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 Search Results

Copper for America
Charles K. Hyde

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples
Louis A. Knafla
Haijo Westra

Action and Reaction in the World System
Thierry deMontbrial

Administering the Colonizer
Blaine R. Chiasson

Alaska, an American Colony
Stephen Haycox

Alaska's Skyboys
Katherine Johnson Ringsmuth

Albert Bierstadt
Patricia A. Junker

Alberta's Lower Athabasca Basin
Brian M. Ronaghan

Alex Lord's British Columbia
John Calam

All Russia is Burning!
Cathy Frierson

Alliance and Illusion
Robert Bothwell

Aluminum Ore
Robin S. Gendron
Mats Ingulstad
Espen Storli

Amchitka and the Bomb
Dean W. Kohlhoff

American Missionaries, Christian Oyatoi, and Japan, 1859-73
Hamish Ion

American Sportsmen and the Origins of Conservation
John F. Reiger

Amma’s Daughters
Meenal Shrivastava

Tom Holm

Animal Sensibility and Inclusive Justice in the Age of Bernard Shaw
Rod Preece

Another Kind of Justice
Chris Madsen

The Archaeology of Native-Lived Colonialism
Neal Ferris

The Archive of Place
William J. Turkel

Art AIDS America
Jonathan David Katz
Rock Hushka

Artisan/Practitioners and the Rise of the New Sciences, 1400-1600
Pamela O. Long

As Their Natural Resources Fail
Frank Tough

At the Far Reaches of Empire
Freeman M. Tovell

At the Hearth of the Crossed Races
Melinda Marie Jetté

Aung San and the Struggle for Burmese Independence
Angelene Naw

Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's Struggle for Democracy
Bertil Lintner

Avoiding Armageddon
Andrew Richter

Awe for the Tiger, Love for the Lamb
Rod Preece

Awful Splendour
Stephen J. Pyne

Ballets Russes
Robert Bell

Banished to the Great Northern Wilderness
Ning Wang

The Battle for the Fourteenth Colony
Mark R. Anderson

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Beaten Down
David Peterson del Mar

The Beaver Hills Country
Graham A. MacDonald

Becoming British Columbia
John Douglas Belshaw

Before Seattle Rocked
Kurt E. Armbruster

Before the Fall
William Safire

Being Cowlitz
Christine Dupres

Better than the Best
John C. Walter
Malina Iida

Beyond Civilization
Harry Redner

Beyond Suffering
James Flath
Norman Smith

Beyond Testimony and Trauma
Steven High

Beyond the Amur
Victor Zatsepine

Beyond the Arctic Circle
Norman Amor

Beyond the City Limits
Ruth Sandwell

The Big Empty

R. Douglas Hurt

Blood, Sweat, and Fear
Jeremy Milloy

The Book of Change
Eileen Chang

Born In Seattle
Robert Sadamu Shimabukuro

Boundless Optimism
Patricia E. Roy

The Boys of Boise
John Gerassi

Bracero Railroaders
Erasmo Gamboa

Breaking New Ground in Lao History
Mayoury Ngaosrivathana
Kennon Breazeale

A Brief History of Lan Na
Hans Penth

Bringing Indians to the Book
Albert Furtwangler

Britain and the Origins of Canadian Confederation, 1837-67
Ged Martin

Britain's Past in Canada
Paul T. Phillips

The British Columbia Court of Appeal
Christopher Moore

British Columbia Place Names

Helen Akrigg

Brute Souls, Happy Beasts, and Evolution
Rod Preece

Building Reuse
Kathryn Rogers Merlino

The Burden of History
Elizabeth Furniss

Buried in Shades of Night
Billy J. Stratton

The Business of Women
Melanie Buddle

California through Native Eyes
William J. Bauer Jr.

Can I tell you about Dementia?
Jude Welton

Canada and Quebec
Robert Bothwell

Canada and the British World
Phillip Buckner
R. Douglas Francis

Canada Home
Margaret Howard Blom
Thomas E. Blom

Canada's Voice
Adam Chapnick

The Canadian Department of Justice and the Completion of Confederation 1867-78
Jonathan Swainger

The Canadian Rangers
P. Whitney Lackenbauer

The Canadian War on Queers
Gary Kinsman
Patrizia Gentile

Canadians on the Nile
Roy MacLaren

Canoe Nation
Bruce Erickson

Captured Heritage
Douglas Cole

Celtic Identity and the British Image
Murray G H Pittock

Charting the Shape of Early Modern Southeast Asia
Anthony Reid

China Gadabouts
Susan Armstrong-Reid

China's Terracotta Warriors
Liu Yang

China's Transition to Modernity
Minghui Hu

David Chueyan Lai

Chinese Comfort Women
Peipei Qiu
Stephen D. Bryen
Su Zhiliang
Chen Lifei

The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-80
Wing Chung Ng

Chinese Machiavelli, The
Ching Bloodworth
Dennis Bloodworth

The Chinese State at the Borders
Diana Lary

Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia
Robert T. Boyd
Kenneth M. Ames
Tony A. Johnson

Cis dideen kat -- When the Plumes Rise
Jo-Anne Fiske
Betty Patrick

City of Order
Michael Boudreau

City of Virtues
Chuck Wooldridge

Classical Islam
G. E. von Grunebaum

Clifford Sifton, Volume 1
D.J. Hall

Clifford Sifton, Volume 2
D.J. Hall

The Collapse of a Colonial Society
Louis de Jong

Aimee Lyn Eaton

Colonial Proximities
Renisa Mawani

Colonizing Bodies
Mary-Ellen Kelm

The Color of Night
Max Geier

The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence
Robert Boyd

Commonplace Books
Earle Havens

Company Towns of the Pacific Northwest
Linda Carlson

Confinement and Ethnicity
Jeffery F. Burton
Mary M. Farrell
Florence B. Lord

Conflicting Visions
Ryan Touhey

Consuming Modernity
Cheryl Krasnick Warsh
Dan Malleck

Contact and Conflict
Robin Fisher

Contesting White Supremacy
Timothy J. Stanley

Contingent Maps
Susan E. Gray
Gayle Gullett

Contradictory Impulses
Patricia E. Roy
Greg Donaghy

Coping with Calamity
Jiayan Zhang

Meg Frisbee

Couture and Commerce
Alexandra Palmer

Crater Lake National Park
Rick Harmon

Creating a Modern Countryside
James Murton

Creating Historical Memory
Alison Prentice
Beverly Boutilier

Shlomo Sharan
David Bukay

Cuba, Hot and Cold
Tom Miller

J. V. Thirgood

Danish Folktales, Legends, and Other Stories
Timothy R. Tangherlini

Daughter of Good Fortune
Chen Huiqin
Shehong Chen
Delia Davin

Death So Noble
Jonathan Vance

Decision at Midnight
Michael Hart
Bill Dymond
Colin Robertson

The Deindustrialized World
Steven High
Lachlan Mackinnon
Andrew Perchard

Demography in Canada in the Twentieth Century
Sylvia T. Wargon

Dirigible Dreams
C. Michael Haim

Disabling Barriers
Ravi Malhotra
Benjamin Isitt

Disarmament Sketches
Thomas Graham Jr.

Discovering Main Street
Foster Church

Doubting Sex
Geertje Mak

Dragon in the Tropics (2nd Edition)
Javier Corrales
Michael Penfold

Driven Wild
Paul Sutter

Dutch in Michigan
Larry ten Harmsel

Dwelling in American
John Muthyala

Earth to Heaven
Donald Gear
Joan Gear

Eating Bitterness
Kimberley Ens Manning
Felix Wemheuer

An Economy of Colour
Geoff Quilley
Kay Dian Kriz

Edge of Empire
Joseph L. Peyser
Jose Antonio Brandao

Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France
John Whale

Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy
Arthur Paulson

Emigrant homecomings
Marjory Harper

Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Marjory Harper

Empire and Environment in the Making of Manchuria
Norman Smith

Empire, Colony, Genocide
A. Dirk Moses

Empires and Autonomy
Stephen Streeter
John Weaver
William D. Coleman

Empty Beds
Jean A. Keller

Encounters in Avalanche Country
Diana Di Stefano

The End of Irish history?
Colin Coulter
Steve Coleman

Endeavouring Banks
Neil Chambers
Sir David Attenborough
John Gascoigne
Jeremy Coote
Andrew Cook
Anna Agnarsdottir

Engels and the formation of Marxism
S. H. Rigby

The English Manor c.1200-c.1500
Mark Bailey

Environment and Society in the Japanese Islands
Bruce L. Batten
Philip C. Brown

An Environmental History of Canada
Laurel Sefton MacDowell

Equal Subjects, Unequal Rights
Julie Evans
Patricia Grimshaw
David Philips

An Ethic of Mutual Respect
Bruce Morito

Ethnicity in Michigan
Jack Glazier
Arthur W. Helweg

Europe in Crisis
Mark Hewitson
Matthew D'Auria

The Exchange University
Adrienne S. Chan
Donald Fisher

The Expansion of Europe, 1250-1500
Michael North

Explaining Social Processes
Charles Tilly

Exploring History 1400-1900
Rachel Gibbons

Exploring Mars
Scott Hubbard

Exposing Electronics
Bernard Finn
Robert Bud
Helmuth Trischler

Fables of La Fontaine
Koren G. Christofides

The Fall of the Pagoda
Eileen Chang

Family of Strangers
Molly Cone
Howard Droker
Jacqueline Williams

Farming the Frontier
James R. Gibson

Fascist Italy
John Whittam

Fate of Family Farming, The
Ronald Jager

A Fearsome Heritage
John Schofield
Wayne Cocroft

Feminist History in Canada
Catherine Carstairs
Nancy Janovicek

Feminized Justice
Amanda Glasbeek

Stephen J. Pyne

Fire and the Full Moon
David Webster

Fish Wars and Trout Travesties
George Colpitts

The Fishermen's Frontier
David F. Arnold

Five Forks
Robert Alexander

A Flannel Shirt and Liberty
Susan Jackel

The Fog of Peace
Jean-Marie Guéhenno

For Most Conspicuous Bravery
Reginald H. Roy

"For Their Own Good"
Julia S. Torrie

The Foreign Commissioner
Enid Robbie

Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788-1920s
Patricia A. McCormack

Fort Langley Journals, 1827-30
Morag Maclachlan

Fragile Settlements
Amanda Nettelbeck
Russell Smandych
Louis A. Knafla
Robert Foster

The French Army 1750-1820
Rafe Blaufarb

French Canadians in Michigan
John P. DuLong

French Society in Revolution, 1789-99
David Andress

Frigates and Foremasts
Julian Gwyn

Frigid Embrace
Stephen Haycox

From Beveridge to Blair
Margaret Jones
Rodney Lowe

From Fidelity to History
Anne-Marie Scholz

From Maps to Metaphors
Robin Fisher
Hugh J.M. Johnston

From Pride to Influence
Michael Hart

A Frontier Made Lawless
Joseph Lawson

The Frontier World of Edgar Dewdney
Brian Titley

Fur Trade and Exploration
Theodore J. Karamanski

Gamblers and Dreamers
Charlene Porsild

Game in the Garden
George Colpitts

Gathering Places
Laura Peers
Carolyn Podruchny

Gay Seattle
Gary Atkins

General Eisenhower
Ira Chernus

Generation Exodus
Walter Laqueur

A Geography of China
T.R. Tregear

George III
Peter D. G. Thomas

George Washington
Richard Brookhiser
Margaret C.S. Christman
Ellen G. Miles

A Gift of Barbed Wire
Robert S. McKelvey

God's Galloping Girl
W. L. Morton

Gods of Angkor
Louise Allison Cort
Paul Jett

Gold at Fortymile Creek
Michael Gates

The Golden Chain
Jürgen Nautz
Paul Ginsborg
Ton Nijhuis

The Golden Vanity
Isabel Paterson

Frances W. Kaye

The Grand Experiment
Hamar Foster
Benjamin L. Berger
A.R. Buck

The Great Exhibition of 1851
Louise Purbrick

The Great Warpath
David R. Starbuck

Greg Donaghy

Grow Food, Cook Food, Share Food
Ken Albala

Growing Up British in British Columbia
Jean Barman

Guiding Modern Girls
Kristine Alexander

Gunboat Frontier
Barry M. Gough

Gutenberg in Shanghai
Christopher A. Reed

Gyppo Logger
Margaret Elley Felt

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Half the Battle
Robert MacKay

The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy
John Griffith Armstrong

Harvest Wobblies
Greg Hall

Healing Arts
Peter Elmer

Health, Disease and Society in Europe, 1500-1800
Peter Elmer
Ole Peter Grell

Health, Disease, and Society in Europe, 1800-1930
Deborah Brunton

A Heart at Leisure from Itself
Margaret Prang

Heaven in Conflict
Anthony E. Clark

"Here is Hell"
Grant Dawson

Hiking Washington's History
Judy Bentley

Historical Archaeology
Barbara J. Little

Historical Sketch of the Cherokee
James Mooney

Roger Spalding
Christopher Parker

A History of Domestic Space
W. Peter Ward

A History of Early Childhood Education in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
Larry Prochner

A History of Terrorism, Expanded Edition
Walter Laqueur

Hobnobbing with a Countess and Other Okanagan Adventures
Jo Fraser Jones

Hometown Horizons
Robert Rutherdale

Houses for All
Jill Wade

How to Read the American West
William Wyckoff

Hunger, Horses, and Government Men
Shelley A.M. Gavigan

Hunters at the Margin
John Sandlos

Hunting for Empire
Greg Gillespie

Ice Ship
Charles W. Johnson

If These Pots Could Talk
Ivor Noel Hume

Images of the Outcast
Sean Shesgreen

The Impact of War on Children
Graca Machel

Imperial Cities
Felix Driver
David Gilbert

Imperial citizenship
Daniel Gorman

Imperial Persuaders
Anandi Ramamurthy

Imperialism and Music
Jeffrey Richards

Imperialist Imaginary, The
John R. Eperjesi

Impressions of Paris
Jane Kinsman
Emilie Owens
Rose Peel

In Defence of Home Places
Mark R. Leeming

In Defence of Principles
Andrew S. Thompson

In Mixed Company
Julia Roberts

In the Spirit of the Ancestors
Robin K. Wright
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse

In/visible Sight
Angela Wanhalla

The Indian Association of Alberta
Laurie Meijer Drees

Indian Resilience and Rebuilding
Donald L. Fixico

Indigenous Peoples and Demography
Per Axelsson
Peter Skold

The Indonesian Revolution and the Singapore Connection, 1945-1949
Yong Mun Cheong

The Industrial Transformation of Subarctic Canada
Liza Piper

Infidels and the Damn Churches
Lynne Marks

Informer 001
Yuri Druzhnikov

Interpreting the Labour Party
John Calaghan
Steven Fielding
Steve Ludlam

Intoxicating Manchuria
Norman Smith

Ireland and the Great War
Adrian Gregory
Senia Paseta

Islands of Truth
Daniel Clayton

Anita Shapira

Italians in Michigan
Russell M. Magnaghi

Jazz and Culture in a Global Age
Stuart Nicholson

Jewish Life in the American West
Ava F. Kahn

Jews and Muslims
Aron Rodrigue

Jews in Michigan
Judith Levin Cantor

The Jews in Western Europe, 1400-1600
John Edwards

Judgment without Trial
Tetsuden Kashima

Karl Marx
Rolf Hosfeld
Bernard Heise

Kasztner's Crime
Paul Bogdanor

The Kiss in History
Karen Harvey

The Klondike Stampede
Tappan Adney

Laura Silver

The Kurdish Spring
David L. Phillips

Kwakwaka'wakw Settlements, 1775-1920
Robert Galois

Lamy of Santa Fe
Paul Horgan

The Lancashire Witches
Robert Poole

Land, Man, and the Law
Robert Cail

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Late Imperial Russia
Ian D. Thatcher

Law, history, colonialism
Diane Kirkby
Catharine Coleborne

Law, Laity, and Solidarities
Pauline Stafford
Janet Nelson
Jane Martindale

A Leaf upon the Sea
Gordon W. Stead

Learning to Like Muktuk
Penelope S. Easton

Ethel Warbinek
Glennis Zilm

The Lessening Stream
Michael Logan

Let Right Be Done
Hamar Foster
Jeremy Webber
Heather Raven

Letter from Morocco
Christine Daure-Serfaty
Paul Raymond Cote
Constantina Mitchell

Letters from Windermere, 1912-1914
R. Cole Harris
Elizabeth Phillips

The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
Patrick Grant

Lewis and Clark's West
William Clark

Life Spaces
Caroline Andrew
Beth Moore Milroy

Life-cycle in Western Europe, c.1300-c.1500
Deborah Youngs

The Lifeline of the Oregon Country
James R. Gibson

The Limits of Labour
David Bright

The Lives of Thomas Becket
Michael Staunton

Living Through the Soviet System
Daniel Bertaux
Paul Thompson
Anna Rotkirch

Paul Griffiths
Mark S.R. Jenner

Longitude and Empire
Brian W. Richardson

The Lost Itinerary of Frank Hamilton Cushing
Curtis M. Hinsley
David R. Wilcox

Lost Kids
Mona Gleason
Tamara Myers
Leslie Paris
Veronica Strong-Boag

Lost Tracks
Jennifer Brower

Louis XIV and the Parlements
John J. Hurt

Love and the Idea of Europe
Luisa Passerini

The Love of a Prince
Laurence L. Bongie

Luther's Lives
Elizabeth Vandiver
Ralph Keen
Thomas D. Frazel
Johannes Cochlaeus

Majority of Scoundrels, A
Don Berry

Making Climate Change History
Joshua P. Howe

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

Making Vancouver
Robert A. J. McDonald

Making Waves
William G. Martin

Male Witches in Early Modern Europe
Andrew Gow
Lara Apps

Man Proposes, God Disposes
Pierre Maturié
Vivien Bosley

Managed Annihilation
Dean Bavington

Manchus and Han
Edward J.M. Rhoads

Marie Equi
Michael Helquist

The Maritime Frontier of Burma
Jos Gommans
Jacques Leider

Married to the Empire
Mary A. Procida

Marxism and History
S. H. Rigby

The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany
Katie Sutton

Massacre at Fort William Henry
David R. Starbuck

Meaning of History
Nikolai Berdyaev

Medicine Transformed
Deborah Brunton

Medieval Maidens
Kim M. Phillips

Melanesia and the Western Polynesian Fringe
Glynn Barratt

Memories of 'The East'
Fridus Steijlen

Memory, History, Nation
Katherine Hodgkin
Susannah Radstone

Merry Laughter and Angry Curses
Juan Wang

Mexican-Origin People in the United States
Oscar J. Martinez

Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Michigan
Rudolph Valier Alvarado
Sonya Yvette Alvarado

The Middle Power Project
Adam Chapnick

Milestones on a Golden Road
Richard King

Minorities, modernity and the emerging nation
Gerry van Klinken

Mirrors of a Disaster
Gerard Chaliand

Mission Made Impossible
Michael Smithies

Modern Women Modernizing Men
Ruth Compton Brouwer

Modernism and Nation Building
Sibel Bozdogan

Monet's Water Lilies
Simon Kelly

Mary Schafer
Johanna Bernstein

Money Trees
Emily K. Brock

More Voices, New Stories
Mary C. Wright

A Moving Rhetoricke
Christina Luckyj

Murdering Holiness
Jim Phillips
Rosemary Gartner

Museum Origins
Hugh H. Genoways
Mary Anne Andrei

Museums and the Past
Phaedra Livingstone
Viviane Gosselin

The Mysteries of Montreal
W. Peter Ward

Naked in the Woods
Margaret Grundstein

Narrating the Nation
Stefan Berger
Linas Eriksonas
Andrew Mycock

National Visions, National Blindness
Leslie Dawn

Native Art of the Northwest Coast
Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Jennifer Kramer

Native Seattle
Coll Thrush

Native Seattle, Second Edition
Coll Thrush

Native Students at Work
Kevin Whalen

The Nature of California
Sarah D. Wald

The Nature of Gold
Kathryn Morse

Nature's Northwest
William G. Robbins
Katrine Barber

Navies, Deterrence, and American Independence
Nicholas Tracy

Nazi Germany and Neutral Europe during the Second World War
Christian Leitz

The Necessity of Choice
Louis Hartz
Paul Roazen
Benjamin R. Barber

A Need to Know
Harold Lloyd Goodall, Jr.

Negotiated Memory
Julie Rak

Negotiating a River
Daniel Macfarlane

Negotiation Basics for Cultural Resource Managers
Nicholas Dorochoff

New Possibilities for the Past
Penney Clark

New Treaty, New Tradition
Carwyn Jones

No need of a chief for this band
Martha Elizabeth Walls

No Place to Go
Nancy Janovicek

No Place to Run
Tim Cook

Noblewomen, Aristocracy and Power in the Twelfth-century Anglo-Norman Realm
Susan M. Johns

Nomadic Empires
Gerard Chaliand

No-No Boy
John Okada

Julie Decker

The Northwest Coast
Barry M. Gough

Not Fit to Stay
Sarah Isabel Wallace

Not the Slightest Chance
Tony Banham

Nuclear Reactions
James W. Feldman

The Nurture of Nature
Sharon Wall

Objects of Concern
Jonathan Vance

Ocean of Destiny
Arthur Lower

Old Believers, Religious Dissent and Gender in Russia, 1760-1850
Irina Paert

On American Soil
Jack Hamann

On the Northwest
Robert Lloyd Webb

Once Upon an Oldman
Jack Glenn

One of the Family
Brenda Macdougall

Onions in the Stew
Betty MacDonald

Oral History at the Crossroads
Steven High

Oral History on Trial
Bruce Granville Miller

Oral History, Community, and Work in the American West
Jessie L. Embry

Oregon Indians
Stephen Dow Beckham

The Oriental Question
Patricia E. Roy

The origins of the Scottish Reformation
Alec Ryrie

The Origins of the Second World War
Victor Rothwell

The Orphan Tsunami of 1700
Brian F. Atwater
Kenji Satake
Yoshinobu Tsuji
Kazue Ueda
David K. Yamaguchi
Satoko Musumi-Rokkaku

Lois Potter

Our Union
Jason Russell

Overland from Canada to British Columbia
Joanne Leduc

Ruth Kirk

Pacific Empires
Alan Frost
Jane Samson

Pacific Voices
Miriam Kahn
Erin Younger

Painting the Maple
Sherrill Grace
Joan Anderson
Avigail Eisenberg
Veronica Strong-Boag

Palmerston and the Politics of Foreign Policy 1846-55
David Brown

Parliaments, Nations and Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1660-1850
Julian Hoppit

Parties Long Estranged
Margaret MacMillan
Francine McKenzie

A Passion for Wildlife
J. Alexander Burnett

Passions of the First Wave Feminists
Susan Magarey

Paul Kane's Great Nor-West
Diane Eaton
Sheila Urbanek

Peace Action
Glen Harold Stassen
Lawrence S. Wittner

Penobscot Dance of Resistance, The
Pauleena MacDougall

The Pen's Excellencie
Heather Wolfe

People and Place
Jonathan Swainger
Constance Backhouse

The People and the Bay
Nancy B. Bouchier
Ken Cruikshank

Pests in the City
Dawn Day Biehler
William Cronon

Petticoat Whalers
Joan Druett

A Pioneer Gentlewoman in British Columbia
Margaret A. Ormsby

Placing Memory and Remembering Place in Canada
James Opp
John C. Walsh

The Plague & I
Betty MacDonald

Plagues, Poisons and Potions
William Naphy

Plants, Patients and the Historian
Paolo Palladino

Poles in Michigan
Dennis Badaczewski

The Politics of Western Water
Stephen C. Sturgeon

The Portland Black Panthers
Lucas N. Burke
Judson L. Jeffries

Positioning the Missionary
Brett Christophers

Potlatch at Gitsegukla
Marjorie M. Halpin
Margaret Seguin Anderson

The Power of Promises
Alexandra Harmon

Predicting the Unthinkable, Anticipating the Impossible
Georgie Anne Geyer

Prime Ministerial Power in Canada
Patrice Dutil

The Prints of Isoda Koryusai
Allen Hockley

The Problem with Multiculturalism
John M. Headley

Producing Country
Michael Jarrett

The Professor and the President
Stephen Hess

A Progression of Judges
David R. Verchere

Prophecy of the Swan
David Burley
J. Scott Hamilton
Knut R. Fladmark

Prophetic Identities
Tolly Bradford

Protestantism and Politics in Korea
Chung-Shin Park

Puget's Sound
Murray Morgan

A Queer Love Story
Marilyn R. Schuster

Racism in the Modern World
Manfred Berg
Stephen D. Bryen
Simon Wendt

The Railway King of Canada
R. B. Fleming

Range of Glaciers
Fred Beckey

RCN in Retrospect, 1910-1968
James A. Boutilier

RCN in Transition, 1910-1985
W. A.B. Douglas

The Reader Revealed
Sabrina Baron

Recalling Local Pasts
Sunait Chutintaranond
Chris Baker

Sarah Carter
Patricia A. McCormack

The Reconstruction Desegregation Debate
Kirt H. Wilson

Regulating Lives
John P S McLaren
Robert Menzies
Dorothy E. Chunn

A Religion of the Word
Catherine Davies

Remembering the Samsui Women
Kelvin E.Y. Low

The Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken
Dorothy Blakey-Smith

Reporting the Raj
Chandrika Kaul

Republican Learning
Justin Champion

The Resettlement of British Columbia
R. Cole Harris

Resettling the Range
John Thistle

The Revolutionary Ascetic
Bruce Mazlish

Revolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917
Anna Hillyar
Jane McDermid

The Rhine
Mark Cioc

The Rise of the Nazis
Conan Fischer

Roaring Days
Jeremy Mouat

Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition
John Hayman

Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun
Vilmond Joegodson Deralcine
Paul Jackson

The Role of Religion in History
George Walsh

The Roman Republic in Political Thought
Joseph Millar
Fergus Millar

The Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour
François Nivelon

Russian Shadows on the British Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1890
Glynn Barratt

The Russians and Australia
Glynn Barratt

Richard Lourie

Leila J. Rupp

Saving Europe
Carlo Bastasin

A School in Every Village
Elizabeth R. VanderVen

Science in the American Southwest
George E. Webb

Science of the Seance
Beth A. Robertson

The Scottish Witch-Hunt in Context
Julian Goodare

Screening the East
Nick Hodgin

The Search for Al Qaeda
Bruce Riedel

Search for Canasta 404
Melissa B. Robinson
Maureen Dunn

Searching for Golden Empires
William K. Hartmann

Searching for Yellowstone
Norman K. Denzin

Seattle and King County Timeline
Walt Crowley

The Second Battlefield
Angela K. Smith

The Second Crusade
Jonathan Phillips
Martin Hoch

The Secular Northwest
Tina Block

Seeing Her Sex
Roberta McGrath

Ewa Lipska
Barbara Bogoczek
Tony Howard

Sensing Changes
Joy Parr

The Sensuous and the Sacred
Vidya Dehejia

Separating Fools from Their Money, Revised Edition
Scott B. MacDonald
Jane E. Hughes

Settler Anxiety at the Outposts of Empire
Kenton Storey

Shameful Victory
John H.M. Laslett

Shaping the Public Good
Sue Armitage

Shared Histories
Paul Scham
Walid Salem
Benjamin Pogrund

Shifting Baselines
Jeremy B.C. Jackson
Karen Alexander
Enric Sala

Ships and Memories
Eric W. Sager

Shopping at Giant Foods
Alfred Yee

Elizabeth A. Schultz

A Short History of Colonialism
Wolfgang Reinhard

Showing the Flag
William R. Morrison

Yehuda Kurtzer

Siam and the West, 1500-1700
Dirk Van der Cruysee

Siam in Mind
David K. Wyatt

Sins of the Flesh
Rod Preece

The Sixty Years' War for the Great Lakes, 1754-1814
David Curtis Skaggs
Larry L. Nelson

Shannon Applegate

Sleeping Around

Smithsonian Stories
Wilton S. Dillon

Smokeless Sugar
Emily M. Hill

A Social History of Europe, 1945-2000
Hartmut Kaelble

Social Movements, 1768-2004
Charles Tilly

Social Problems, Social Issues, Social Science
James D. Wright

Sociology of Religion
Roberto Cipriani

Sodomy in Early Modern Europe
Tom Betteridge

Rob Hering

Southern and Eastern Polynesia
Glynn Barratt

Sovereignty or Security?
Shelagh Grant

The Spanish Armada
Colin Martin
Geoffrey Parker

Speaking for a Long Time
Adrienne L. Burk

Special Relationships
Janet Beer
Bridget Bennett

The Spoken Word
Adam Fox
Daniel Woolf

Sporting Gentlemen
E. Digby Baltzell

Andrea Laforet
Annie York

The Stalin Years
Evan Mawdsley

Stand Firm and Fire Low
Walter Holden
William E. Ross
Elizabeth Slomba

Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las
Leslie A. Robertson
Kwagu’l Gixsam Clan

Stars for Freedom
Emilie Raymond

Stasi Files Unveiled, The
Barbara Miller

Step-Daughters of England
Jane Garrity

Stepping Stones to Nowhere
Galen Perras

Still the Wild River Runs
Byron E. Pearson

Storied Communities
Hester Lessard
Rebecca Johnson
Jeremy Webber

A Storied Wilderness
James W. Feldman

The Story of Modern Skiing
John Fry

Strangers in Blood
Jennifer S. H. Brown

The Struggle for Social Justice in British Columbia
Irene Howard

Studies in Thai History
David K. Wyatt

The Subarctic Fur Trade
Shepard Krech, III

Suburb Slum Urban Village
Carolyn Whitzman

Surveying the Canadian Pacific
R. M. Rylatt

Symbolic Immortality
Sergei Kan

Taking Medicine
Kristin Burnett

The Teacher and the Superintendent
George E. Boulter
Barbara Grigor-Taylor

The Technological Imperative in Canada
R. Douglas Francis

Technology on the Frontier
Dianne Newell

Telling Tales
Catherine A. Cavanaugh
Randi R. Warne

Temagami's Tangled Wild
Jocelyn Thorpe

Thaksin, Second Edition
Pasuk Phongpaichit
Chris Baker

Than Shwe
Benedict Rogers

They Call Me Father
Margaret Whitehead

They Can't Take That Away From Me
Ralph Rentz
Peter Hrisko

This Blessed Wilderness
Jean M. Cole

A Thousand Blunders
Frank Leonard

Time Travel
Alan Gordon

To the Charlottes
Douglas Cole
Bradley Lockner

Toms River
Dan Fagin

A Town Called Asbestos
Jessica van Horssen

Trading Beyond the Mountains
Richard Somerset Mackie

A Trading Nation
Michael Hart

Trees in the Tide
Kennedy Warne

Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed
Robert Galois
Neil J. Sterritt

Try to Control Yourself
Dan Malleck

The Tuamotu Islands and Tahiti
Glynn Barratt

English Feminists and their Opponents in the 1790s
William Stafford

The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez
Josiah Heyman

Unbuilt Environments
Jonathan Peyton

Uncertain Encounters
Nathan Douthit

Undelivered Letters to Hudson's Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57
Helen M. Buss
Judith Hudson Beattie

Union Power
Carmela Patrias
Larry Savage

The UnMaking of the Modern Family
Jane Brierley
Daniel Dagenais

Unsettling the Settler Within
Paulette Regan

Up Here
Julie Decker
Kirsten J. Anderson

Urbanizing Frontiers
Penelope Edmonds

The Vancouver Island Letters of Edmund Hope Verney
Allan Pritchard

Vancouver Past
Robert A. J. McDonald

Veterans with a Vision
Serge Marc Durflinger

Village China at War
Dagfinn Gatu

Voices Raised in Protest
Stephanie Bangarth

Wales since 1939
Martin Johnes

Walking in Indian Moccasins
Laurie Barron

Walking Washington's History
Judy Bentley

A War of Patrols
William Johnston

The War on Error
Martin Kramer

"We are not Savages"
Joel R. Hyer

Webs of Empire
Tony Ballantyne

West the Railroads Made, The
Carlos A. Schwantes
James P. Ronda

Westward Bound
Lesley Erickson

What Is Water?
Jamie Linton

When Cats Reigned Like Kings
Georgie Anne Geyer

When Coal Was King
John Hinde

When Good Drugs Go Bad
Dan Malleck

When Women Held the Dragon’s Tongue
Hermann Rebel

Where Happiness Dwells
Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington
Dane-zaa First Nations elders

Where the Rivers Meet

Carly A. Dokis

A White Man's Province
Patricia E. Roy

The White Rose
Inge Scholl

White Settler Reserve
Ryan Eyford

Whose North?
Mark Dickerson

The Wicked Wine of Democracy
Joseph S. Miller

Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914
Darcy Ingram

Will to Power
David Mulhall

With Blood in Their Eyes
Thomas Cobb

Women and the White Man's God
Myra Rutherdale

Women in Pacific Northwest History
Karen J. Blair

Women, Gender and Fascism in Europe, 1919-45
Kevin Passmore

The Workers' and Peasants' State
Patrick Major
Jonathan Osmond

Working Girls in the West
Lindsey McMaster

Working People in Alberta
Alvin Finkel

World Fire
Stephen J. Pyne

The World System and The Earth System
Alf Hornborg
Carole L Crumley

A World That Was
Ronald M. Berndt
Catherine H. Berndt

Worlds Ago
Walter Laqueur

Writing British Columbia History, 1784-1958
Chad Reimer

Richard Daly
Rena Point Bolton

John Keeble

Melody Webb

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