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 Search Results

The ABCs of Human Survival
Arthur Clark

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Michael Asch

Aboriginal Peoples and Politics
Paul Tennant

Action and Reaction in the World System
Thierry deMontbrial

Afghanistan's Endless War
Larry P. Goodson

After '08
Stephen McBride
Rianne Mahon
Gerard W. Boychuk

Against Orthodoxy
Trevor Harrison
Slobodan Drakulic

Agenda-Setting Dynamics in Canada
Stuart N. Soroka

Alliance and Illusion
Robert Bothwell

Walter C. Clemens
Jim Morin

American Lie, The
Benjamin Ginsberg

The American Political Party System
John S. Jackson

American Voices of Dissent
Gabrielle Zamparini
Lorenzo Meccoli

The Anatomy of Ethical Leadership
Lyse Langlois

Are Americans Becoming More Peaceful?
Paul Joseph

Arizona Politicians
James W. Johnson

J. Bowyer Bell

Assessing Treaty Performance in China
Pitman B. Potter

At Home and Abroad
Patrick Lennox

Attitudinal Decision Making in the Supreme Court of Canada
C.L. Ostberg
Matthew E. Wetstein

Auditing Canadian Democracy
William P. Cross

Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma's Struggle for Democracy
Bertil Lintner

Barack Obama and the Future of American Politics
Paul Street

Becoming Multicultural
Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Being Again of One Mind
Lina Sunseri

Bending History
Martin S. Indyk
Kenneth G. Lieberthal
Michael E. O'Hanlon

Between Citizen and the State
David A. Westbrook

Between Consenting Peoples
Jeremy Webber
Colin M. Macleod

Between Dictatorship and Democracy

Between Justice and Certainty

Andrew Woolford

Beyond Afghanistan
James Fergusson
Francis Furtado

Beyond Civilization
Harry Redner

Beyond Mothering Earth
Sherilyn Macgregor

Beyond the Spectacle of Terrorism
Henry A. Giroux

Beyond Tiananmen
Robert L. Suettinger

Beyond Tocqueville
Bob Edwards
Michael W. Foley
Mario Diani

The Big Red Machine
Stephen Clarkson

Big Steel
Daniel Madar

Big Tent Politics
R. Kenneth Carty

Darrell West

Bioregionalism and Civil Society
Mike Carr

Francis Fukuyama

Blue-Green Province
Mark Winfield

Born In Seattle
Robert Sadamu Shimabukuro

Boundless Optimism
Patricia E. Roy

Brand Command
Alex Marland

Breaking News?
Frédérick Bastien

Bringing the Passions Back In
Leonard Ferry
Rebecca Kingston

The Broadband Problem
Charles H. Ferguson

Brokering Access
Mike Larsen
Kevin Walby

Building Community Capacity
Robert Chaskin
Prudence Brown
Sudhir Venkatesh
Avis Vidal

Building New Pathways to Peace
Noriko Kawamura
Yoichiro Murakami
Shin Chiba

The Call of the World
Bill Graham

Cambodia 1975-1982
Michael Vickery

Canada and Ballistic Missile Defence, 1954-2009
James Fergusson

Canada and the Beijing Conference on Women
Elizabeth Riddell-Dixon

Canada's Global Villagers
Ruth Compton Brouwer

Canada's Voice
Adam Chapnick

Canadian Democracy from the Ground Up
Elisabeth Gidengil
Heather Bastedo

The Canadian Election Studies
Mebs Kanji
Antoine Bilodeau
Thomas Scotto

Canadian Foreign Policy and International Economic Regimes
A. Claire Cutler
Mark W. Zacher

Canadian Liberalism and the Politics of Border Control, 1867-1967
Christopher Anderson

Canadian Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
Melody Hessing
Michael Howlett

Canadian Oceans Policy
Don M. McRae
Gordon Munro

The Canadian Party System
Richard Johnston

Candles in the Dark
Barbara Sundberg Baudot

Caring for Children
Rachel Langford
Susan Prentice
Patrizia Albanese

CCF Colonialism in Northern Saskatchewan
David Quiring

Celebrity Diplomacy
Andrew Cooper

Change or Decay
Lilia Shevtsova
Andrew Wood

China in 2020
Hu Angang

China in World Politics, 2nd ed.
Judith F. Kornberg
John R. Faust

Chinese Ambassadors
Xiaohong Liu

Chinese Democracy after Tiananmen
Yijiang Ding

The Chinese State at the Borders
Diana Lary

Circus Maximus
Andrew Zimbalist

Citizen Machiavelli
Mark Hulliung

Citizens Adrift
Paul Howe

Citizens Plus
Alan Cairns

The Civic Imagination
Gianpaolo Baiocchi
Elizabeth A. Bennett
Alissa Cordner
Peter Taylor Klein
Stephanie Savell

The Clash of Barbarisms
Richard Rowland
Gilbert Achcar

Climate Change Science and Policy
Stephen H. Schneider
Armin Rosencranz
Michael D. Mastrandrea
Kristin Kuntz-Duriseti

Code Politics
Jared J. Wesley

John W. Chapman
J. Ronald Pennock

Collective Insecurity
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Colonial Hong Kong in the Eyes of Elsie Tu
Elsie Tu

The Comparative Turn in Canadian Political Science
Linda A. White
Richard Simeon
Robert Vipond
Jennifer Wallner

Comparing Canada
Luc Turgeon
Martin Papillon
Jennifer Wallner
Stephen White

Conflict in Caledonia
Laura DeVries

Constituency Influence in Parliament
Kelly Blidook

Constitutional Politics in Canada after the Charter
Patrick James

Containing Missile Proliferation
Dinshaw Mistry

Contemporary Slavery
Annie Bunting
Joel Quirk

Contested Constitutionalism
James B. Kelly
Christopher P. Manfredi

Contradictory Impulses
Patricia E. Roy
Greg Donaghy

Conventional Choices
Ian Stewart
David K. Stewart

Co-operative Canada
Brett Fairbairn
Nora Russell

Cornerstones of Security
Thomas Graham Jr.
Damien J. LaVera

Corporate Social Responsibility and the State
Jane Lister

Corruption and Democracy in Thailand
Pasuk Phongpaichit
Sungsidh Piriyarangsan

A Country in Despair
Kees Van Dijk

The Courts
Ian Greene

Courts and Federalism
Gerald Baier

Crisis and Transformation in China's Hong Kong
Ming K. Chan
Alvin Y. So

Critical Disability Theory
Dianne Pothier
Richard Devlin

Critical Policy Studies
Miriam Smith
Michael Orsini

Shlomo Sharan
David Bukay

Culture and Liberty
Stephen Cox

Cycling into Saigon
Graham White
David R. Cameron

The Dark Side of Globalization
Jorge Heine
Ramesh Thakur

Deadly Arsenals
Joseph Cirincione
Jon B. Wolfsthal
Miriam Rajkumar

Debating Hate Crime
Allyson M. Lunny

Decision at Midnight
Michael Hart
Bill Dymond
Colin Robertson

Defining Rights and Wrongs
Rosanna Langer

The Deindustrialized World
Steven High
Lachlan Mackinnon
Andrew Perchard

Deliberative Democracy in Practice
David Kahane
Daniel Weinstock
Dominique Leydet
Melissa Williams

Boris DeWiel

Democracy Works
Torry D. Dickinson
Terrie A. Becerra
Summer B. C. Lewis

Democratization through the Looking-Glass
Peter Burnell

Designing Denuclearization
Bruce D. Larkin

Development's Displacements
Peter Vandergeest
Pablo Idahosa
Pablo S. Bose

Kathleen Newland

Dictionary of British politics
Bill Jones
Bill Jones

Diplomatic Departures
Kim R. Nossal
Nelson Michaud

Disarmament Sketches
Thomas Graham Jr.

Disarming Intervention
Seantel Anaïs

Discovering the Americas
James Rochlin

The Disinherited Majority
Charles Derber

Diversity and Equality
Avigail Eisenberg

Diversity Explosion
William Frey

Dragon in the Tropics
Javier Corrales
Michael Penfold

Dragon in the Tropics (2nd Edition)
Javier Corrales
Michael Penfold

The Dream in Islam
Jeanne Eder
Iain R. Edgar

Dwellers of Memory
Pilar Riano-Alcala

The Dynamics of Social Movements in Hong Kong
Tai-lok Lui
Stephen W. K. Chiu

Earth Capitalism
Patrick U. Petit

Earthscan Reader in Poverty and Biodiversity Conservation
Dilys Roe
Joanna Elliott

The East Moves West
Geoffrey Kemp

Rik Scarce

Electing a Diverse Canada
Caroline Andrew
John Biles
Myer Siemiatycki

Erin Tolley

Election Fraud
R. Michael Alvarez
Thad E. Hall
Susan D. Hyde

Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy Electoral Realignment and the Outlook for American Democracy
Arthur Paulson

Elusive Destiny
Paul Litt

Emigration from Scotland between the wars
Marjory Harper

The Empire's New Clothes
Paul Street

Empowering Electricity
Julie L. MacArthur

Ending Hunger Worldwide
George Kent

Energy Security
Sascha Müller-Kraener

Energy Security
Carlos Pascual
Jonathan Elkind

Engagement Organizing
Matt Price

Engaging India, Revised Edition
Strobe Talbott

Engendering Forced Migration
Doreen Indra

The Enlargement of Europe
Stuart Croft
John Redmond
G. Wyn Rees
Mark Webber

Environment and Citizenship in Latin America

Hannah Wittman

Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development
Akihisa Mori

The Environmental Justice Reader
Joni Adamson
Mei Mei Evans
Rachel Stein

Sarah Dry
Melissa Leach

Equality and Efficiency
Arthur M. Okun

Ethics and Security in Canadian Foreign Policy
Rosalind Irwin

European Islam
Samir Amghar
Amel Boubekeur
Michael Emerson

European Politics Today
Geoffrey K. Roberts
Patricia Hogwood

Exhibiting Nation
Caitlin Gordon-Walker

Extending European Cooperation
Alasdair R. Young

The Face of Resistance
Aung Zaw

Faith, Politics, and Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States
David Rayside
Clyde Wilcox

A Farewell to Arms?
Michael Cox
Adrian Guelke
Fiona Stephen

Fascism, Communism and the Consolidation of Democracy
Gerhard Besier
Francesca Piombo
Katarzyna Stoklosa

Fast Forward
William Antholis
Clive Hamilton
Strobe Talbott

A Fearsome Heritage
John Schofield
Wayne Cocroft

Federalism and Democratisation in Russia
Cameron Ross

Feminist Ethics and Social Policy
Rianne Mahon
Fiona Robinson

Feminists and Party Politics
Lisa Young

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution
Carlos Alberto Montaner

Fifteen into One?
Wolfgang Wessels
Andrea Maurer
Jurgen Mittag

Fighting for Votes
William P. Cross
Jonathan Malloy
Tamara A. Small
Laura B. Stephenson

Finding Dahshaa
Stephanie Irlbacher-Fox

Fixing Haiti
Jorge Heine
Andrew S. Thompson

The Fog of Peace
Jean-Marie Guéhenno

Food Systems in an Unequal World
Ryan E. Galt

The Foreign Policies of European Union Member States
Ian Manners
Richard Whitman

Erin Tolley

Free Market Missionaries
Sharon Beder

French Challenge
Philip Gordon
Sophie Meunier

The French Party System
Jocelyn Evans

French Politics Today
David S. Bell

From Neighborhood to Nation
Ken Thomson

From Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation
Greg Poelzer
Ken S. Coates

From UI to EI
Georges Campeau
Richard Howard

From World Order to Global Disorder
Dorval Brunelle

The Future of Democracy
Peter Levine

Game Changer
Jonathan Paquin
Patrick James

Gandhi and Beyond

David Cortright

Gender and Change in Hong Kong
Eliza Wing-Yee Lee

Gendered Money
Pernilla Jonsson
Silke Neunsinger

Gendered News
Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant

Gendering Government
Louise A. Chappell

Gendering the Nation-State
Yasmin Abu-Laban

Genetically Modified Diplomacy
Peter Andrée

Getting Heard
Christine Loh
Civic Exchange

Getting Russia Right
Dmitri V. Trenin

Give Me Shelter
Andrew Burtch

Global Democracy and the World of Social Forums
Jackie Smith

Globalization of Racism, The
Donaldo Macedo
Panayota Gounari

Globalizing Citizenship
Kim Rygiel

Globalizing democracy, Second Edition
Katherine Fierlbeck

God and Caesar in China
Jason Kindropp
Carol Lee Hamrin

God Wills It
David O'Connell

Going Critical
Joel S. Wit
Daniel B. Poneman
Robert L. Gallucci

Going Private in China
Jean C. Oi

Good Government? Good Citizens?
W.A. Bogart

Governing China's Multiethnic Frotiers
Morris Rossabi

Governing from the Bench
Emmett Macfarlane

Governing Ourselves?
Mary Louise McAllister

Governing the Police
David H. Bayley
Philip C. Stenning

Governing the World?
Thomas G. Weiss

Governing with the Charter
James B. Kelly

Grassroots Liberals
Royce Koop

Grassroots Politicians
Donald E. Blake
R. Kenneth Carty
Lynda Erickson

The Green Movement in Iran
Hamid Dabashi
Navid Nikzadfar

Greg Donaghy

Guns, Girls, Gambling, Ganja
Pasuk Phongpaichit
Sungsidh Piriyarangsan
Nualnoi Treerat

Guys and Guns Amok
Douglas Kellner

Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Handbook of Strategic Environmental Assessment
Barry Sadler
Ralf Aschemann
Jiri Dusik
Thomas Fischer
Maria Partidário
Rob Verheem

The Harper Era in Canadian Foreign Policy
Adam Chapnick
Christopher J. Kukucha

Health Care and the Charter
Christopher P. Manfredi
Antonia Maioni

Hearts and Mines
Tanner Mirrlees

Hearts of Darkness
Henry A. Giroux

Hegemony of English, The
Donaldo Macedo
Panayota Gounari
Bessie Dendrinos

Hidden Agendas
Barry Cooper
Lydia Miljan

Historical Archaeology
Barbara J. Little

A History of Terrorism, Expanded Edition
Walter Laqueur

Holding the Center
Eugene Goodheart

How to Improve Governance
David de Ferranti
Anthony J. Ody
Justin Jacinto
Graeme Ramshaw

Human Rights and the Borders of Suffering
M. Anne Brown

Human Rights and Wrongs
Helen Fein

Human Rights without Democracy?
Gret Haller

Hunters and Bureaucrats
Paul Nadasdy

Hunting the Northern Character
Tony Penikett

The Idea of Pakistan
Stephen Philip Cohen

The Idea of Pakistan, Revised edition
Stephen Philip Cohen

Identity Politics in the Public Realm
Avigail Eisenberg
Will Kymlicka

Identity/Difference Politics
Rita Dhamoon

Ideologues and Presidents
Thomas S. Langston
George C. Edwards III

The Ideology of the Extreme Right
Cas Mudde

Immigration and European Integration
Andrew Geddes

Immigration and European integration, Second Edition
Andrew Geddes

The Impact of Feminism on Political Concepts and Debates
Georgina Blakeley
Valerie Bryson

The Impact of War on Children
Graca Machel

Imperfect Democracies
Patti Tamara Lenard
Richard Simeon

Imperial citizenship
Daniel Gorman

In Defence of Multinational Citizenship
Michael Murphy
Siobhan Harty

In Defence of Principles
Andrew S. Thompson

In the Long Run We're All Dead
Timothy Lewis

In the Shadow of Russia
Pamela Blackmon

Indigenous Diplomacy and The Rights of Peoples
James [Sákéj] Youngblood Henderson

Indigenous Encounters with Neoliberalism
Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez

Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy
Mario Blaser
Ravi de Costa
Deborah McGregor
William D. Coleman

Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics
Keith Banting
John Myles

Insiders and Outsiders
Philip Resnick
Gerald Kernerman

The Institutionalist Approach to Public Utilities Regulation
Edythe S. Miller
Warren J. Samuels

Intelligence and national security policymaking on Iraq
James P. Pfiffner
Mark Phythian

Intercultural City
Charles Landry
Phil Wood

International Ecopolitical Theory
Peter J. Stoett
Eric Laferrière

The International Politics of Agricultural Trade
Theodore H. Cohn

International Politics of Central Asia, The
John Anderson

International Politics of East Africa
Robert Pinkney

The International Politics of the Middle East
Raymond Hinnebusch

International Trade Law and Domestic Policy
Jacqueline D. Krikorian

Internet Generation
Henry Milner

Interpreting the Labour Party
John Calaghan
Steven Fielding
Steve Ludlam

Introduction to International Relations
R.J.Barry Jones
Peter M. Jones
Ken Dark
Joel Peters

An Introduction to Post-Communist Bulgaria
Emil Giatzidis

Invisible and Inaudible in Washington
Edelgard Mahant
Graeme S. Mount

Iran and the Surrounding World
Nikki R. Keddie
Rudi Matthee

Irish Politics Today
Neil Collins
Terry Cradden

Is Bipartisanship Dead?
Ross K. Baker

Islam, Politics, and Pluralism
Jennifer Noyon

Islamist Mobilization in Turkey
Jenny B. White

Anita Shapira

The Israeli Response to Jewish Extremism and Violence
Ami Pedahzur

Italian Fascism and Anti-Fascism
Stanislao G. Pugliese

Japan's Emergence as a Modern State - 60th anniv. ed.
Lawrence T. Woods
Herbert E. Norman

Jewish Feminism in Israel
Kalpana Misra
Melanie Rich

John Major, Tony Blair and a Conflict of Leadership
Michael Foley

Uri Dadush
William Shaw

Justice Bertha Wilson
Kim Brooks

Karl Marx
Rolf Hosfeld
Bernard Heise

Keeping Watch
A. Walter Dorn

Knowledge and Power
Gordon A. Craig

Knowledge Politics
Nico Stehr

The Kurdish Spring
David L. Phillips

Labour's Second Landslide
Andrew Geddes
Jonathan Tonge

The Länder and German Federalism
Arthur Gunlicks

Language Matters
David R. Cameron
Richard Simeon

Law and Citizenship
Law Commission of Canada

Leadership and Social Movements
Colin Barker
Jeffrey Hou
Michael Lavalette

Lessons from Iraq
Miriam Pemberton
William D. Hartung

Letters from Lexington
Noam Chomsky

Letters From Robben Island
Ahmen Kathrada
Robert D. Vassen

Liberalism, Nationalism, Citizenship
Ronald Beiner

Limiting Institutions?
James Sperling
Sean Kay
S. Victor Papacosma

Limits of Civic Activism, The
Robert Weissberg

Limits of Humanitarian Intervention
Alan J. Kuperman

Living Indigenous Leadership
Carolyn Kenny
Tina Ngaroimata Fraser

Local Commons and Democratic Environmental Governance
Takeshi Murota
Ken Takeshita

Local Government Today
James Chandler

Locating Global Order
Bruno Charbonneau
Wayne Cox

David Humphreys

Lonely Power
Lilia Shevtsova

Made in Nunavut
Jack Hicks
Graham White

Mainstreaming Gender, Democratizing the State
Shirin M. Rai

Making Peace Last
Robert Ricigliano

Manipulation and Consent
David J. Elkins

The Maritime Frontier of Burma
Jos Gommans
Jacques Leider

Mass Atrocity Crimes
Robert I. Rotberg

The Media and the War on Terrorism
Stephen Hess
Marvin Kalb

Medical Biotechnology
Albert Sasson

Memorializing the Past
Heidi Grunebaum

Men in political theory
Terrell Carver

The Metropolitan Revolution
Bruce Katz
Jennifer Bradley

The Middle Power Project
Adam Chapnick

Mike's World
Asa McKercher
Galen Perras

Misrecognized Materialists
Matt James

Modeling the Environment, Second Edition
Andrew Ford

Modern Clan Politics
Edward Schatz

The Modern Social Conflict
Ralf Dahrendorf

Modern Warfare
Benjamin Perrin

Monitoring Performance in the Public Sector
John Mayne
Eduardo Zapico-Goni

The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims
Bruce J. Berman
André Laliberté
Stephen J. Larin

The Moral Heart of Public Service
Claire Foster-Gilbert

Mothers and Others
Melanee Thomas
Amanda Bittner

Mr. Putin, New and Expanded
Fiona Hill
Clifford G. Gaddy

Mr. Smith Goes to Ottawa
David C. Docherty

Multicultural Nationalism
Gerald Kernerman

Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution
Stephen Tierney

Multiculturalism and the Foundations of Meaningful Life
Andrew Robinson

Multi-Party Litigation
Wayne V. McIntosh
Cynthia L. Cates

Museum Origins
Hugh H. Genoways
Mary Anne Andrei

Muslim Identity in a Turbulent Age
Mike Hardy
Fiyaz Mughal
Sarah Markiewicz

The Myth of Universal Human Rights
David N. Stamos

National Politics and Community in Canada
W. Peter Ward
R. Kenneth Carty

Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Identity
Russell F. Farnen

Navigating Neoliberalism
Gabrielle Slowey

Negotiation Basics for Cultural Resource Managers
Nicholas Dorochoff

Nehru to the Nineties
James Manor

Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary
Michael E. O'Hanlon

Matthew R. Kerbel

The New Arab Revolutions That Shook the World
Farhad Khosrokhavar

The New Custodians of the State
William Genieys

The New Feminized Majority
Heribert Adam
Katherine Adam
Charles Derber

A New Generation Draws the Line
Noam Chomsky

New Labour's Foreign Policy
Richard Little
Mark Wickham-Jones

New Security Challenges in Postcommunist Europe
Andrew Cottey
Derek Averre

The New Silk Road Diplomacy
Hasan H. Karrar

The Next Wave
Darell M. West

No Boundaries Upstairs
Joseph T. Jockel

No need of a chief for this band
Martha Elizabeth Walls

No Place to Learn
Thomas C Pocklington
Allan Tupper

Nothing Abides
Daniel Pipes

Nuclear Waste Management in Canada
Darrin Durant
Genevieve Fuji Johnson

Ailsa Henderson

The OECD and Transnational Governance
Rianne Mahon
Stephen McBride

On Geopolitics
Harvey Starr

Once Upon an Oldman
Jack Glenn

Opening Doors Wider
Sylvia Bashevkin

Opinion Polls
Nick Moon

The Oriental Question
Patricia E. Roy

Orienting Canada
John Price

The Origins of the Second World War
Victor Rothwell

Outer Space
Alexei Arbatov
Vladimir Dvorkin

Palmerston and the Politics of Foreign Policy 1846-55
David Brown

Panoptic Dreams
Sean P. Hier

The Paradoxes of Peacebuilding Post-9/11
Stephen Baranyi

Paradoxes of Power
David Skidmore

Parity Democracy
Jocelyne Praud
Sandrine Dauphin

Parliaments, Nations and Identities in Britain and Ireland, 1660-1850
Julian Hoppit

Parties and Party Systems
Richard Johnston
Campbell Sharman

Parties, Candidates, and Constituency Campaigns in Canadian Elections
Anthony Sayers

Parties, Elections, and the Future of Canadian Politics
Amanda Bittner
Royce Koop

Parties, Interest Groups, and Political Campaigns
Mathew J. Burbank
Ronald J. Hrebenar
Robert C. Benedict

Parties, Polarization, and Democracy in the United States
Donald C. Baumer
Howard J. Gold

Passing the Buck
Kathryn Harrison

The Path to Zero
Richard Falk
David Krieger

Patriation and Its Consequences
Lois Harder
Steven Patten

Pax Pacifica
Johan Galtung

Peace and Conflict 2007
Joseph Hewitt
Jonathan Wilkenfeld

Peace and Conflict 2014
David A. Backer
Jonathan Wilkenfeld
Paul K. Huth

Peace Ecology
Randall Amster

A Penny for the Governor, A Dollar for Uncle Sam
Phil Roberts

Pepper in Our Eyes
W. Wesley Pue

A Perilous Imbalance
Stephen Clarkson
Stepan Wood

The Perils of Identity
Caroline Dick

Permanent Campaigning in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Anna Lennox Esselment

Playing for Change
Rob Rosenthal
Richard Flacks

Plight and Fate of Women During and Following Genocide
Samuel Totten

Point, Click, and Vote
R. Michael Alvarez
Thad E. Hall

Points of Entry
Vic Satzewich

Political and Military Sociology
Neovi M. Karakatsanis
Jonathan Swarts

Political cartoons and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Ilan Danjoux

Political Communication in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Tamara A. Small

Political Concepts
Richard Bellamy
Andrew Mason

The Political Economy of New Labour
Colin Hay

The Political Economy of Pensions
Richard Lee Deaton

The Political Economy of Workplace Injury in Canada
Bob Barnetson

Political Ideology Today
Ian Adams

Political Intellectuals and Public Identities in Britain since 1850
Julia Stapleton

The Political Interests of Gender Revisited
Anna G. Jonasdottir
Kathleen B. Jones

Political Issues in Ireland Today
Neil Collins

Political Issues in the World Today
Don MacIver

Political Marketing
Darren G. Lilleker
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Political Marketing and British Political Parties
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

Political Marketing in Canada
Alex Marland
Thierry Giasson
Jennifer Lees-Marshment

The Political Papacy
Chester Gills

Political Philosophy
Mario Bunge

Politics in Theology
Gabriel R. Ricci

The Politics of Acknowledgement
Joanna R. Quinn

The Politics of Canadian-Japanese Economic Relations, 1952-1983
Frank Langdon

The Politics of Linkage
Brian Bow

The Politics of Procurement
Aaron Plamondon

The Politics of Resentment
Philip Resnick

The Politics of War
Jean-Christophe Boucher
Kim R. Nossal

The Politics of Western Water
Stephen C. Sturgeon

Politics, Policy, and Government in British Columbia
R. Kenneth Carty

Politics, Products and Markets
Sadrettin Dural
Michele Micheletti
Dietlind Stolle
Andreas Follesdal

Polygamy's Rights and Wrongs
Gillian Calder
Lori G. Beaman

The Portland Black Panthers
Lucas N. Burke
Judson L. Jeffries

Hamid Dabashi

Margot Young
Susan B. Boyd
Gwen Brodsky
Shelagh Day

The Pragmatic Dragon
Eric Hyer

President Barak Obama
John K. Wilson

Preventing Genocide
David A. Hamburg

Prime Ministerial Power in Canada
Patrice Dutil

Professing Sociology
Irving Louis Horowitz
Howard G. Schneiderman

The Professor and the President
Stephen Hess

Prometheus Wired
Darin Barney

Protest and Politics
Howard Ramos
Kathleen Rodgers

Protracted Refugee Situations
Gil Loescher
James Milner
Edward Newman
Gary Troeller

The Provinces and Canadian Foreign Trade Policy
Christopher J. Kukucha

Public Deliberation on Climate Change
Lorelei L. Hanson

Public Engagement and Emerging Technologies
Kieran O'Doherty
Edna Einsiedel

Putin's Russia
Lilia Shevtsova

Putting the State on Trial
Margaret E. Beare
Nathalie Des Rosiers
Abigail C. Deshman

David K. Stewart
Keith Archer

Quebec Women and Legislative Representation
Manon Tremblay
Kathe Roth

Queer Mobilizations
Manon Tremblay

Race and Human Rights
Curtis Stokes

Race and the City
Shanti Fernando

Racial Liberalism and the Politics of Urban America
Curtis Stokes
Theresa Melendez

Racing to the Bottom?
Kathryn Harrison

A Reader in International Relations and Political Theory
Howard Williams
Moorhead Wright
Tony Evans

Rebuilding Canadian Party Politics
R. Kenneth Carty
William P. Cross
Lisa Young

Recognition versus Self-Determination
Avigail Eisenberg
Jeremy Webber
Glen Coulthard
Andrée Boisselle

Red Tape, Featuring a new foreword by Philip K. Howard
Herbert Kaufman

Reflections of Hearts and Minds
Shibley Telhami

Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade
Donald Barry
Ronald Keith

Religion and Canadian Party Politics
David Rayside
Jerald Sabin
Paul E.J. Thomas

Relocating Middle Powers
Andrew Cooper
Richard A. Higgott
Kim R. Nossal

Renewing Black Intellectual History
Christopher A. Reed
Isaac Reed
Adolph Reed, Jr.
Carolyn Kenny
Kenneth W. Warren

Sandra Postel

Reporting for China
Pal Nyiri

Representation and Democratic Theory
David Laycock

Rethinking Equality
Chris Armstrong

Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy
Ben Tonra
Thomas Christiansen

Rethinking Federalism
Karen Knop
Sylvia Ostry
Richard Simeon
Katherine Swinton

Rethinking International Relations
Fred Halliday

The Retreat of Social Democracy
John Callaghan

Reviving Social Democracy
David Laycock
Lynda Erickson

The Revolutionary Ascetic
Bruce Mazlish

Stephen K. Sanderson

The Right to a Healthy Environment
David R. Boyd

Rising States, Rising Institutions
Alan Alexandroff
Andrew Cooper

Risk Goverance
Ortwin Renn

The Road to the European Union, Volume 2
Vello Pettai
Jan Zielonka

Roasting Chestnuts
Ian Stewart

The Roman Republic in Political Thought
Joseph Millar
Fergus Millar

Romancing the Revolution
Amitav Acharya
Ian Bullock

Rostow, Kennedy, and the Rhetoric of Foreign Aid
Kimber Charles Pearce

Russia and the New World Disorder
Bobo Lo

Russia in 2020
Maria Lipman
Nikolay Petrov

Russia: Lost in Transition
Lilia Shevtsova

Russia's Far East
Jason Ziedenberg
Judith Thornton
Charles Ziegler

Saving Europe
Carlo Bastasin

Scandinavian Politics Today
David Arter

Scandinavian Politics Today, 2nd Edition
David Arter

Science, Ethics, and Politics
Kristen Renwick Monroe

The Search for Al Qaeda
Bruce Riedel

Secular States and Religious Diversity
Bruce J. Berman
Rajeev Bhargava
André Laliberté

Segmented Cities?
Kristin R. Good
Luc Turgeon
Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Sex and Borders
Leslie Ann Jeffrey

Shared Histories
Paul Scham
Walid Salem
Benjamin Pogrund

Shifting Boundaries
Tim Schouls

Shiraz in the Age of Hafez
John Limbert

Sixteen Million One
Patrick M. Regan

So Near Yet So Far
Geoffrey Hale

Social Capital, Diversity, and the Welfare State
Fiona Kay
Richard Johnston

The Social Construction of the Korean War
Jennifer Milliken

Social Movements, 1768-2004
Charles Tilly

Social Policy and the Ethic of Care
Olena Hankivsky

Solidarities beyond Borders
Pascale Dufour
Dominique Masson
Dominique Caouette

Solidarity First
Robert O'Brien

Sovereignty or Security?
Shelagh Grant

The Soviet Mind
Isaiah Berlin
Henry Hardy

Spanish Politics Today
John Gibbons

Stephen J. Farnsworth

Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism
A J Wilson

Staging Corruption
Ruoyun Bai

A Stake in the Future
Mary Louise McAllister
Cynthia Alexander

Linda Trimble
Jane Arscott
Manon Tremblay

State of Exchange
Jennifer Y.J. Hsu

Still Dying for a Living
Steven Bittle

Still Ours to Lead
Bruce Jones

Storied Communities
Hester Lessard
Rebecca Johnson
Jeremy Webber

Street Protests and Fantasy Parks
David R. Cameron
Janice Gross Stein

Strengthening Civil Society in Burma

Suits and Uniforms
Philip Robins

Sean P. Hier
Joshua Greenberg

Tale of Two Quagmires, A
Kenneth J. Campbell

Tales of Two Cities
Sylvia Bashevkin

Talk and Log
Jeremy Wilson

Taxing Choices
Rebecca Johnson

Territorial Pluralism
Karlo Basta
John McGarry
Richard Simeon

Terror of Neoliberalism, The
Henry A. Giroux

Terrorism and Democratic Stability
Jennifer S. Holmes

Tests of Global Governance
Andrew Cooper

Textual Introduction to Social and Political Theory
Richard Bellamy
Angus Ross

Thaksin, Second Edition
Pasuk Phongpaichit
Chris Baker

Than Shwe
Benedict Rogers

A Theory of Public Opinion
Francis Graham Wilson
H. Lee Cheek Jr.

They Rule
Paul Street

Thistle and the Drone, The
Akbar Ahmed

Tibet and Nationalist China's Frontier
Hsiao-ting Lin

To Know Our Many Selves
Dirk Hoerder

To the Cloud
Vincent Mosco

Shampa Biswas
Zahi Zalloua

Transatlantic Relations and Global Governance
Kari Mottola

The Transformation of the American Democratic Republic
Stephen M. Krason

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, 2nd edition
Christopher McKee

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition
Christopher McKee

Trials of Abu Ghraib, The
S. G. Mestrovic

Trudeau's World
Robert Bothwell
J.L. Granatstein

Turkey Facing a New Millenium
Amikam Nachmani

Two Political Worlds
Donald E. Blake

Two Tiers or Two Speeds?
James Sperling

The U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Carlos G. Velez-Ibanez
Josiah Heyman

An Uncertain Ally
David L. Phillips

Dan Pallotta

Understanding A/S Level Government and Politics
Christopher Wilson

Understanding American Government and Politics
Duncan Watts

Understanding American Government and Politics
Duncan Watts

Understanding British and European political issues
Neil McNaughton

Understanding British Political Issues
Neil McNaughton

Unions, Equity, and the Path to Renewal
Janice R. Foley
Patricia L. Baker

The United Nations and Nuclear Orders
Jane Boulden
Ramesh Thakur
Thomas G. Weiss

Unmasking Terror
Christoper Heffelfinger

Unsettled Balance
Rosalind Warner

Unsettled Legitimacy
Steven Bernstein
William D. Coleman

Unthinkable Thoughts
Susan G. Drummond

Urban and Regional Governance in the Asia Pacific
John Friedman

Violence in Canada
Jeffrey Ian Ross

Voices in a Revolution
Melvin J. Lasky

Voices Raised in Protest
Stephanie Bangarth

Voluntary Sector Organizations and the State
Rachel Laforest

Voting Behaviour in Canada
Cameron D. Anderson
Laura B. Stephenson

The War on Error
Martin Kramer

We the Peoples
Edward Mortimer

What is Soviet Now?
Thomas Lahusen
Peter H. Solomon

Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River
Thomas Heywood
R. Edward Grumbine

Whose North?
Mark Dickerson

The Wicked Wine of Democracy
Joseph S. Miller

Wiki Government
Beth Simone Noveck

Winning the Presidency 2012
William J. Crotty

With Friends Like These
David Meren

Women and Property in Urban India
Bipasha Baruah

The Workers' and Peasants' State
Patrick Major
Jonathan Osmond

A World Challenged
Yevgeny Primakov

World Order after Leninism
Vladimir Tismaneanu
Marc Morje Howard
Rudra Sil

The World System and The Earth System
Alf Hornborg
Carole L Crumley

Writing in Rights
Hilary Charlesworth

Writing Security
David Campbell

Writing the War on Terrorism
Richard Jackson

Youth in Revolt
Henry A. Giroux

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