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 Search Results

Critical Indigenous Studies
Aileen Moreton-Robinson

Indian Pilgrims
Michelle M. Jacob

Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in Canada
Michael Asch

Aboriginal Autonomy and Development in Northern Quebec and Labrador
Colin Scott

Aboriginal Education
Lynne Davis
Louise Lahache
Marlene Brant Castellano

Aboriginal Justice and the Charter
David Milward

Aboriginal Peoples and Forest Lands in Canada
D.B. Tindall
Ronald L. Trosper
Pamela Perreault

Aboriginal Peoples and Politics
Paul Tennant

Aboriginal Peoples and Sport in Canada
Janice Forsyth
Audrey R. Giles

Aboriginal Plant Use in Canada's Northwest Boreal Forest
Robin Marles

Aboriginal Student Engagement and Achievement
Lorenzo Cherubini

Aboriginal Title and Indigenous Peoples
Louis A. Knafla
Haijo Westra

Across a Great Divide
Laura L. Scheiber
Mark D. Mitchell

After the Storm
Jackson Rushing III

Alaska, an American Colony
Stephen Haycox

American Indians and National Forests
Theodore Catton

Ancestral Hopi Migrations
Patrick D. Lyons

Ancient People of the Arctic
Robert McGhee

The Animals Came Dancing
Howard L. Harrod

The Archive of Place
William J. Turkel

Art Quantum
James Nottage

As Long as the Sun Shines and Water Flows
Ian L. Getty
Antoine S. Lussier

As Their Natural Resources Fail
Frank Tough

Asegi Stories
Qwo-Li Driskill

Asserting Native Resilience
Alan Parker
Zoltán Grossman

At Home with the Bella Coola Indians
Douglas Cole
John Barker

At the Far Reaches of Empire
Freeman M. Tovell

At the Hearth of the Crossed Races
Melinda Marie Jetté

Badger and Coyote Were Neighbors
William R. Seaburg
Pamela T. Amoss

Basket Tales of the Grandmothers
William A. Turnbaugh
Sarah Peabody Turnbaugh

Battle Grounds
P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Be of Good Mind
Bruce Granville Miller

Becoming Tsimshian
Christopher F. Roth

Being Again of One Mind
Lina Sunseri

Being and Place Among the Tlingit
Thomas F. Thornton

Between Consenting Peoples
Jeremy Webber
Colin M. Macleod

Between Justice and Certainty

Andrew Woolford

Beyond Chaco
Sarah Herr

Beyond Indigeneity
Alessandra Pellegrini Calderon

Bitter Feast
Denys Delage
Jane Brierley

Bitter Water
Malcolm D. Benally

Blanket Weaving in the Southwest
Joe Ben WheatBen
Ann Lane Hedlund

Blonde Indian
Ernestine Hayes

Braiding Histories
Susan Dion

Bringing Indians to the Book
Albert Furtwangler

Buried in Shades of Night
Billy J. Stratton

California through Native Eyes
William J. Bauer Jr.

The Canadian Rangers
P. Whitney Lackenbauer

Capture These Indians for the Lord
Tash Smith

Captured Heritage
Douglas Cole

Captured in the Middle
Sidner Larson

Carvings and Commerce
Michael D. Hall
Pat Glascock

Rosita Worl

The Changing Presentation of the American Indian
W. Richard West et al.

Chiefs of the Sea and Sky
George F. MacDonald

Children of the Dragonfly
Robert Bensen

Chinookan Peoples of the Lower Columbia
Robert T. Boyd
Kenneth M. Ames
Tony A. Johnson

Chinuk Wawa / kakwa nsayka ulman-tilixam laska munk-kEmtEks nsayka
Chinuk Wawa Dictionary Project

Cis dideen kat -- When the Plumes Rise
Jo-Anne Fiske
Betty Patrick

Citizens Plus
Alan Cairns

Colonial Proximities
Renisa Mawani

Colonizing Bodies
Mary-Ellen Kelm

Columbia River Basketry
Mary Dodds Schlick

The Coming of the Spirit of Pestilence
Robert Boyd

Communities of Practice
Patrick E. Marlow
Sabine Siekman

Comparative Indigeneities of the Américas
M. Bianet Castellanos
Lourdes Gutiérrez Nájera
Arturo J. Aldama

Comparing the Policy of Aboriginal Assimilation
Andrew Armitage

A Complex Culture of the British Columbia Plateau
Brian Hayden

Conflict in Caledonia
Laura DeVries

Contact and Conflict
Robin Fisher

Contact Zones
Myra Rutherdale
Katie Pickles

Contemporary American Indian Literatures and the Oral Tradition

Co-operative Management of Local Fisheries
Evelyn Pinkerton

Crater Lake National Park
Rick Harmon

Creative Subversions
Margot Francis

The Creator's Game
Allan Downey

Criminal Justice in Native America
Marianne O. Nielsen
Robert A. Silverman

The Culture of Hunting in Canada
Jean L. Manore
Dale G. Miner

The Curtain Within
Marianne Boelscher Ignace

Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout
Lori Davisson
Edgar Perry
The Original Staff of the White Mtn Apache Cultural Center
John R. Welch

Dispersed but Not Destroyed
Kathryn Magee Labelle

Do Glaciers Listen?
Julie Cruikshank

Drawing Back Culture
Ann Tweedie

Eagle Down Is Our Law
Antonia Mills

The Early Years of Native American Art History
Janet Catherine Berlo

Eating the Landscape
Enrique Salmón

Ecological Classification of Saskatchewan's Mid-Boral Ecoregions Using Resource Maps and Aerial Photographs
V.A. Futoransky
J.D. Beckingham
I.G.W Corns

Ellavut / Our Yup'ik World and Weather
Ann Fienup-Riordan
Alice Rearden

Empty Beds
Jean A. Keller

Liza Grandia

The Encyclopedia of Native Music
Brian Wright-McLeod

Enduring Seeds
Gary Paul Nabhan

The Equity Myth
Frances Henry
Enakshi Dua
Carl E. James
Audrey Kobayashi
Peter Li
Howard Ramos
Malinda S. Smith

The Ermatingers
W. Brian Stewart

An Ethic of Mutual Respect
Bruce Morito

Ethnobotany of the Coos, Lower Umpqua, and Siuslaw Indians
Patricia Whereat Phillips

Everyday Exposure
Sarah Marie Wiebe

Faith, Food, and Family in a Yupik Whaling Community
Carol Zane Jolles

Far Off Metal River
Emilie Cameron

Field Guide to Ecosites of Southwestern Alberta
J.H. Archibald

Field Guide to the Peat Mosses of Boreal North America
Cyrus B. McQueen

Finding the River
Jeff Crane

First Fish, First People
Judith Roche
Meg McHutchison

First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law
Catherine Bell
Val Napoleon

First Nations Education in Canada
Jean Barman
Marie Battiste

The First Nations of British Columbia
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 2nd edition
Robert J. Muckle

The First Nations of British Columbia, 3rd edition
Robert J. Muckle

First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts
Michael Lee Ross

First Nations, First Thoughts
Annis May Timpson

First Nations, Museums, Narrations
Alison K. Brown

First Person Plural
Sophie McCall

Flora of Mount Rainier National Park
David Biek

Flora of Steens Mountain
Donald H. Mansfield

Forest Ecosystem Classification for Manitoba
C.A. Zoladeski

Forest Ecosystem Toposequences in Manitoba
C.A. Zoladeski

Fort Chipewyan and the Shaping of Canadian History, 1788-1920s
Patricia A. McCormack

Fractured Homeland
Bonita Lawrence

Fragile Settlements
Amanda Nettelbeck
Russell Smandych
Louis A. Knafla
Robert Foster

Freeze Frame
Ann Fienup-Riordan

French Canadians, Furs, and Indigenous Women in the Making of the Pacific Northwest
Jean Barman

From Treaty Peoples to Treaty Nation
Greg Poelzer
Ken S. Coates

Gathering Places
Laura Peers
Carolyn Podruchny

Ghost Dancing with Colonialism
Grace Li Xiu Woo

Global Biopiracy
Ikechi Mgbeoji

Frances W. Kaye

Grandmother, Grandfather, and Old Wolf
Clifford E. Trafzer

Haa Aaní, Our Land
Walter R. Goldschmidt
Theodore H. Haas
Thomas F. Thornton

Haida Gwaii
Daryl Fedje
Rolf Mathewes

Haida Monumental Art
George F. MacDonald

Handbook of Northwestern Plants
Helen M. Gilkey
La Rea J. Dennis

Historicizing Canadian Anthropology
Julia Harrison
Regna Darnell

Home Is the Hunter
Hans Carlson

Charles Adams

How It Is
Kathleen Dean Moore
Kurt Peters
Ted Jojola
Amber Lacy

Hunter-Gatherer Archaeology as Historical Process
Kenneth E. Sassaman
Donald H. Holly Jr.

Hunter-Gatherers of the Congo Basin
Barry S. Hewlett

Hunters and Bureaucrats
Paul Nadasdy

Hunters at the Margin
John Sandlos

Georges Sioui
Jane Brierley

Ice Age Peoples of North America
Robson Bonnichsen
Karen L. Turnmire

The Iconic North
Joan Sangster

If I Had a Hammer
Margaret Little

Imaging the Arctic
J. C.H. King
Henrietta Lidchi

Imagining Difference
Leslie A. Robertson

In Celebration of Our Survival
Doreen Jensen
Cheryl Brooks

In Divided Unity
Theresa McCarthy

In the Spirit of the Ancestors
Robin K. Wright
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse

The Indian Association of Alberta
Laurie Meijer Drees

Indian Blood
Andrew J. Jolivette

Indian Education in Canada, Volume 1
Jean Barman
Don McCaskill
Yvonne Hebert

Indian Education in Canada, Volume 2
Jean Barman
Don McCaskill
Yvonne Hebert

Indian Resilience and Rebuilding
Donald L. Fixico

The Indian School on Magnolia Avenue
Clifford E. Trafzer
Matthew Sakiestewa Gilbert
Lorene Sisquoc

Indians and Anthropologists
Thomas Biolsi
Larry Zimmerman

Indigenous Archaeologies
Margaret Bruchac
Siobhan Hart
H. Martin Wobst

Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World
Claire Smith
Graeme Ward

Indigenous Encounters with Neoliberalism
Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez

Indigenous in the City
Evelyn Peters
Chris Andersen

Indigenous Legal Traditions
Law Commission of Canada

Indigenous Peoples and Autonomy
Mario Blaser
Ravi de Costa
Deborah McGregor
William D. Coleman

Indigenous Peoples and Demography
Per Axelsson
Peter Skold

Indigenous Peoples and Globalization
Thomas D. Hall
James V. Fenelon

Indigenous Pop
Jeff Berglund
Jan Johnson
Kimberli Lee

Indigenous Storywork
Jo-ann Archibald

Indigenous Women and Feminism
Cheryl Suzack
Shari M. Huhndorf
Jeanne Perreault
Jean Barman

The Indigenous World 2010
Caecilie Mikkelsen
The International Workgroup for Indigenous Affairs

Insects of the Eastern Larch, Cedar, and Juniper
O.H. Lindquist
K.L. Nystrom
A.H. Rose Rose

Judith Orstrowitz

Inuit Education and Schools in the Eastern Arctic
Heather E. McGregor

Inuit Folk-Tales
Knud Rasmussen

Islands of Truth
Daniel Clayton

Islands' Spirit Rising
Louise Takeda

Jack Shadbolt and the Coastal Indian Image
Marjorie M. Halpin

John Hoover
Julie Decker

Keeping It Living
Douglas Deur
Nancy Turner

Kennewick Man
Heather Burke
Claire Smith
Dorothy Lippert
Joe Watkins
Larry Zimmerman

Klallam Grammar
Timothy Montler

Kwakiutl String Figures
Julia P. Averkieva
Mark A. Sherman

Kwakwaka'wakw Settlements, 1775-1920
Robert Galois

Lament for a First Nation
Peggy Blair

Landing Native Fisheries
Douglas C. Harris

Landscape of the Spirits
Todd W. Bostwick
Peter Krocek

Landscape Traveled by Coyote and Crane
Rodney Frey

Language Shift among the Navajos
Deborah House

Learning and Teaching Together
Michele T.D. Tanaka

Learning to Like Muktuk
Penelope S. Easton

Legends of Our Times
Morgan Baillargeon
Leslie Tepper

Legends of the Northern Paiute
James Gardner

Chris Friday

Let Right Be Done
Hamar Foster
Jeremy Webber
Heather Raven

Lies to Live By
Lois Beardslee

Life Lived Like a Story
Julie Cruikshank

Life Woven with Song
Nora Marks Dauenhauer

Light from Ancient Campfires
Trevor Peck

The Light People
Gordon Henry

The Lillooet Language
Jan Van Eijk

Living Indigenous Leadership
Carolyn Kenny
Tina Ngaroimata Fraser

Living on the Land
Nathalie Kermoal
Isabel Altamirano-Jimenez

Looking Both Ways
Aron L. Crowell
Amy F. Steffian
Gordon L. Pullar

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

Making Wawa
George Lang

John Sutton Lutz

The Many Faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis
Steadman Upham
Nat A. Zappia

The Many Voyages of Arthur Wellington Clah
Peggy Brock

Medicine Trail
Melissa Jayne Fawcett

A Metaphoric Mind

Ruth Couture
Virginia McGowan

Chris Andersen

Mining, the Environment, and Indigenous Development Conflicts
Ali Saleem

Mixed Blessings
Tolly Bradford
Chelsea Horton

Multiple InJustices
R. Aida Hernandez Castillo

Musqueam Reference Grammar
Wayne Suttles

My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell
Arthur Bear Chief

My Life, by Louis Kenoyer
Jedd Schrock
Henry Zenk

Myth and Memory
John Sutton Lutz

A Narrow Vision
Brian Titley

Native American Performance and Representation
S. E. Wilmer

Native Art of the Northwest Coast
Charlotte Townsend-Gault
Jennifer Kramer

Native Seattle
Coll Thrush

Native Seattle, Second Edition
Coll Thrush

Native Waters
Daniel McCool

Native Writers and Canadian Writing
W. H. New

The Nature of Borders
Lissa K. Wadewitz

Navajo Weaving in the Late Twentieth Century
Ann Lane Hedlund

Navigating Neoliberalism
Gabrielle Slowey

Nehalem Tillamook Ethnography
Elizabeth D. Jacobs
William R. Seaburg

New Histories for Old
Susan Neylan
Ted Binnema

New Treaty, New Tradition
Carwyn Jones

George F. MacDonald

No Home in a Homeland
Julia Christensen

No need of a chief for this band
Martha Elizabeth Walls

Nooksack Place Names
Allan Richardson
Brent Galloway

North American Indigenous Warfare and Ritual Violence
Richard J. Chacon
Rubén G. Mendoza

Northern Haida Master Carvers
Robin K. Wright

Northwest Coast Indian Art
Bill Holm

Notebooks of Elizabeth Cook-Lynn
Elizabeth Cook-Lynn

Notes on the Iroquois
Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Philip P. Mason

Ailsa Henderson

Objects of Myth and Memory
Lise M. Breen
Diana Fane
Ira Jacknis

The Occult Life of Things
Fernando Santos-Granero

One of the Family
Brenda Macdougall

Oral History on Trial
Bruce Granville Miller

Oratory in Native North America
William M. Clements

Our Box Was Full
Richard Daly

Our Chiefs and Elders
David Neel

Our Tellings
Darwin Hanna
Mamie Henry

Out There Somewhere
Simon J. Ortiz

Ruth Kirk

Paddling to Where I Stand
Martine J. Reid
Daisy Sewid-Smith

A Passion for the Arctic
Cunera Buijs
Bernadette Driscoll Engelstad

A Passion for the True and Just
Alice Beck Kehoe

Penobscot Dance of Resistance, The
Pauleena MacDougall

People of the Middle Fraser Canyon
Anna Marie Prentiss
Ian Kuijt

A People's Dream
Dan Russell

Picture Rocks
Edward J. Lenik

Plains Indian Rock Art
James D. Keyser
Michael A. Klassen

Positioning the Missionary
Brett Christophers

Potlatch at Gitsegukla
Marjorie M. Halpin
Margaret Seguin Anderson

The Power of Promises
Alexandra Harmon

The Power of Symbols
N. Ross Crumrine
Marjorie M. Halpin

Power through Testimony
Brieg Capitaine
Karine Vanthuyne

Preserving What Is Valued
Miriam Clavir

The Prince and the Salmon People
Claire Rudolf Murphy

Principles of Tsawalk
E. Richard Atleo

Privileging the Past
Judith Ostrowitz

Prophetic Identities
Tolly Bradford

Prophetic Worlds
Christopher L. Miller

Protecting Aboriginal Children
Chris Walmsley

Protection of First Nations Cultural Heritage
Catherine Bell
Robert K. Paterson

Queer Indigenous Studies
Qwo-Li Driskill
Chris Finley
Brian Joseph Gilley
Scott Lauria Morgensen

The Raven's Tail
Cheryl Samuel

Reading the Fire
Jarold Ramsey

"Real" Indians and Others
Bonita Lawrence

Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision
Marie Battiste

Recognition versus Self-Determination
Avigail Eisenberg
Jeremy Webber
Glen Coulthard
Andrée Boisselle

Sarah Carter
Patricia A. McCormack

The Red Man's on the Warpath
R. Scott Sheffield

Red Medicine
N. V. M. Gonzalez
Patrisia Gonzales

Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions
Gary Paul Nabhan

Reshaping the University
Rauna Kuokkanen

Return to the Land of the Headhunters
Brad Evans
Aaron Glass

Robert Davidson
Barbara Brotherton
Sheila Farr
John Haworth

Robes of Power
Doreen Jensen
Polly Sargent

Saving the Reservation
John Fahey

Searching for Yellowstone
Norman K. Denzin

Seashore Life of the Northern Pacific Coast
Eugene N. Kozloff

Seed Germination of Indigenous Trees in Tanzania
H.P. Msanga

Seeing With New Eyes
Rebecca Stone-Miller

Selling the Indian
Carter Jones Meyer
Diana Royer

Settler Anxiety at the Outposts of Empire
Kenton Storey

Settlers on the Edge
Niobe Thompson

Shifting Boundaries
Tim Schouls

Sinews of Survival
Betty Kobayashi Issenman

Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

The Social Life of Stories
Julie Cruikshank

Songs of Power and Prayer in the Columbia Plateau
Chad S. Hamill

Sovereign Erotics
Qwo-Li Driskill
Daniel Heath Justice
Deborah Miranda
Lisa Tatonetti

Speaking for the Generations
Simon J. Ortiz

Spirits of our Whaling Ancestors
Charlotte Coté

Spruce Root Basketry of the Haida and Tlingit
Sharon J. Busby

Andrea Laforet
Annie York

Squamish-English Dictionary
Amitav Acharya
Squamish Nation Dictionary Project

Standing Up with Ga'axsta'las
Leslie A. Robertson
Kwagu’l Gixsam Clan

Storied Communities
Hester Lessard
Rebecca Johnson
Jeremy Webber

Strangers in Blood
Jennifer S. H. Brown

Studies in American Indian Art
Christian F. Feest

The Subarctic Fur Trade
Shepard Krech, III

The Subarctic Indians and the Fur Trade, 1680-1860
Colin Yerbury

Supporting Indigenous Children's Development
Alan Pence
Jessica Ball

Jennifer Kramer

Symbolic Immortality
Sergei Kan

Taking Control
Celia Haig-Brown

Taking Medicine
Kristin Burnett

Tales from the Dena
Frederica De Laguna
Dale DeArmond

Tales of Ghosts
Ronald W. Hawker

Tammarniit (Mistakes)
Peter Kulchyski
Frank Tester

The Tao of Raven
Ernestine Hayes

Teaching Each Other
Linda M. Goulet
Keith N. Goulet

Telling Stories the Kiowa Way
Gus Palmer, Jr.

Tellings from Our Elders: Lushootseed syeyehub, Vol. 2
David Beck
Thom Hess

Temagami's Tangled Wild
Jocelyn Thorpe

Therapeutic Nations
Dian Million

They Call Me Father
Margaret Whitehead

This Is Our Life
Cara Krmpotich
Laura Peers

Thomas Crosby and the Tsimshian
Clarence R. Bolt

Nancy B. Rosoff
Susan Kennedy Zeller

Totem Poles
Marjorie M. Halpin

Tracking the Great Bear
Justin Page

Trading Beyond the Mountains
Richard Somerset Mackie

Trail of Story, Traveller's Path
Lauri Johnson
Leslie Main Johnson

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, 2nd edition
Christopher McKee

Treaty Talks in British Columbia, Third Edition
Christopher McKee

Tribal Boundaries in the Nass Watershed
Robert Galois
Neil J. Sterritt

Tribal Water Rights
John E. Thorson
Sarah Britton
Bonnie G. Colby

Trust in the Land
Beth Rose Middleton

E. Richard Atleo

A Tsilhqút’ín Grammar
Eung-Do Cook

The Tsimshian
Margaret Seguin Anderson

Tulalip, From My Heart
Harriette Shelton Dover
Darleen Fitzpatrick

Twana Narratives
William W. Elmendorf

Umatilla Dictionary
Noel Rude

Un/Covering the North
Valerie Alia

Uncertain Accommodation
Dimitrios Panagos

Uncommon Legacies
John R. Grimes
Christian F. Feest
Mary Lou Curran

Unlikely Alliances
Zoltán Grossman

Unsettling the Settler Within
Paulette Regan

Urban Voices
Susan Lobo

Urbanizing Frontiers
Penelope Edmonds

Visiting with the Ancestors
Laura Peers
Alison K. Brown

Visitors Who Never Left
Kenneth B. Harris
Frances M. Robinson

A Voyage to the North West Side of America
Robert Galois

Walking in Indian Moccasins
Laurie Barron

Walking the Clouds
Grace L. Dillon

Walking the Land, Feeding the Fire
Allice Legat

Warfare in Cultural Context
Axel E. Nielsen
William H. Walker

The Way of the Masks
Claude Levi-Strauss

Ways of Knowing
Jean-Guy Goulet

We Are Coming Home
Gerald T. Conaty

We Are Our Language
Barbra A. Meek

We Interrupt This Program
Miranda J. Brady
John M.H. Kelly

Weaving the Boundary
Karenne Wood

The West and Beyond
Alvin Finkel
Sarah Carter
Peter Fortna

Western Pueblo Identities
Andrew Duff

What We Learned
Helen Raptis

When I Was Small -- I Wan Kwikws
Lisa Matthewson

When the Caribou Do Not Come
Brenda Parlee
Ken Caine

When Worlds Collide
Max T. Friesen

Where Happiness Dwells
Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington
Dane-zaa First Nations elders

Where the Rivers Meet

Carly A. Dokis

White Grizzly Bear's Legacy
Lawney L. Reyes

White Man's Water
Erica Prussing

White Settler Reserve
Ryan Eyford

A Wilder West
Mary-Ellen Kelm

Will the Time Ever Come?
Thomas F. Thornton
Andrew Hope III

Will to Power
David Mulhall

With Good Intentions
Celia Haig-Brown
David A. Nock

Witsuwit'en Grammar
Sharon Hargus

Women and Ledger Art
Richard Pearce

A World You Do Not Know
Colin Samson

Writing Home
Michael D. Wilson

Written as I Remember It
Elsie Paul
Paige Raibmon
Harmony Johnson

Richard Daly
Rena Point Bolton

Yakama Rising
Michelle M. Jacob

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