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Afghanistan's Endless War
Larry P. Goodson

After '08
Stephen McBride
Rianne Mahon
Gerard W. Boychuk

Arizona Politicians
James W. Johnson

Beyond Tocqueville
Bob Edwards
Michael W. Foley
Mario Diani

Chinese Ambassadors
Xiaohong Liu

Chinese Democracy after Tiananmen
Yijiang Ding

Collective Insecurity
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Boris DeWiel

Disarmament Sketches
Thomas Graham Jr.

Discovering the Americas
James Rochlin

The Enlargement of Europe
Stuart Croft
John Redmond
G. Wyn Rees
Mark Webber

The Environmental Justice Reader
Joni Adamson
Mei Mei Evans
Rachel Stein

A Farewell to Arms?
Michael Cox
Adrian Guelke
Fiona Stephen

Federalism and Democratisation in Russia
Cameron Ross

Feminists and Party Politics
Lisa Young

Fifteen into One?
Wolfgang Wessels
Andrea Maurer
Jurgen Mittag

The Foreign Policies of European Union Member States
Ian Manners
Richard Whitman

Gender and Change in Hong Kong
Eliza Wing-Yee Lee

Gendering Government
Louise A. Chappell

Globalization and Local Adaptation in International Trade Law
Ljiljana Biukovic
Pitman B. Potter

Human Rights and the Borders of Suffering
M. Anne Brown

The Ideology of the Extreme Right
Cas Mudde

Immigration and European Integration
Andrew Geddes

The Impact of War on Children
Graca Machel

Introduction to International Relations
R.J.Barry Jones
Peter M. Jones
Ken Dark
Joel Peters

Irish Politics Today
Neil Collins
Terry Cradden

Italian Fascism and Anti-Fascism
Stanislao G. Pugliese

Japan's Emergence as a Modern State - 60th anniv. ed.
Lawrence T. Woods
Herbert E. Norman

John Major, Tony Blair and a Conflict of Leadership
Michael Foley

Labour's Second Landslide
Andrew Geddes
Jonathan Tonge

Letters From Robben Island
Ahmen Kathrada
Robert D. Vassen

Leviathan Undone?
Roger Keil
Rianne Mahon

Local Government Today
James Chandler

Louis XIV and the Parlements
John J. Hurt

Moving Mountains
Jean Michaud
Tim Forsyth

The Necessity of Choice
Louis Hartz
Paul Roazen
Benjamin R. Barber

Nehru to the Nineties
James Manor

New Labour's Foreign Policy
Richard Little
Mark Wickham-Jones

Offshore Petroleum Politics
Peter Clancy

Opinion Polls
Nick Moon

Origins of Social Democracy in Modern Iran
Cosroe Chaqueri

The Origins of the Second World War
Victor Rothwell

Palmerston and the Politics of Foreign Policy 1846-55
David Brown

Policies for Sustainably Managing Canada's Forests
Martin K. Luckert
David Haley
George Hoberg

Political and Legal Obligation
John W. Chapman
J. Ronald Pennock

The Political Economy of New Labour
Colin Hay

Political Ideology Today
Ian Adams

Political Intellectuals and Public Identities in Britain since 1850
Julia Stapleton

Political Issues in Ireland Today
Neil Collins

Political Marketing and British Political Parties
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

The Politics of Western Water
Stephen C. Sturgeon

President Barak Obama
John K. Wilson

Prometheus Wired
Darin Barney

A Reader in International Relations and Political Theory
Howard Williams
Moorhead Wright
Tony Evans

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Jackie Hartley
Paul Joffe
Jennifer Preston

Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade
Donald Barry
Ronald Keith

Rethinking International Relations
Fred Halliday

The Retreat of Social Democracy
John Callaghan

The Rising Sea
Orrin H. Pikey
Rob Young

Rooted Cosmopolitanism
Will Kymlicka
Kathryn Walker

Russia's Far East
Jason Ziedenberg
Judith Thornton
Charles Ziegler

Scandinavian Politics Today
David Arter

The Search for Al Qaeda
Bruce Riedel

The Social Construction of the Korean War
Jennifer Milliken

Spanish Politics Today
John Gibbons

Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism
A J Wilson

Technology Security and National Power

Stephen D. Bryen

Too Poor for Peace?
Lael Brainard
Derek Chollet

Two Tiers or Two Speeds?
James Sperling

Understanding American Government and Politics
Duncan Watts

The University in Chains
Henry A. Giroux

The Workers' and Peasants' State
Patrick Major
Jonathan Osmond

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