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 Search Results

Machine that Would Go of Itself, A
Michael Kammen

Machines That Become Us
James E. Katz

Frank W. Elwell

Made in Nunavut
Jack Hicks
Graham White

Magic in the Air
James E. Katz

The Magnetic Lady
Ben Jonson
Peter Happè

The Maid's Tragedy
Francis Beaumont
John Fletcher
T.W. Craik

Murad Sayen

Mainstreaming Gender, Democratizing the State
Shirin M. Rai

Maintaining Recovery from Eating Disorders
Naomi Feigenbaum

Majority of Scoundrels, A
Don Berry

Make Mine a Double
Gina Barreca

Make Your Own Picture Stories for Kids with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Brian Attwood

Make Yourself Better
Philip Weeks

Making a Scene
Liz Millward

Making Climate Change History
Joshua P. Howe

Making Game
Peter L. Atkinson

Making Global Trade Work for People
United Nations Development Program
Kamal Malhotra

Making Healthy Places
Andrew L. Dannenberg
Howard Frumkin
Richard J. Jackson

Making Meaning Out of Mountains
Mark Stoddart

Making Native Space
R. Cole Harris

Making Nature Whole
Amitav Acharya
William R. Jordan III
George M. Lubick

The Making of Modern Chinese Medicine, 1850-1960
Bridie Andrews

Making Peace Last
Robert Ricigliano

Making Salmon
Joseph E. Taylor III

Making Sense of Children's Thinking and Behavior
Leslie Holzhauser-Peters
Leslie True

Making Sense of Social Situations
Albert Cotugno

Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing and Health Care Practice
Wilfred McSherry

Making Sense of the Unfeasible
Marc Fleisher

Making the Most of the Water We Have
David B. Brooks
Oliver M. Brandes
Stephen Gurman

Making Vancouver
Robert A. J. McDonald

Making Waves
William G. Martin

Making Waves
Katrina Brown
Emma Tompkins
Neil Adger

Making Wawa
George Lang

Making Your Primary School E-safe
Adrienne Katz

John Sutton Lutz

The Malcontent
John Marston
George K. Hunter

The Malcontent (Student Edition)
John Marston
George K. Hunter

Male Peer Support and Violence against Women
Walter S. DeKeseredy
Martin D. Schwartz

Male Witches in Early Modern Europe
Andrew Gow
Lara Apps

Malian's Song
Marge Bruchac

Mammal Bones and Teeth
Simon Hillson

Mammal Tracks and the Sign of the Northeast
Diane K. Gibbons

Mammals of the Pacific Northwest
Chris Maser

Man and Nature
David Lowenthal
George Perkins Marsh

Man Proposes, God Disposes
Pierre Maturié
Vivien Bosley

The Man Who Invented Gender
Terry Goldie

Managed Annihilation
Dean Bavington

Management Crisis and Business Revolution
John Harte

The Management of Monopoly
Hoh-cheng Mui
Lorna H. Mui

Managing Archaeological Resources
Francis P. McManamon
Andrew Stout
Jodi A. Barnes

Managing Natural Resources for Sustainable Livelihoods
Barry Pound
Ann Braun
Cynthia McDougall
Sieglinde Snapp

Managing Natural Resources in British Columbia
John B. Robinson
Anthony Scott
David Cohen

Managing Protected Areas
Michael Lockwood
Graeme Worboys
Terry De Lacy
Ashish Kothari

Managing Stress with Qigong
Gordon Faulkner

Managing the Planet
Norman Moss

Manana Means Heaven
Tim Z. Hernandez

Manchus and Han
Edward J.M. Rhoads

Manifestations of Venus
Caroline Arscott
Katie Scott

Manipulation and Consent
David J. Elkins

The Manly Modern
Christopher Dummitt

Edward W. Earle

The Manual of Ethnography
Marcel Mauss

A Manufactured Plague
Abigail Woods

Manufacturing National Park Nature
J. Keri Cronin

The Many Faces of Edward Sherriff Curtis
Steadman Upham
Nat A. Zappia

The Many Voyages of Arthur Wellington Clah
Peggy Brock

Mapping Indigenous Presence
Kathryn Shanley
Bjørg Evjen

Mapping Marriage Law in Spanish Gitano Communities
Susan G. Drummond

Mapping Vulnerability
Greg Bankoff
Georg Frerks
Dorothea Hilhorst

Margaret Atwood
Sherrill Grace
Lorraine Weir

Marguerite Duras
Renate Günther

Marie Equi
Michael Helquist

Marine Ecosystem-Based Management in Practice
Julia M. Wondolleck
Steven L. Yaffee

Marine Protected Areas for Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises
Erich Hoyt

Mariners, Renegades and Castaways
C.L. R. James

Maritime Command Pacific
David Zimmerman

The Maritime Frontier of Burma
Jos Gommans
Jacques Leider

Market Economy and Urban Change
Roger Zetter
Mohamed Hamza

The Market for Virtue
David Vogel

Markets and the Environment
Nathaniel O. Keohane
Sheila M. Olmstead

Markets and the Environment, Second Edition
Nathaniel O. Keohane
Sheila M. Olmstead

Markings on Earth
Karenne Wood

Marlowe and the popular tradition
Ruth Lunney

Marriage and Lasting Relationships with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder)
Eva A. Mendes

Marriage, Sexuality, and Gender
Robert West
Robin West

Married to the Empire
Mary A. Procida

Alfred S. McEwen
Candice Hansen-Koharcheck
Ari Espinoza

Marxism and History
S. H. Rigby

Mary Randlett Landscapes
Mary Randlett
Barry Herem
Jo Ann Ridley
Joyce Thompson

The Masculine Woman in Weimar Germany
Katie Sutton

Masculinities in Politics and War
Stefan Dudink
Karen Hagemann
Josh Tosh

Masculinities without Men?
J Bobby Noble

Masculinities, modernist fiction and the public sphere
Scott McCracken

Mass Atrocity Crimes
Robert I. Rotberg

Mass Media and Media Policy in Western Europe
Peter Humphreys

Massacre at Fort William Henry
David R. Starbuck

Masterful Illusions
Ann Yonemura

Mastering Approaches to Diversity in Social Work
Linda Gast
Anne Patmore

Mastering Social Work Supervision
Jane Wonnacott

Mastering Social Work Values and Ethics
Farrukh Akhtar

Mastering Whole Family Assessment in Social Work
Fiona Mainstone

Masters of the Ocean Realm
John Heyning

Masters of Tradition
Margaret C. Rodman

Material Culture of Breweries
Herman Wiley Ronnenberg

Maternalism Reconsidered
Marian van der Klein
Rebecca Jo Plant
Nichole Sanders
Lori R. Weintrob

Gloria Granz Gonick

A Matter of Life and Death
Rosalind Bradley

May the Best Team Win
Andrew Zimbalist
Bob Costas

Meaning and Method
Isaac Reed
Jeffrey C. Alexander

Meaning of History
Nikolai Berdyaev

The Meaning of Ice
Henry Huntington
Lene Kielsen Holm
Shari Gearheard

Measuring and Monitoring Immigrant Integration in Europe
Rob Bijl
Arjen Verweij

Measuring Urban Design
Reid Ewing
Otto Clemente

Measuring Vulnerability to Natural Hazards
Jörn Birkmann

Measuring Your Company's Environmental Impact
Mats Zackrisson
Gunner Bengtsson
Camilla Astrand

The Meat Business
Joyce d'Silva
Geoff Tansey

The Media and the War on Terrorism
Stephen Hess
Marvin Kalb

Media Divides
Marc Raboy
Jeremy Shtern

The Media Gaze
Augie Fleras

Media Mania
Hugh Mackay

Media Migration Integration
Rainer Geibler
Horst Pottker

Media Semiotics
Jonathan Bignell

Media Semiotics
Jonathan Bignell

Mediated Modeling
Marjan van den Belt

Mediation Skills and Strategies
Tony Whatling

Medical Biotechnology
Albert Sasson

Medicine and Public Health at the End of Empire
Howard Waitzkin

Medicine of the Person
John Cox
Alastair V. Campbell
Bill Fulford

Medicine Trail
Melissa Jayne Fawcett

Medicine Transformed
Deborah Brunton

Medieval Ivories and Works of Art in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario
John Lowden
John Cherry

Medieval Maidens
Kim M. Phillips

The Meditation Book of Light and Colour
Pauline Wills

Mediums, Monks, & Amulets
Pattana Kitiarsa

Meet Your Body
Noah Karrasch

Mega Urban Regions of Southeast Asia
Terry G. McGee
Ira M. Robinson

Melanesia and the Western Polynesian Fringe
Glynn Barratt

Memorializing the Past
Heidi Grunebaum

Memories of Mass Repression
Nanci Adler
Selma Leydesdorff
Mary Chamberlain
Leyla Neyzi

Memories of 'The East'
Fridus Steijlen

Memory and Popular Film
Paul Grainge

Memory, History, Nation
Katherine Hodgkin
Susannah Radstone

Men in Crisis
Hans Toch

Men in Groups
James E. Gruber
Phoebe Morgan

Men in political theory
Terrell Carver

Mending Fences
Elizabeth Wishnick

The Menopause Maze
Megan A. Arroll
Liz Efiong

Mental Disorder among Prisoners
Nathaniel J. Pallone

Mental Health Planning for One Billion People
Tsung-Yi Lin
Leon Eisenberg

Meridians and Acupoints
Zhu Bing
Wang Hongcai

Merry Laughter and Angry Curses
Juan Wang

Mes Confitures
Christine Ferber
Virginia R. Phillips

Messages from Frank's Landing
Charles Wilkinson

Mestizo Nations
Juan E. De Castro

The Metabolism of Desire
David R. Slavitt

A Metaphoric Mind

Ruth Couture
Virginia McGowan

Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment
Peter Morris
Riki Therivel

Chris Andersen

The Metropolitan Revolution
Bruce Katz
Jennifer Bradley

Mexican Americans and Education
Estela Godinez Ballon

Mexican-Origin People in the United States
Oscar J. Martinez

Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Michigan
Rudolph Valier Alvarado
Sonya Yvette Alvarado

George W. Grayson

Miao Textiles from China
Gina Corrigan

Michael Ondaatje
Lee Spinks

Michael Reeves
Benjamin Halligan

Michaelmas Term
Thomas Middleton
Gail Kern Paster

Michel Foucault
Mark Olssen

Pina Ragionieri

Michigan Wildlife Viewing Guide
Phil T. Seng
David J. Case

Microanalysis in Music Therapy
Thomas Wosch
Tony Wigram

Middle Chinese
Edwin G. Pulleyblank

Middle East Historiographies
Israel Gershoni
Amy Singer
Y. Hakan Erdem

The Middle Power Project
Adam Chapnick

Midrashic Women
Judith Baskin

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Second Edition
Jay L. Halio

Migrating the Black Body
Leigh Raiford
Heiki Raphael-Hernandez

Migration, Prostitution, and Human Trafficking
Min Liu

Mike's World
Asa McKercher
Galen Perras

Milestones on a Golden Road
Richard King

Military High Schools in America
William Trousdale

Militia Myths
James Wood

Milk Money
Kirk Kardashian

Miller Method
Arnold Miller
Kristina Chrétien

Mind Reading - CD ROM
Simon Baron-Cohen

Mind Reading - DVD ROM
Simon Baron-Cohen

Mind Reading Emotions Library Mind Reading Emotions Library
Simon Baron-Cohen

Mind, Body, World
Michael R. W. Dawson

Mindful Living with Asperger's Syndrome
Chris Mitchell

Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children
Joanna North

Mine Okubo
Greg Robinson
Elena Tajima Creef

The Mingins Photo Collection
Hiff Schiffmacher
Arlette Kouwenhoven

Mining, the Environment, and Indigenous Development Conflicts
Ali Saleem

Minnie and Max are OK
Chris Calland
Nicky Hutchinson
Emmi Smid

Minorities, modernity and the emerging nation
Gerry van Klinken

Gary L. Stuart

The Mirror of Laughter
Alexander Kozintsev
Richard P. Martin

Mirrors of a Disaster
Gerard Chaliand

Mary Walsh
Michael B. Jones

Misplaced Distrust
Éric Montpetit

Misrecognized Materialists
Matt James

Mission Invisible
Ross Perigoe
Mahmoud Eid

Mission Life in Cree-Ojibwe Country
Elizabeth Bingham Young
E. Ryerson Young
Jennifer S.H. Brown

Mission Made Impossible
Michael Smithies

Mixed Blessings
Tolly Bradford
Chelsea Horton

Mixed Method Design
Janice M. Morse
Linda Niehaus

Mixed Race Amnesia
Minelle Mahtani

Mobile Communication
Rich Ling
Scott W. Campbell

Mobile Learning
Mohamed Ally

Mobile Multimedia in Action
Ilpo Kalevi Koskinen

Mobilizing Metaphor
Christine Kelly
Michael Orsini

Modeling the Environment, Second Edition
Andrew Ford

Modern Capitalist Culture
Leslie A. White

Modern Clan Politics
Edward Schatz

Modern Clan Politics
Edward Schatz

Modern German pronunciation, Second Edition
Christopher Hall

Modern Middle Eastern Jewish Thought
Moshe Behar
Zvi Ben-Dor Benite

Modern Poisons
Alan Kolok

The Modern Social Conflict
Ralf Dahrendorf

Modern Warfare
Benjamin Perrin

Modern Women Modernizing Men
Ruth Compton Brouwer

Modernising Australia's Drug Policy
Timothy Moore
Alex Wodak

Modernism and Nation Building
Sibel Bozdogan

Monet and Japan
Virginia Spate
Gary Hickey

Monet's Water Lilies
Simon Kelly

Mary Schafer
Johanna Bernstein

Money Trees
Emily K. Brock

Money, Politics, and Democracy
Lisa Young
Harold J. Jansen

Monitoring Forest Biodiversity
Toby Gardner

Monitoring Performance in the Public Sector
John Mayne
Eduardo Zapico-Goni

Monsters to Destroy
Ira Chernus

Montreal, City of Water
Michèle Dagenais

The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims
Bruce J. Berman
André Laliberté
Stephen J. Larin

The Moral Heart of Public Service
Claire Foster-Gilbert

Moral Markets
Nico Stehr

Moral Power
Koen Stroeken

Morals and the Media
Nick Russell

Morals and the Media, 2nd edition
Nick Russell

Robert Engelman

More Cognitively Advanced Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2nd edition
Susan Moreno

More Indian Ernie
Ernie Louttit

More Moments in Time
Beth Perry

More than a Game
Barry Atkins

More Urban, Less Poor
Goran Tannerfeldt
Per Ljung

More Voices, New Stories
Mary C. Wright

Mortgaging the Earth
Bruce Rich

The Most Difficult Journey
Ben Mitchell
Rick Newby
Andrea Pappas

The Most Important Fish in the Sea
Keith B. Franklin
H. Bruce Franklin

Mothers and Others
Melanee Thomas
Amanda Bittner

Motivate to Communicate!
Simone Griffin
Dianne Sandler

Mountain Area Research and Management
Martin F. Price

The Mountain Is Moving
Patricia Morley

Mountain Masculinity
Andrew Gow
Julie Rak

Mourning the Dreams
Claudia Malacrida

The Mouse's House
Susan Quayle

Moving Aboriginal Health Forward
Yvonne Boyer

Moving Mountains
Jean Michaud
Tim Forsyth

A Moving Rhetoricke
Christina Luckyj

Mr. Putin, New and Expanded
Fiona Hill
Clifford G. Gaddy

Mr. Smith Goes to Ottawa
David C. Docherty

Mudpacks and Prozac
Murphy Halliburton

Mudras of India
Cain Carroll
Revital Carroll

Mudras of Yoga
Cain Carroll
Revital Carroll

Multicoloured Mayhem
Jacqui Jackson

Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States
Reva Joshee
Lauri Johnson

Multicultural Marketing And Business Consulting
Thaddeus Spratlen
Leslie Lum
Detra Y. Montoya
Michael Verchot

Multicultural Nationalism
Gerald Kernerman

Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution
Stephen Tierney

Multiculturalism and the Foundations of Meaningful Life
Andrew Robinson

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Managing Ehlers-Danlos (Type III) - Hypermobility Syndrome
Isobel Knight

Multi-Party Litigation
Wayne V. McIntosh
Cynthia L. Cates

Multiple InJustices
R. Aida Hernandez Castillo

Murdering Holiness
Jim Phillips
Rosemary Gartner

Museum Careers
N. Elizabeth Schlatter

Museum Education Anthology, 1973-1983
Susan Nichols
Mary Alexander
Ken Yellis

Museum Origins
Hugh H. Genoways
Mary Anne Andrei

Museums and the Past
Phaedra Livingstone
Viviane Gosselin

Music and Altered States
David Aldridge
Jörg Fachner

The Music Effect
Dorita S. Berger
Daniel J. Schneck

Music Therapy and Traumatic Brain Injury
Simon Gilbertson
David Aldridge

Music Therapy in Children's Hospices
Mercedes Pavlicevic

Music Therapy in Context
Mercedes Pavlicevic

Music Therapy in Palliative Care
David Aldridge

Music Therapy with Children and their Families
Amelia Oldfield
Claire Flower

Music Therapy with Families
Stine Lindahl Jacobsen
Grace Thompson

The Musical Arts of Ancient China
Xiao Mei
Bell Yung
Anita Wong

Musical Cognition
Henkjan Honing

Musical Encounters with Dying
Islene Runningdeer

Jonathan Locke Hart

Muslim Identity in a Turbulent Age
Mike Hardy
Fiyaz Mughal
Sarah Markiewicz

The Muslim Question in Canada
Abdolmohammad Kazemipur

Musqueam Reference Grammar
Wayne Suttles

Musui's Story
Kokichi Katsu

Mutual Support and Mental Health
Maddy Loat

My Autism Book
Dr. Glòria Durà-Vilà
Tamar Levi

My Book of Feelings
Tracey Ross
Rosy Salaman

My Child Has Autism, Now What?
Susan Larson Kidd

My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell
Arthur Bear Chief

My Father's Legacy
Katharine Johanson Nordstrom
Margaret Marshall

My Grandfather's Book
Gary Gildner

My Life, by Louis Kenoyer
Jedd Schrock
Henry Zenk

"My Own Portrait in Writing"
Patrick Grant

My Social Stories Book
Sean McAndrew
Carol Gray
Abbie White

Lex Rieffel

Myriad Gifts of Asperger's Syndrome, The
John M. Oritz

The Mysteries of Montreal
W. Peter Ward

The Mysterious Island
Jules Verne

Mysterious Lands
David O'Connor
Stephen Quirke

Mysterious Ways
Terry Davis

The Mystery of Pain
Douglas Nelson

Myth and Memory
John Sutton Lutz

The Myth of Resource Efficiency
John M. Polimeni
Kozo Mayumi
Mario Giampietro
Blake Alcott

The Myth of the North American City
Michael Goldberg
John Mercer

The Myth of Universal Human Rights
David N. Stamos

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