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Dirty Whites and Dark Secrets
Sally Hirsh-Dickinson

English Renaissance Tragedy
T. McAlindon

European Gothic
Avril Horner

Every Inch a Woman
Carellin Brooks

Everyday Magic
Laurie Ricou

Fiercer Than Tigers
Stephen E. Tabachnick

Gothic Writing 1750-1820
Robert Miles

Harsh and Lovely Land
Tom Marshall

Jan Bartley

James Baldwin's Later Fiction
Lynn Scott

The Just and the Lively
Michael Werth Gelber

Les Murray
Steven Matthews

The Light of Imagination
Neil K. Besner

Literacy Myths, Legacies, & Lessons
Harvey J. Graff
Harvey J. Graff

The Literal Imagination
Ian Watt
Bruce Thompson

Literary Value/Cultural Power
Lynette Hunter

Literature in Contexts
Peter Barry

Margaret Atwood
Sherrill Grace
Lorraine Weir

Marlowe and the popular tradition
Ruth Lunney

Masculinities without Men?
J Bobby Noble

Mestizo Nations
Juan E. De Castro

Negotiated Memory
Julie Rak

Negotiating Identities
Helena Grice

The New Aestheticism
John J. Joughin
Simon Malpas

Novel Shakespeares
Julie Sanders

On Spiders, Cyborgs and Being Scared
Joanna Zylinska

Lois Potter

Paths to Contemporary French Literature
John Taylor

Philip Larkin and English Poetry
Terry Whalen

A Political Art
W. H. New

Reading Hebrew Literature
Alan Mintz

Reading Vincent van Gogh
Patrick Grant

A Religion of the Word
Catherine Davies

Resisting Manchukuo
Norman Smith

Rewriting Scotland
Cristie L. March

Sam Selvon's Dialectal Style and Fictional Strategy
Clement H. Wyke

Samuel Beckett and the Primacy of Love
John Robert Keller

Shakespeare and laughter
Indira Ghose

Shakespeare and Spenser
J.B. Lethbridge

Shakespeare’s histories and counter-histories
Dermot Cavanagh
Stuart Hampton-Reeves
Stephen Longstaffe

Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams
Laura Marcus

Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex
Ruth Evans

So Odd a Mixture
Phyllis Ferguson Bottomer

Special Relationships
Janet Beer
Bridget Bennett

Subversive Seduction
Travis Landry

T.S. Eliot, Vedanta, and Buddhism
P. S. Sri

Temporalities, Autobiography and Everyday Life
Jan Campbell
Janet Harbord

Translating Southwestern Landscapes
Audrey Goodman

Uncovering the Mind
Julie Sanders

Varieties of Exile
Hallvard Dahlie

Vertical Man Horizontal World
Laurie Ricou

William Faulkner
Linda Wagner-Martin

Women Reading Shakespeare 1660-1900
Ann Thompson
Sasha Roberts

Writing Home
Michael D. Wilson

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