, 1952-1979
Lucia White
Morton White

Judgment without Trial
Tetsuden Kashima

Jumping through Hoops
Shirley Chang
Jing M. Wang

Keeping the Nation's House
Helen M. Schneider

Kewa Tales
John LeRoy

Korea's Future and the Great Powers
Nicholas Eberstadt
Richard J. Ellings

Land Politics and Livelihoods on the Margins of Hanoi, 1920-2010
Danielle Labbe

A Landscape of Travel
Jenny Chio

Letters from the 442nd
Minoru Masuda
Hana Masuda
Dianne Bridgman

Living Dead in the Pacific
Mark Munsterhjelm

Lyric Poets of the Southern T'ang
Daniel Bryant

The Making of Modern Chinese Medicine, 1850-1960
Bridie Andrews

The Management of Monopoly
Hoh-cheng Mui
Lorna H. Mui

Manchus and Han
Edward J.M. Rhoads

The Maritime Frontier of Burma
Jos Gommans
Jacques Leider

Masterful Illusions
Ann Yonemura

Masters of Tradition
Margaret C. Rodman

Gloria Granz Gonick

Mediums, Monks, & Amulets
Pattana Kitiarsa

Mega Urban Regions of Southeast Asia
Terry G. McGee
Ira M. Robinson

Melanesia and the Western Polynesian Fringe
Glynn Barratt

Mending Fences
Elizabeth Wishnick

Mental Health Planning for One Billion People
Tsung-Yi Lin
Leon Eisenberg

Merry Laughter and Angry Curses
Juan Wang

Middle Chinese
Edwin G. Pulleyblank

Migration, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking
Min Liu

Milestones on a Golden Road
Richard King

Mine Okubo
Greg Robinson
Elena Tajima Creef

Minorities, modernity and the emerging nation
Gerry van Klinken

The Mountain Is Moving
Patricia Morley

Moving Mountains
Jean Michaud
Tim Forsyth

Lex Rieffel

National Identity and Its Defenders
Craig J. Reynolds

National Treasure
Peter Bleed

Negotiating Identities
Helena Grice

New Challenges for ASEAN
Amitav Acharya
Richard Stubbs

The New Silk Road Diplomacy
Hasan H. Karrar

A New Version of the Gandhari Dharmapada and a Collection of Previous Birth-Stories
Timothy Lenz

The Northern Region of Korea
Sun Joo Kim

Not Fit to Stay
Sarah Isabel Wallace

Not the Slightest Chance
Tony Banham

Obedient Autonomy
Erika E.S. Evasdottir

The Oriental Question
Patricia E. Roy

Orienting Canada
John Price

Outline of Classical Chinese Grammar
Edwin G. Pulleyblank

Pacifism in Japan
Nobuya Bamba
John F. Howes

Paths of Origin, Gates of Life
Andrew McWilliam

Perpetual Happiness
Henry Tsai

Pilgrims, Patrons, and Place
Phyllis Granoff
Koichi Shinohara

The Political Economy of Productivity
David H. Feeny

Population and Ethno-Demography in Vietnam
Khong Dien

Postmodern China
Jens Damm
Andreas Steen

The Power of Words
Glen Peterson

The Pragmatic Dragon
Eric Hyer

The Prints of Isoda Koryusai
Allen Hockley

Projecting a Nation
Juibin Hu

Protestantism and Politics in Korea
Chung-Shin Park

Qigong Through the Seasons
Ronald H. Davis
Pamm Davis

Queering Contemporary Asian American Art
Laura Kina
Jan Christian Bernabe

Race and the City
Shanti Fernando

Recalling Local Pasts
Sunait Chutintaranond
Chris Baker

Reclaiming Adat
Gaik Cheng Khoo

Reconstructing Kobe
David W. Edgington

Red Capitalism in South China
George C.S. Lin

Red Stamps and Gold Stars
Sarah Turner

Reforming Japan
Elizabeth Dorn Lublin

Rehabilitating the Old City of Beijing
Liangyong Wu

Remembering the Samsui Women
Kelvin E.Y. Low

Reporting for China
Pal Nyiri

Reporting the Raj
Chandrika Kaul

Resisting Manchukuo
Norman Smith

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East
Kurt E. Engelmann
Vjeran Pavlakovic

Russia's Far East
Jason Ziedenberg
Judith Thornton
Charles Ziegler

Scars of War
Diana Lary
Stephen MacKinnon

Scent of Apples
Bienvenido N. Santos

The Scholar and the State
Liangyan Ge

A School in Every Village
Elizabeth R. VanderVen

Seditious Histories
Craig J. Reynolds

The Sensuous and the Sacred
Vidya Dehejia

Sento at Sixth and Main
Gail Dubrow
Donna Graves

Sex and Borders
Leslie Ann Jeffrey

Shopping at Giant Foods
Alfred Yee

Siam and the West, 1500-1700
Dirk Van der Cruysee

Siam in Mind
David K. Wyatt

The Six National Histories of Japan
John Brownlee
Taro Sakamoto

Sky Train
Canyon Sam

Smokeless Sugar
Emily M. Hill

Rob Hering

Sporting Gender
Yunxiang Gao

Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism
A J Wilson

The Stability Imperative
Sarah Biddulph

Staging Corruption
Ruoyun Bai

State of Exchange
Jennifer Y.J. Hsu

Swallowing Clouds
A. Zee

Taisho Chic
Kendall H. Brown
Sharon A. Minichiello

Teachers' Schools and the Making of the Modern Chinese Nation-State, 1897-1937
Xiaoping Cong

Terrain of Memory
Kirsten Emiko McAllister

Thaksin, Second Edition
Pasuk Phongpaichit
Chris Baker

Than Shwe
Benedict Rogers

Tibet and Nationalist China's Frontier
Hsiao-ting Lin

Trans-Pacific Mobilities
Lloyd L. Wong

The Triumph of Citizenship
Patricia E. Roy

Tui na
Sarah Pritchard

Helen Hok-Sze Leung

Village China at War
Dagfinn Gatu

Vital Healing
Marc S. Micozzi

Voices From the Camps
James M. Freeman
Nguyen Dinh Huu

Voices from the Past
Solomon Bard

Voices Raised in Protest
Stephanie Bangarth

Voices Rising
Xiaoping Li

The Way of the Bachelor
Alison R. Marshall

Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China
Stevan Harrell

Women and Property in Urban India
Bipasha Baruah

Wong Kar-wai's Ashes of Time
Wimal Dissanayake

Wong Kar-wai's Happy Together
Jeremy Tambling

Written and Unwritten
James O. Caswell

Xavier's Legacies
Kevin M. Doak

XinYi WuDao
Master Zhongxian Wu

The Yellow Monkey Emperorís Classic of Chinese Medicine
Damo Mitchell
Spencer Hill

Zina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women
Shahnaz Khan

Zuo Tradition / Zuozhuan
Stephen Durrant
Wai-Yee Li
David Schaberg

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