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 Search Results

Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada
Janice Forsyth
Audrey R. Giles

Shannon Stettner
Kristin Burnett
Travis Hay

The Active Points Test
Stefano Marcelli

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Charles Buck

Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit
Peter Mole

Acupuncture for New Practitioners
John Hamwee

The Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book
Rainy Hutchinson

Acupuncture Therapeutics
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

The Acute-Care Nurse Practitioner
Judy Rashotte

ADD and Me
Ken Patterson

ADHD - Living without Breaks
Martin L. Kutscher

After Morgentaler
Rachael Johnstone

Ageing and Spirituality across Faiths and Cultures
Elizabeth MacKinlay

Ageing, Spirituality and Well-being
Albert Jewell

Ageless Nation
Michael G. Zey

All Birds Have Anxiety
Kathy Hoopmann

All Cats have Asperger Syndrome
Kathy Hoopmann

All Dogs Have ADHD
Kathy Hoopmann

Alphabet Kids - From ADD to Zellweger Syndrome
Robbie Woliver

Anni's Cancer Companion
Anni Matthews

Are the Keys in the Freezer?
Patricia Woodell
Brenda Niblock
Jeri Warner

Aromatherapy in Midwifery Practice
Denise Tiran

Art in Action
Ellen G. Levine
Stephen K. Levine

Art of Helping Others, The
Heather Smith
Mark Smith

Art Therapy and Anger
Marian Liebmann

Art Therapy Exercises
Liesl Silverstone

Asanas for Autism and Special Needs
Shawnee Thornton Hardy

The ASD and Me Picture Book
Joel Shaul

Asparagus Dreams
Jessica Peers

Asperger Children's Toolkit, The
Francis Musgrave

Asperger Syndrome - A Love Story
Sarah Hendrickx
Keith Newton

Asperger Syndrome and Long-Term Relationships
Ashley Stanford

Asperger Syndrome in Adolescence
Luke Jackson
Liane Holliday Willey

Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom
Stacey W. Betts
Dion E. Betts
Lisa N. Gerber-Eckard

Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity
Latika Vasil
Harvey Molloy

Asperger's Syndrome
Tony Attwood

Rudy Simone

Jennifer Cook O'Toole

The Asperkid's Launch Pad
Jennifer Cook O'Toole

At War with Yourself
Samuel C. Williams

Attacking Anxiety
Karen Levine
Naomi Chedd

Herman Jansen
Betty Rombout

Autism and Appropriate Touch
Abigail Werner James

Autism and Loss
Rachel Forrester-Jones
Sarah Broadhurst

Autism and Spirituality
Olga Bogdashina

The Autism Fitness Handbook
David S. Geslak

Autism Movement Therapy (R) Method
Joanne Lara
Keri Bowers

The Autism Spectrum and Depression
Nick Dubin

Autism Spectrum Disorders Through the Life Span
Digby Tantam

The Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships
Emma Goodall

The Autism Spectrum, Sexuality and the Law
Tony Attwood
Isabelle Henault
Nick Dubin

Autism, Brain, and Environment
Richard Lathe

Autism, Discrimination and the Law
James Graham

Ayurvedic Healing
Hari Sharma
Christopher Clark

Ayurvedic Medicine
Sebastian Pole

The A-Z of Genetic Factors in Autism
Kenneth J. Aiken

Baby Shiatsu
Karin Kalbanter-Wernicke
Tina Haase

Basic Anatomy and Physiology for the Music Therapist
Daniel J. Schneck

The "Basic Ph" Model of Coping and Resiliency
Mooli Lahad
Miri Shacham
Ofra Ayalon

Basic Theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

Beating Dyspraxia with a Hop, Skip and a Jump
Geoff Platt

Before and After Radical Prostate Surgery
Virginia Vandall-Walker
Katherine Moore
Diane Pyne

A Beginner's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Paul G. Taylor

Being Mindful, Easing Suffering
Christopher Johns

Being Relational
Jocelyn Downie
Jennifer Llewellyn

The Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens
Lindsey Joiner

Big Fleas Have Little Fleas
Elizabeth W. Davidson

Big Steps for Little People
Celia Foster

Biochemical Imbalances in Disease
Lorraine Nicolle
Ann Woodriff Beirne

Biodiversity Change and Human Health
Osvaldo E. Sala
Laura A. Meyerson
Camille Parmesan

Blue Bottle Mystery (Graphic novel)
Kathy Hoopmann

Body Intelligence Meditation
Ged Sumner

Breaking Free from Persistent Fatigue
Lucie Montpetit

Brief Guide to Autism Treatments, A
Elisabeth Hollister Sandberg
Becky L. Spritz

Bright Splinters of the Mind
Beate Hermelin

British Columbia Atlas of Wellness
Leslie Thomas Foster
C. Peter Keller

Brock Chisholm, the World Health Organization, and the Cold War
John Farley

Build Your Own Life
Wendy Lawson

Building Health Promotion Capacity
Scott McLean
Joan Feather
David Butler-Jones

Building Language Using LEGO® Bricks
Dawn Ralph
Jacqui Rochester

Bully Blocking
Evelyn M. Field

Business for Aspies
Ashley Stanford

Buster and the Amazing Daisy
Nancy Ogaz

Can I tell you about ADHD?
Susan Yarney

Can I tell you about Anxiety?
Lucy Willetts
Polly Waite

Can I tell you about Asthma?
Lesley Mills

Can I tell you about Depression?
Christopher Dowrick
Susan Martin

Can I tell you about Down Syndrome?
Elizabeth Elliot

Can I tell you about Eating Disorders?
Bryan Lask
Lucy Watson

Can I tell you about Eczema?
Julie Collier

Can I Tell You About Epilepsy?
Kate Lambert

Can I tell you about having a Stroke?
Lisa Taylor
Swee Hong Chia

Can I Tell You About Loneliness?
Julian Stern

Can I tell you about Pathological Demand Avoidance syndrome?
Ruth Fidler
Phil Christie

Can I tell you about Peanut Allergy?
Sharon Dempsey
Alice Blackstock

Can I tell you about Sensory Processing Difficulties?
Sue Allen

Cannabis and Young People

Can't You Hear Them?
Simon McCarthy-Jones

Career Training and Personal Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Vicki Lundine
Catherine Smith

The Caregiver
Aaron Alterra
Arthur Kleinman

Case Studies from the Medical Records of Leading Chinese Acupuncture Experts
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

Celestial Healing
Marc S. Micozzi

Chair Yoga
Edeltraud Rohnfeld

Challenging Stress, Burnout and Rust-Out
Teena J. Clouston

Children Also Grieve
Linda Goldman

Children and Spirituality
Brendan Hyde

Children at Their Best
Karin Kalbanter-Wernicke
Bettye Jo Wray-Fears
Thomas Wernicke

A Child's Journey Through Placement
Vera I. Fahlberg

China Gadabouts
Susan Armstrong-Reid

Chinese Medical Qigong
Tianjun Liu
Kevin W Chen

Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong
Master Zhongxian Wu

Choices in Pregnancy and Childbirth
John Wilks

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME
Elizabeth Turp

The Clinic and Elsewhere
Todd Meyers

Cognitive Analytic Therapy for People with Intellectual Disabilities and their Carers
Julia Lloyd
Philip Clayton

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Older People
Ian Andrew James

Colors of Grief, The
Janis A. Di Ciacco

Common Laboratory Tests Used by TCM Practitioners
Partha Banerjee MD
Christina Captain

Community Mental Health in Canada, revised and expanded edition
Simon Davis

Community Nutrition for Developing Countries
Norman J. Temple
Nelia Steyn

Comparative Psychology for Clinical Psychologists and Therapists
Daniel C. Marston
Terry L. Maple

The Compassionate Practitioner
Jane Wood

The Compleat Acupuncturist
Peter Eckman

The Complete Book of Yiquan
Master C S Tang

The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome
Tony Attwood

Connecting with Your Asperger Partner
Louise Weston

Connor the Conker and the Breezy Day
Rachel Lloyd

Constructing Musical Healing
June Boyce-Tillman

Bruce Magnusson
Zahi Zalloua

Contemplative Aging
Edmund Sherman

Contemporary Issues in Mental Health
James A. Leclair
Leslie Thomas Foster

Contesting Elder Abuse and Neglect
Joan R. Harbison

The Conversation Train
Joel Shaul

The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs
Deborah French

Cranial Intelligence
Ged Sumner
Steve Haines

Cranio-Sacral Integration
Thomas Attlee

Creative Arts in Palliative Care, The
Nigel Hartley
Malcolm Payne

Creative Supervision Across Modalities
Anna Chesner
Lia Zografou

Crime and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Neil Brewer
Robyn L. Young

Critical Suicidology
Jennifer White
Ian Marsh
Michael J. Kral
Jonathan Morris

Cross-Cultural Caring
Elizabeth Richardson
Nancy Waxler-Morrison
Joan Anderson

Cross-Cultural Caring, 2nd ed.
Elizabeth Richardson
Nancy Waxler-Morrison
Joan Anderson
Natalie A. Chambers

Cultivating Qi
David W. Clippinger

Culture and Madness
Begum Maitra
Inga-Britt Krause

Cutting It Out
Carolyn Smith

Dad's Not All There Any More
Alex Demetris

Dancing with Dementia
Christine Bryden

Daoist Meditation
Wu Jyh Cherng

Daoist Meridian Yoga
Camilo Sanchez

Daoist Nei Gong for Women
Roni Edlund
Damo Mitchell

Daoist Reflections from Scholar Sage
Damo Mitchell

DBT-Informed Art Therapy
Susan M. Clark

Dealing with Death
Jennifer Green
Michael Green

Decision-Making, Personhood and Dementia
Deborah O'Connor
Barbara Purves

Decoding Dating
John Miller

Design for Nature in Dementia Care
Garuth Chalfont

Developing Flexibility Skills in Children and Teens with Autism
Linda Miller

Developing Internal Energy for Effective Acupuncture Practice
Ioannis Solos

Developing Workplace Skills for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Michelle Rigler
Amy Rutherford
Emily Quinn

Diagnosis Asparagus
Cathie O'Halloran
Eva Penrose

Diagnostics of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

A Different Kettle of Fish
Michael Barton

Digital Art Therapy
Rick L. Garner

Disabling Barriers
Ravi Malhotra
Benjamin Isitt

Diseases of Globalization
Christine McMurray
Roy Smith

The Divergent Channels - Jing Bie
David Twicken

Doll Therapy in Dementia Care
Gary Mitchell

Down From Troy
Richard Selzer

Down Syndrom - Beyond the Disability
Patti McVay
Laurie Adams-Pachl

The Dragons of Autism
Olga Holland

Dramatherapy and Family Therapy in Education
Penny McFarlane
Jenny Harvey

Dyslexia and Alternative Therapies
Maria Chivers

The Early Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders
Patricia O'Brien Towle

Eat to Get Younger
Lorraine Nicolle
Christine Bailey

Ed says U said
June Alexander
Catherine Sangster

Effective Grief and Bereavement Support
Kari Dyregrov
Atle Dyregrov

Eight Extraordinary Channels - Qi Jing Ba Mai
David Twicken

Eight Movements to Make the Tendons and Muscles Supple, Strengthen the Bones - Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong - 1st Form Eight Movements to Make the Tendons and Muscles Supple, Strengthen the Bones - Shu Jin Zhuang Gu Gong - 1st Form
Zhang Guangde

Elderly Chinese People in Pacific Rim Countries
Iris Chi
Neena L. Chappell
James Lubben

The Elephant in the ADHD Room
Letitia Sweitzer

Ellie Needs to Go
Kate E. Reynolds

Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain
Chungliang Al Huang

Embracing Asperger's
Richard Bromfield

The Embroidered Cancer Comic
Sima Elizabeth Shefrin

Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability
Yvona Fast

Empowering Children through Art and Expression
Bruce St Thomas
Paul Johnson

Empty Beds
Jean A. Keller

End of Life Care
Nigel Hartley

End of Life Care for People with Dementia
Laura Middleton-Green
Jane Chatterjee
Sarah Russell
Murna Downs

The End of World Population Growth
Wolfgang Lutz
Warren Sandersen

Engaging Mirror Neurons to Inspire Connection and Social Emotional Development in Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum
Lee Chasen

Enriched Care Planning for People with Dementia
Hazel May
Paul Edwards
Dawn Brooker

Environmental Health Risks and Public Policy
David V. Bates

Environments for Health
John MacDonald

Epidemic Encounters
Magda Fahrni
Esyllt W. Jones

Sarah Dry
Melissa Leach

The Equality Act 2010 in Mental Health
Hári Sewell

The Essential Guide to Life After Bereavement
Judy Carole Kauffmann
Mary Jordan

Essential Oils
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Essential Tai Ji
Chungliang Al Huang

The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine
Gary Wagman

Essential Texts in Chinese Medicine
Richard Bertschinger

Ethical Issues in Dementia Care
Julian Hughes
Clive Baldwin

Ethical Issues in Dementia Care
Julian Hughes
Clive Baldwin

Ethics and AIDS in Africa
Anton van Niekerk
Loretta Kopelman

Everyday Exposure
Sarah Marie Wiebe

Everyday Qigong Practice
Richard Bertschinger

Evidence-based assessment in ASD (autism spectrum disorder)
Kenneth J. Aitken

Evolution in a Toxic World
Emily Monosson

Executive Function "Dysfunction" - Strategies for Educators and Parents
Rebecca A. Moyes

Experiences of Donor Conception
Caroline Lorbach

Exposure Anxiety - The Invisible Cage
Donna Williams

Expressive Arts with Elders
Naida Weisberg
Rosilyn Wilder

The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu
Elaine Liechti
Vicky Smyth

Extreme Parenting
Sharon Dempsey

Face to Face with the Face
Thomas Attlee

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture
Paul Adkins

Family Experiences of Bipolar Disorder
Cara Aiken

Feminist Community Research
Gillian Creese
Wendy Frisby

Filling a Need While Making Some Noise
Kathy Irvine Lorenzato

Finding a Different Kind of Normal
Jeanette Purkis

Finding a Way Through When Someone Close has Died
Pat Mood
Lesley Whittaker

Finding Meaning in the Experience of Dementia
Elizabeth MacKinlay
Corinne Trevitt

Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong
Master Zhongxian Wu
Dr. Karin Taylor Wu

First Do No Harm
Terrence Sullivan
Patricia M. Baranek

The Five Levels of Taijiquan
Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

Food, Genes, and Culture
Gary Paul Nabhan

Forensic Music Therapy
Stella Compton Dickinson
Helen Odell-Miller
John Adlam

The Forgotten Mourners
Sister Margaret Pennells
Susan C. Smith

The Four Dignities
Cain Carroll

The Four Dragons
Damo Mitchell

Fragrance and Wellbeing
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Freaks, Geeks, and Asperger Syndrome
Tony Attwood
Luke Jackson

Freeing Emotions and Energy Through Myofascial Release
Noah Karrasch

A Friend's and Relative's Guide to Supporting the Family with Autism
Ann Palmer

Frog's Breathtaking Speech
Michael Chissick
Sarah Peacock

From Here to Maternity
Karen Gibbons
Lana Grant

The Functional Nutrition Cookbook
Lorraine Nicolle
Christine Bailey

The Fundamentals of Acupuncture
Nigel Ching

Fundamentals of Chinese Fingernail Image Diagnosis (FID)
Jie-Jia Li
Jian-Ping Fu
Jack Li

The Future of Mental Health
Eric Maisel

Gardening for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Special Educational Needs
Natasha Etherington

Genetic Syndromes and Applied Behaviour Analysis
Dorothy Griffiths
Rosemary A. Condillac
Melissa Legree

Getting Better at Getting People Better
Noah Karrasch

Getting into the Game
Veronica Smith
Stephanie Y Patterson

Giggle Time - Establishing the Social Connection
Susan Aud Sonders

Give Food a Chance
Julie O'Toole

Global Biopiracy
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Francis Delpeuch
Bernard Maire
Emmanuel Monnier
Michelle Holdsworth

Go Yogi!
Emma Hughes
John Smisson

Gold Mirrors and Tongue Reflections
Ioannis Solos

Good Practice in Promoting Recovery and Healing for Abused Adults
Jacki Pritchard

Grandad's Ashes
Walter Smith

Grief and Powerlessness
Ruth Bright

Grief in Children
Atle Dyregrov

Grief in Children
Atle Dyregrov

Grief in Young Children
Atle Dyregrov

Group and Individual Work with Older People
Swee Hong Chia
Julie Heathcote
Jane Marie Hibberd

A Guide to Evaluation for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners
Giorgos Tsiris
Mercedes Pavlicevic
Camilla Farrant

A Guide to Living with Hypermobility Syndrome / EDS-III
Isobel Knight

A Guide to Pain Medicine
Joseph Yang
S.L. Tsui

A Guide to Research Ethics for Arts Therapists and Arts & Health Practitioners
Camilla Farrant
Mercedes Pavlicevic
Giorgos Tsiris

A Guide to Youth Mentoring
Pat Dolan

Bernadine Brady

The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals
Enric Homedes
Daniel Kai

Kathy Hoopmann

Healing Eating Disorders With Psychodrama And Other Action Methods
Karen Carnabucci
Linda Ciotola

The Healing Power of Mudras
Rajendar Menen

Healing Traditions
Laurence J. Kirmayer
Gail Guthrie Valaskakis

Healing World Trauma with Therapeutic Spiral Model
Kate Hudgins
Francesca Toscani

Health Advocacy, Inc.
Sharon Batt

Health and Safety in Canadian Workplaces
Jason Foster
Bob Barnetson

Health and Sustainability in the Canadian Food System
Rod MacRae
Elisabeth Abergel

Health Care and the Autism Spectrum
Alison Morton-Cooper

Health Care and the Charter
Christopher P. Manfredi
Antonia Maioni

Health in Rural Canada
Judith C. Kulig
Allison M. Williams

Health Inequities in Canada
Olena Hankivsky

Health, Disease, and Society in Europe, 1800-1930
Deborah Brunton

Health, Risk, and Adversity
Catherine Panter-Brick
Agustín Fuentes

Health, the Individual, and Integrated Medicine
David Aldridge

A Healthy Society
Ryan Meili

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches - TianGan DiZhi
Master Zhongxian Wu
Dr. Karin Taylor Wu

Heavenly Streams
Damo Mitchell

Helping Children to Manage Loss
Brenda Mallon

Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions through Everyday Transitions
John Smith
Jane Donlan
Bob Smith

Ingrid Walker

Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World
Ilse Sand

Homeopathy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mike Andrews

How Behavioral Optometry Can Unlock Your Child's Potential
Joel H. Warshowsky

How Everyone on the Autism Spectrum, Young and Old, Can Become Resilient, Be More Optimistic, Enjoy Humour, Be Kind, and Increase Self-Efficacy
June Groden
Ayelet Kantor
Cooper R. Woodard
Lewis P. Lipsitt

How to Be a Superhero Called Self-Control!
Lauren Brukner

How to Be Angry
Signe Whitson

How to Find Work that Works for People with AS
Gail Hawkins

How to Help a Clumsy Child
Lisa A. Kurtz

How to Live Longer and Feel Better
Linus Pauling

How to Live with Autism
Chris Williams
Barry Wright
Olive Young

How to Make School Make Sense
Clare Lawrence

How to Work in Someone Else's Country
Ruth Stark

How We Think About Dementia
Julian C. Hughes

Human Diet and Nutrition in Biocultural Perspective
Tina Moffat
Tracy Prowse

Humanizing Healthcare Reforms
Gerald A. Arbuckle

I Can Beat Obesity!
Nicola Davies

I’ll Write Your Name on Every Beach
Susan Auerbach

Illustrated Treatment for Migraine using Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Tuina Massage
Cui Chengbin
Xing Xiaomin

Improving Memory through Creativity
Dr. Pike
Amanda Alders Pike

Increasing IVF Success with Acupuncture
Nick Dalton-Brewer

Independence, Social, and Study Strategies For Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Michelle Rigler
Amy Rutherford
Emily Quinn

The Independent Woman's Handbook for Super Safe Living on the Autistic Spectrum
Robyn Steward

Indian Blood
Andrew J. Jolivette

Infantile Autism
Stephen Edelson

Inner Journeying Through Art-Journaling
Marianne Hieb

Inside Anorexia
Christine Halse
Anne Honey
Desiree Boughtwood

Inside Asperger's Looking Out
Kathy Hoopmann

Integrated Team Working
Karen Twyford
Tessa Watson

Integrating Art Therapy and Yoga Therapy
Karen Gibbons

Intellectual Disability and Dementia
Karen Watchman

Interventions With Bereaved Children
Susan C. Smith
Sister Margaret Pennells

Intoxicating Manchuria
Norman Smith

Introducing Mental Health, Second Edition
Karen Gibbons
Caroline Kinsella
Connor Kinsella

Introduction to Dyslexia for Parents and Professionals, An
Alan M. Hultquist

Involving Families in Care Homes
Bob Woods
John Keady
Diane Seddon

Involving Families in Care Homes
Bob Woods
John Keady
Diane Seddon

Is It OK to Ask Questions about Autism?
Abi Rawlins
Catherine Frizzell

Issues of the Day
Ian W.H. Parry
Felicia Day

It's Raining Cats and Dogs
Michael Barton

Japanese Holistic Face Massage
Rosemary Patten

Journeys into Palliative Care
Christina Mason

Key Issues In Evolving Dementia Care
Anthea Innes
Fiona Kelly
Louise McCabe

Key Learning Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Thomas Whitman
Nicole DeWitt

The Key to the Qigong Meditation State
Tianjun Liu

Kitchen Literacy
Richard Rowland
Ann Vileisis

Lake Effect
Nancy A. Nichols

Last Writes
Laurel Richardson

Ethel Warbinek
Glennis Zilm

LEGO®-Based Therapy
Daniel B. LeGoff
Gina Gómez de la Cuesta
GW Krauss
Simon Baron-Cohen

Listening to Scent
Jennifer Peace Rhind

Listening to Scent
Jennifer Peace Rhind

A Little Book of Alcohol
Vanessa Rogers

A Little Book of Drugs
Vanessa Rogers

A Little Book of Tobacco
Vanessa Rogers

Little Volcanoes
Warwick Pudney
Eliane Whitehouse

Love and Grief
Catherine O'Neill
Lisa Keane

Maintaining Recovery from Eating Disorders
Naomi Feigenbaum

Make Your Own Picture Stories for Kids with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Brian Attwood

Make Yourself Better
Philip Weeks

The Making of Modern Chinese Medicine, 1850-1960
Bridie Andrews

Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior
Leslie Holzhauser-Peters
Leslie True

Making Sense of Social Situations
Albert Cotugno

Making Sense of the Unfeasible
Marc Fleisher

Managing Stress with Qigong
Gordon Faulkner

Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Eva A. Mendes

Mediation Skills and Strategies
Tony Whatling

Medicine and Public Health at the End of Empire
Howard Waitzkin

Medicine of the Person
John Cox
Alastair V. Campbell
Bill Fulford

The Meditation Book of Light and Colour
Pauline Wills

Meet Your Body
Noah Karrasch

The Menopause Maze
Megan A. Arroll
Liz Efiong

Mental Disorder among Prisoners
Nathaniel J. Pallone

Mental Health Planning for One Billion People
Tsung-Yi Lin
Leon Eisenberg

Meridians and Acupoints
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

Microanalysis in Music Therapy
Thomas Wosch
Tony Wigram

Miller Method
Arnold Miller
Kristina Chrétien

Mindful Living with Asperger's Syndrome
Chris Mitchell

Minnie and Max are OK
Chris Calland
Nicky Hutchinson
Emmi Smid

Mobilizing Metaphor
Christine Kelly
Michael Orsini

Modern Poisons
Alan Kolok

More Cognitively Advanced Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2nd edition
Susan Moreno

More Moments in Time
Beth Perry

Motivate to Communicate!
Simone Griffin
Dianne Sandler

The Mouse's House
Susan Quayle

Moving Aboriginal Health Forward
Yvonne Boyer

Mudras of India
Cain Carroll
Revital Carroll

Multicoloured Mayhem
Jacqui Jackson

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Ehlers-Danlos (Type III) - Hypermobility Syndrome
Isobel Knight

The Music Effect
Dorita S. Berger
Daniel J. Schneck

Music Therapy in Children's Hospices
Mercedes Pavlicevic

Music Therapy in Context
Mercedes Pavlicevic

Music Therapy in Palliative Care
David Aldridge

Music Therapy with Families
Stine Lindahl Jacobsen
Grace Thompson

Musical Encounters with Dying
Islene Runningdeer

My Autism Book
Dr. Glòria Durà-Vilà
Tamar Levi

My Child Has Autism, Now What?
Susan Larson Kidd

Myriad Gifts of Asperger's Syndrome, The
John M. Oritz

The Mystery of Pain
Douglas Nelson

Natural Defense
Emily Monosson

Navigating the Medical Maze with a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sue X. Ming
Beth A. Pletcher

Needling Techniques for Acupuncturists
Chang Xiaorong

No Fighting, No Biting, No Screaming
Bo Hejlskov Elvén

No One Eats Alone
Michael S. Carolan

Nothing About Us, Without Us!
Christine Bryden

Nourish the Blood, Tonify the Qi to Promote Longevity, and Calm and Concentrate the Mind to Regulate the Heart
Zhang Guangde

Nutrition Policy in Canada, 1870-1939
Aleck Samuel Ostry

The Obsessive Joy of Autism
Julia Bascom

Obstructed Labour
Sheryl Nestel

An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Sleep and Sleep Problems
Andrew Green
Cary Brown

An Officer and a Lady
Cynthia Toman

Okay Kevin
James Dillon

Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions
Wenn Lawson

Ollie and the Magic Workshop
Alison Knowles
Sophie Wiltshire

On the Ragged Edge of Medicine
Patricia Kullberg

Once Upon a Touch . . .
Mary Atkinson
Sandra Hooper

Organize your ADD/ADHD Child
Cheryl Carter

Our Chemical Selves
Dayna Nadine Scott

Out of Nature
Kara Rogers

Pain is Really Strange
John Haines
Steve Haines
Sophie Standing

Painful Bladder Syndrome
Philip Weeks

Tony Waldron

Palliative Care, Social Work and Service Users
Peter Beresford
Lesley Adshead
Suzy Croft

PANDAS and PANS in School Settings
Patricia Rice Doran

Parent to Parent
Ann Boushéy

Parenting a Child with Asperger Syndrome
Brenda Boyd

Parenting without Panic
Brenda Dater

A Parent's Guide to Defeating Eating Disorders
Ahmed Boachie
Jasper Karin

The Parent's Guide to In-Home ABA Programs
Elle Olivia Johnson

Partner's Guide to Asperger Syndrome, The
Susan Moreno
Marci Wheeler

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome - My Daughter is Not Naughty
Jane Sherwin

Pathways through Care at the End of Life
Anita Hayes
Claire Henry
Margaret Holloway
Katie Lindsey
Eleanor Sherwen
Tess Smith

Personal Guide to Living with Progressive Memory Loss, A
Sandy Burgener
Prudence Twigg

Person-Centred Dementia Care, Second Edition
Dawn Brooker
Isabelle Latham

The Pits and the Pendulum
Brian Adams

Place and Practice in Canadian Nursing History
Jayne Elliott
Meryn Stuart
Cynthia Toman

The Plague & I
Betty MacDonald

Plagues, Poisons and Potions
William Naphy

Play and Art in Child Psychotherapy
Ellen G. Levine

Play Therapy Dimensions Model
Lorri Yasenik
Ken Gardner

Pocket Handbook of Body Reflex Zones Illustrated in Color
Guo Changqing Guoyan
Zhaiwei Liu Naigang

The Pocket Occupational Therapist for Families of Children With Special Needs
Cara Koscinski

The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Profiling
Jackie Pool

Positive Psychology Approaches to Dementia
Chris Clarke
Emma Wolverson

Practical Approaches to Dramatherapy
Roger Grainger
Madeline Andersen-Warren

A Practical Guide to Delivering Personalisation
Helen Sanderson
Jaimee Lewis

A Practical Guide to Mental Health Problems in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Khalid Karim
Alvina Ali
Michelle O'Reilly

Practical Zen
Julian Daizan Skinner

Pretending to Be Normal
Willey Liane Holliday

Pricking the Vessels
Henry McCann

The Princess and the Fog
Lloyd Jones

Principles and Practice of Homeopathy
David Owen

Principles of Bach Flower Remedies, Revised Edition
Stefan Ball

Principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Revised Edition
John Hicks

Principles of Chinese Medicine, Revised Edition
Angela Hicks

Principles of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Lawrence Pagett
Paul Millward

Principles of Hypnotherapy, Revised Edition
Vera Peiffer

Principles of Kinesiology, Revised Edition
Maggie La Tourelle
Anthea Courtenay

Principles of NLP
Joseph O'Connor
Ian McDermott

Principles of Reflexology, Revised Edition
Nicola Hall

Principles of Reiki, Revised Edition
Kajsa Krishni Borang

Principles of the Alexander Technique, Second Edition
Jeremy Chance

Principles of the Enneagram, Second Edition
Karen A. Webb

Principles of Tibetan Medicine, Revised Edition
Tamdin Sither Bradley

Profiles of Play
Saralea Chazan

Providing Good Care at Night for Older People
Diana Kerr
Heather Wilkinson

Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors
Peter Felix Kellerman
M.K. Hudgins

Psycho-Emotional Pain and the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
Yvonne R. Farrell

The Psychological and Medical Effects of Concentration Camps and Related Persecutions on Survivors
Leo Eitinger
Robert Krell

Qigong for Multiple Sclerosis
Pete Wallis
Nigel Mills

Qigong for Wellbeing in Dementia and Aging
Stephen Rath

Qigong Through the Seasons
Ronald H. Davis
Pamm Davis

Racism and Mental Health
Kamaldeep Bhui

Raising A Child with Autism
Shira Richman

Raising Children with Asperger's Syndrome and High-functioning Autism
Yuko Yoshida
Esther Sanders
Cathy Hirano

Rasa Shastra
Andrew Mason

Reaching and Teaching the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Heather MacKenzie

Ready, Set, Potty!
Brenda Batts

The Reality of Recovery in Personality Disorder
Heather Castillo

Rebalance Your Relationship with Food
Emma Bacon

The Recovery Letters
James Withey
Olivia Sagan

Red Medicine
N. V. M. Gonzalez
Patrisia Gonzales

Regrowing Hair Naturally
Vera Peiffer

Relationship Development Intervention
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relationship Development Intervention with Children, Adolescents and Adults
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relative Grief
Clare Jenkins
Judy Merry

Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry
Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Rituals of Surgery
Richard Selzer

Running with Walker
Robert Hughes

Scoliosis, Yoga Therapy, and the Art of Letting Go
Rachel Krentzman

Seahorse's Magical Sun Sequences
Michael Chissick
Sarah Peacock

Seated Taiji and Qigong
Cynthia W. Quarta

The Secrets in Their Eyes
Melvin Kaplan

Secrets to Success for Professionals in the Autism Field
Gunilla Gerland

Seeing Her Sex
Roberta McGrath

Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change
Zhongxian Wu

Self-Determined Future with Asperger Syndrome, A
E. Veronica Bliss
Genevieve Edmonds

Self-Harm and Eating Disorders in Schools
Pooky Knightsmith

The Self-Help Guide for Special Kids and Their Parents
Joan Matthews
James Williams

Self-Mutilation and Art Therapy
Diana Milia

Seven Modern Plagues and How We Are Causing Them
Mark Jerome Walters

Sex, Drugs and Asperger's Syndrome
Luke Jackson

Sexuality and Fertility Issues in Ill Health and Disability
Rachel Balen
Marilyn Crawshaw

Sexuality and Relationship Education for Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Davida Hartman

Sexuality and Severe Autism
Kate E. Reynolds

Shattered Lives
Camilla Batmanghelidjh

Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xuan
Serge Augier

Thomas Wernicke

A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder, Second Edition
Colby Pearce

A Short Introduction to Helping Young People Manage Anxiety
Carol Fitzpatrick

A Short Introduction to Understanding and Supporting Children and Young People with Eating Disorders
Lucy Watson
Bryan Lask

Silent Grief
Christopher Lukas
Henry M. Seiden

Sisterhood of the Spectrum
Jennifer Cook O'Toole

Six Healing Sounds with Lisa and Ted
Lisa Spillane

Sleep Better with Natural Therapies
Peter Smith

Sleep Well on the Autism Spectrum
Kenneth J. Aiken

Small Steps Forward
Sarah Newman

Smiling Heart Meditations with Lisa and Ted
Lisa Spillane

Snapshots of Autism
Jennifer Overton

So Odd a Mixture
Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer

Social Narratives
Sonia Morris

Social Skills for Teenagers and Adults with Asperger Syndrome
Nancy J. Patrick

Social Work with the Aged and their Families, Fourth Edition
Roberta R. Greene
Colleen Galambos
Harriet L. Cohen
Nancy Greene

Someone Very Important Has Just Died
Mary Turner

Something Different About Dad
Kirsti Evans

Speaking of Dying
Louis Heyse-Moore

A Special Kind of Brain
Nancy Burger
Byron P. Rourke

Special Needs and Legal Entitlement
Melinda Nettleton
John Friel

The Spirit in Aromatherapy
Gill Farrer-Halls

Spirits with Scalpels

Kelly Greenfield
Sidney M. Greenfield

Spiritual Care in Practice
George Fitchett
Steve Nolan

Spiritual Growth and Care in the Fourth Age of Life
Elizabeth MacKinlay

Spirituality and Art Therapy
Mimi Farrelly-Hansen

Spirituality and Personhood in Dementia
Albert Jewell

Spirituality and the Autism Spectrum
Abe Isanon

Spirituality, Ethics and Care
Simon Robinson

Standing Qigong for Health and Martial Arts - Zhan Zhuang
Noel Plaugher

Starving the Anger Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9
Kate Collins-Donnelly

Starving the Anxiety Gremlin for Children Aged 5-9
Kate Collins-Donnelly

Starving the Depression Gremlin
Kate Collins-Donnelly

Starving the Exam Stress Gremlin
Kate Collins-Donnelly

Step by Step Help for Children with ADHD
Cathy Laver-Bradbury
Margaret Thompson
Anne Weeks
David Daley
Edmund J.S. Sonuga-Barke

A Step-by-Step Curriculum for Early Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Lindsay Hilsen

Stepping Out
Sarah Newman

Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps
Sandra Scheinbaum

Story Drama in the Special Needs Classroom
Jessica Perich Carleton

Storymaking in Bereavement
Alida Gersie

Strengthening Emotional Ties Through Parent-Child-Dyad Art Therapy
Lucille Proulx

Studio Art Therapy
Catherine Hyland Moon

Succeeding in College with Asperger Syndrome
Michael Fitzgerald
John Harpur
Maria Lawlor

Sulky, Rowdy, Rude
Tina Wiman
Bo Hejlskov Elvén

Supernourishment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Angelette Müller

Supporting the Mental Health of Children in Care
Jeune Guishard-Pine
Gail Coleman-Oluwabusola
Suzanne McCall

The Supreme Art and Science of Raja and Kriya Yoga
Stephen Sturgess

Survival Strategies for Parenting Children with Bipolar Disorder
George T. Lynn

Survival Strategies for People on the Autism Spectrum
Marc Fleisher

Surviving Post-Natal Depression
Cara Aiken

Swine Flu/H1N1 - The Facts
Terence Stephenson

Tai Chi Chuan and the Code of Life
Graham Horwood

A Tai Chi Imagery Workbook
Martin Mellish

Talk to Me
Heather Jones

Teaching Theory of Mind
Kristina Ordetx

Therapeutic Community Approach to Care in the Community
Sarah Tucker

Therapeutic Dimensions of Autobiography in Creative Writing
Celia Hunt

Therapeutic Interventions for Forensic Mental Health Nurses
Et Kettles

Things Ellie Likes
Kate E. Reynolds
Benjamin W. Powell

Thirteen Movements to Stretch the Body and Make it More Supple, and Guiding and Harmonising Energy to Regulate the Breath
Zhang Guangde

Tiny Bites
Saundra Beauchamp-Parke

Toilet Training and the Autism Spectrum (ASD)
Eve Fleming
Lorraine MacAlister

Tom Needs to Go
Kate E. Reynolds

Tomas Loves…
Jude Welton
Jane Telford

Toms River
Dan Fagin

Too Small To See, Too Big To Ignore
Michael V. Hayes
Leslie Thomas Foster

Top Tips for Asperger Students
Rosemary Martin

A Town Called Asbestos
Jessica van Horssen

Tranquil Sitting
Yin Shi Zi
Shifu Hwang
Cheney Crow

Trauma is Really Strange
Steve Haines

Tui na
Sarah Pritchard

Tuina/ Massage Manipulations
Li Jiangshan

Twenty Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make, Second Edition
Sherri Eldridge

Understanding 10-11-Year-Olds
Rebecca Bergese

Understanding 8-9-Year-Olds
Biddy Youell

Understanding and Working with the Spectrum of Autism
Wendy Lawson

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders
Diane Yapko

Understanding Cerebral Palsy
Marion Stanton

Understanding Children's Experiences of Parental Bereavement
John Holland

Understanding Learning Disability and Dementia
Diana Kerr

Understanding OCD
Elisabeth Abergel
Adam Lewin
Eric Storch

Understanding Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children
Pratibha Reebye
Aileen Stalker

Understanding Stammering or Stuttering
Elaine Kelman
Alison Whyte

Understanding the Nature of Autism and Asperger's Disorder
Edward R. Ritvo

Unnatural Selection
Emily Monosson

Upstream Medicine
Andrew Bresnahan
Mahli Brindamour
Christopher Charles
Ryan Meili

Urban Sprawl and Public Health
Howard Frumkin
Lawrence Frank
Richard Jackson

A User Guide to the GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD
Luke Jackson

Using the Bowen Technique to Address Complex and Common Conditions
John Wilks
Isobel Knight

The Valley Spirit
Lindsey Wei

Vital Face
Leena Kiviluoma

Vital Healing
Marc S. Micozzi

Warrior Guards the Mountain
Alex Kozma

The Way of the Five Elements
John Kirkwood

The Way of the Five Seasons
John Kirkwood

Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption
Arleta James

We're All Mad Here
Claire Eastham

What Does Consent Mean Again?
Pete Wallis
Joseph Wilkins

What is Dyslexia?
Alan M. Hultquist

What Makes a Good Nurse
Derek Sellman

What the Hell Happened to My Brain?
Kate Swaffer

What to Feed an Asperger?
Sarah Patten

What's Happening to Ellie?
Kate E. Reynolds

What's Happening to Tom?
Kate E. Reynolds

When Anxiety Attacks
Terian Koscik

When Good Drugs Go Bad
Dan Malleck

When I'm Away From Home
Jean Camis

White Moon on the Mountain Peak
Damo Mitchell

Carey Gillam

Who will I be when I die?
Christine Bryden

Who's Having This Baby?
Helen Sterk
Carla Hay
Leona VandeVusse
Alice Beck Kehoe
Krista Ratcliffe

Why do I have to?
Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Witches, Westerners, and HIV
Alexander Rodlach

Without You
Tamar Granot

Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sarah Hendrickx

The Wonderful World of Work
Jeanette Purkis

Working with Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Deb Keen
Sylvia Rodger

Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma
Petra Winnette
Jonathan Baylin

Writing Skills in Practice
Diana Williams

XinYi WuDao
Master Zhongxian Wu

The Yang Taiji 24-Step Short Form
James Drewe

The Yellow Monkey Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine
Damo Mitchell
Spencer Hill

Yoga for Grief and Loss
Louis Helbig
Karla Helbert

Yoga Girls' Club
Tiffani Bryant

Zero Balancing
John Hamwee

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