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 Search Results

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Michael Asch

Aboriginal Justice and the Charter
David Milward

Aboriginal Law
Thomas Isaac

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples
Louis A. Knafla
Haijo Westra

George Pavlich
Matthew P. Unger

Anarchy and the Law
Edward P. Stringham

Another Kind of Justice
Chris Madsen

Asia-Pacific Legal Development
Gerry Ferguson
Douglas Johnston

Attitudinal Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada
C.L. Ostberg
Matthew E. Wetstein

Bar Codes
Jean McKenzie Leiper

Behind the Walls
Michael Weinrath

Being Relational
Jocelyn Downie
Jennifer Llewellyn

Between Consenting Peoples
Jeremy Webber
Colin M. Macleod

Beyond Blood
Pamela D. Palmater

Breathing Life into the Stone Fort Treaty
Aimée Craft

The British Columbia Court of Appeal
Christopher Moore

Brokering Access
Mike Larsen
Kevin Walby

The Canadian Department of Justice and the Completion of Confederation 1867-78
Jonathan Swainger

Canadian Oceans Policy
Don M. McRae
Gordon Munro

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 40, 2002
Don M. McRae

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 45, 2007
Don M. McRae

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 46, 2008
Don M. McRae
Nicola Pearsall

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 47, 2009
Don M. McRae

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 48, 2010
John H. Currie
René Provost

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 49, 2011
René Provost
John H. Currie

Canadian Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 50, 2012
John H. Currie
René Provost

Chinese Comfort Women
Peipei Qiu
Stephen D. Bryen
Su Zhiliang
Chen Lifei

City of Order
Michael Boudreau

Claire L'Heureux-Dubé
Constance Backhouse

Class Conflict
Gregory C. Leavitt

The Clean Water Act and the Constitution
Robin K. Craig

Cleaner, Greener, Healthier
David R. Boyd

John W. Chapman
J. Ronald Pennock

Collective Insecurity
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Colonial Proximities
Renisa Mawani

Compulsory Compassion
Annalise Acorn

Conflict in Caledonia
Laura DeVries

A Consolidated Index to the Canadian Yearbook of International Law
David Dunkley

Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter
Patrick James

Constructing Crime
Janet Mosher
Joan Brockman

Contemporary Slavery
Annie Bunting
Joel Quirk

Contested Constitutionalism
James B. Kelly
Christopher P. Manfredi

Contesting Elder Abuse and Neglect
Joan R. Harbison

Corporate Governance in Global Capital Markets
Janis Sarra

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State
Jane Lister

The Courts
Ian Greene

Courts and Federalism
Gerald Baier

The Courts and the Colonies
Alvin J. Esau

Criminal Artefacts
Dawn Moore

Criminal Justice in Native America
Marianne O. Nielsen
Robert A. Silverman

Critical Criminology in Canada
Aaron Doyle
Dawn Moore

Critical Disability Theory
Dianne Pothier
Richard Devlin

Critique of the Legal Order
Richard Quinney

The Culture of Flushing
Jamie Benidickson

Death or Deliverance
Teresa Iacobelli

Debating Hate Crime
Allyson M. Lunny

Defending Battered Women on Trial
Elizabeth A. Sheehy

Defending Rights in Russia
Pamela Jordan

Defining Harm
Lori G. Beaman

Defining Rights and Wrongs
Rosanna Langer

Deliberative Democracy in Practice
David Kahane
Daniel Weinstock
Dominique Leydet
Melissa Williams

Democratizing Pension Funds
Ronald B. Davis

Disabling Barriers
Ravi Malhotra
Benjamin Isitt

Disarmament Sketches
Thomas Graham Jr.

Diversity and Equality
Avigail Eisenberg

Domestic Reforms
Chris Clarkson

"Don't Be So Gay!"
Donn Short

Endangered Species Deskbook
Lawrence R. Liebesman
Rafe Petersen

The Environmental Rights Revolution
David R. Boyd

Equality Deferred
Dominique Clement

Equality with a Vengeance
Molly Dragiewicz

An Ethic of Mutual Respect
Bruce Morito

Feminized Justice
Amanda Glasbeek

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law
Catherine Bell
Val Napoleon

First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts
Michael Lee Ross

Fragile Settlements
Amanda Nettelbeck
Russell Smandych
Louis A. Knafla
Robert Foster

The Freedom of Security
Colleen Bell

From Madness to Mutiny
Amy Neustein
Micheal Lesher

From UI to EI
Georges Campeau
Richard Howard

The Future of International Environmental Law
David Leary
Balakrishna Pisupati

Future of North American Integration, The
Peter Hakim
Robert E. Litan

Game-Day Gangsters
Curtis Fogel

Gender And Community Policing
Susan L. Miller

Gender in the Legal Profession
Joan Brockman

Ghost Dancing with Colonialism
Grace Li Xiu Woo

Give and Take
Shirley Tillotson

Global Biopiracy
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Globalization and Local Adaptation in International Trade Law
Ljiljana Biukovic
Pitman B. Potter

Globalizing Citizenship
Kim Rygiel

Good Government? Good Citizens?
W.A. Bogart

Governing from the Bench
Emmett Macfarlane

Governing with the Charter
James B. Kelly

The Grand Experiment
Hamar Foster
Benjamin L. Berger
A.R. Buck

The Guide to Greening Cities
Sadhu Aufochs Johnston
Steven S. Nicholas
Julia Parzen

Health Care and the Charter
Christopher P. Manfredi
Antonia Maioni

The Heiress vs the Establishment
Constance Backhouse
Nancy L. Backhouse

The Honour and Dishonour of the Crown
Jamie Dickson

Human Rights
Laura Westra

Human Rights without Democracy?
Gret Haller

Humanitarianism, Identity, and Nation
Catherine Dauvergne

Hunger, Horses, and Government Men
Shelley A.M. Gavigan

In Defence of Principles
Andrew S. Thompson

In Search of the Ethical Lawyer
Adam Dodek
Alice Woolley

Indigenous Diplomacy and The Rights of Peoples
James [Sákéj] Youngblood Henderson

Indigenous Legal Traditions
Law Commission of Canada

The Intellectual Property-Regulatory Complex
Emily Marden
R. Nelson Godfrey
Rachael Manion

International Environmental Law and Asian Values
Roda Mushkat

The International Judge
Daniel Terris
Cesare P.R. Romano
Leigh Swigart

International Trade Law and Domestic Policy
Jacqueline D. Krikorian

Introduction to the Sociology of Law, An
Nicholas S. Timasheff

Judging Homosexuals
Patrice Corriveau

Judicial Tribunals in England and Europe, 1200-1700
Maureen Mulholland
Brian Pullan

Justice Bertha Wilson
Kim Brooks

Knowledge and the Law
Nico Stehr
Christopher Henning
Bernd Weiler

Lament for a First Nation
Peggy Blair

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Last Word
David Schneiderman
David Taras
Florian Sauvageau

Law and Citizenship
Law Commission of Canada

Law and Religious Pluralism in Canada
Richard J. Moon

Law and Risk
Law Commission of Canada

Law and Society in Transition
Philippe Nonet
Philip Selznick

Law without Force
Gerhart Niemeyer

Law, history, colonialism
Diane Kirkby
Catharine Coleborne

Law, Morality, and the Private Domain
Raymond Wacks

Laws and Societies in the Canadian Prairie West, 1670-1940
Louis A. Knafla
Jonathan Swainger

Lawyers' Empire
W. Wesley Pue

Legal Foundations of Environmental Planning
Jerome G. Rose

Legal Foundations of Land Use Planning
Jerome G. Rose

Let Right Be Done
Hamar Foster
Jeremy Webber
Heather Raven

Linguistic Aspects of Legislative Expression
Frederick Bowers

Linking Human Rights and Environment
Romina Picolotti
Jorge Daniel Taillant

Wilfred Prest
Sharyn Roach Anleu

Losing Ground
John R. Nolon
Daniel B. Rodriguez

Machine that Would Go of Itself, A
Michael Kammen

Mapping Marriage Law in Spanish Gitano Communities
Susan G. Drummond

Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender
Robert West
Robin West

Media Divides
Marc Raboy
Jeremy Shtern

Gary L. Stuart

Misrecognized Materialists
Matt James

Modern Warfare
Benjamin Perrin

Moving Aboriginal Health Forward
Yvonne Boyer

Multicultural Nationalism
Gerald Kernerman

Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution
Stephen Tierney

Multi-Party Litigation
Wayne V. McIntosh
Cynthia L. Cates

Murdering Holiness
Jim Phillips
Rosemary Gartner

Nationhood Interrupted
Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum)

Negotiating Buck Naked
Gregory Cran

Negotiating Responsibility
Kimberley White

The New Lawyer
Julie Macfarlane

The New Lawyer, Second Edition
Julie Macfarlane

New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide
Law Commission of Canada

New Treaty, New Tradition
Carwyn Jones

No need of a chief for this band
Martha Elizabeth Walls

No Safe Haven
Lori B. Girshick

On the Outside
Melissa Munn
Chris Bruckert

On the Side of the Angels
Andrew S. Thompson

Oral History on Trial
Bruce Granville Miller

Our Box Was Full
Richard Daly

Our Chemical Selves
Dayna Nadine Scott

Panoptic Dreams
Sean P. Hier

Parole in Canada
Sarah Turnbull

Paths to the Bench
Dale Brawn

Patriation and Its Consequences
Lois Harder
Steven Patten

People and Place
Jonathan Swainger
Constance Backhouse

A People's Dream
Dan Russell

Pepper in Our Eyes
W. Wesley Pue

A Perilous Imbalance
Stephen Clarkson
Stepan Wood

The Perils of Identity
Caroline Dick

Personal Relationships of Dependence and Interdependence in Law
Law Commission of Canada

Policing the Poor
Neil Websdale

Political and Legal Obligation
John W. Chapman
J. Ronald Pennock

The Politics of Acknowledgement
Joanna R. Quinn

Polygamy's Rights and Wrongs
Gillian Calder
Lori G. Beaman

Margot Young
Susan B. Boyd
Gwen Brodsky
Shelagh Day

The Power of Promises
Alexandra Harmon

The Practice of Execution in Canada
Ken Leyton-Brown

Principles of Tsawalk
E. Richard Atleo

Property, Territory, Globalization
William D. Coleman

Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage
Marie Battiste
James [Sákéj] Youngblood Henderson

Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage
Catherine Bell
Robert K. Paterson

Public Engagement and Emerging Technologies
Kieran O'Doherty
Edna Einsiedel

Public Interest, Private Property
Anneke Smit
Marcia Valiante

Punishment and Social Structure
Georg Rusche

Putting the State on Trial
Margaret E. Beare
Nathalie Des Rosiers
Abigail C. Deshman

Qualities of Mercy
Carolyn Strange

Reaction and Resistance
Dorothy E. Chunn
Susan B. Boyd
Hester Lessard

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Jackie Hartley
Paul Joffe
Jennifer Preston

Reasonable Accommodation
Lori G. Beaman

Rediscovering a Lost Freedom
Patrick M. Garry

Regulating Lives
John P S McLaren
Robert Menzies
Dorothy E. Chunn

Regulation Through Litigation
W. Kip Viscusi

Revisiting the Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples
Dwight G. Newman

The Right to a Healthy Environment
David R. Boyd

Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice
Randy Lippert

Scandal Proof
G. Calvin Mackenzie
Michael Hafken

Securing Borders
Anna Pratt

Seeking Civility
George W. Jarecke
Nancy K. Plant

Social Reality of Crime, The
Richard Quinney

Sociology of Law
Georges Gurvitch

Sports Law and Policy in the European Union
Richard Parrish

The Stability Imperative
Sarah Biddulph

Still Dying for a Living
Steven Bittle

Storied Communities
Hester Lessard
Rebecca Johnson
Jeremy Webber

The Strategic Constitution
Irvin Studin

Sean P. Hier
Joshua Greenberg

Taxing Choices
Rebecca Johnson

Therapeutic Nations
Dian Million

To Kill Another
Graham J. McAleer

To Right Historical Wrongs
Carmela Murdocca

To the Edge
Philip A. Wallach

Tournament of Appeals
Roy B. Flemming

Transforming Law's Family
Fiona Kelly

Troubling Sex
Elaine Craig

Uncertain Accommodation
Dimitrios Panagos

Unions in Court
Larry Savage
Charles W. Smith

Unjust by Design
Ron Ellis

Unnatural Law
David R. Boyd

Unsettling the Settler Within
Paulette Regan

Unwilling Mothers, Unwanted Babies
Kirsten Kramar

Vigilante Newspapers
Gerald J. Baldasty

Westward Bound
Lesley Erickson

When Robots Kill
Gabriel Hallevy

Wife to Widow
Bettina Bradbury

Wildlife Law
Eric T. Freyfogle
Dale D. Goble

Wye Island
Boyd Gibbons

Yearbook of Cultural Property Law 2006
Sherry Hutt
David Tarler

Zina, Transnational Feminism, and the Moral Regulation of Pakistani Women
Shahnaz Khan

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