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 Search Results

Samuel I. Zeveloff

Race and Human Rights
Curtis Stokes

Race and the City
Shanti Fernando

Race in 21st Century America
Curtis Stokes
Theresa Melendez
Genice Rhodes-Reed

Race, Housing and Social Exclusion
Peter Somerville
Andy Steele

Race, Panic and the Memory of Migration
Meaghan Morris
Huub De Jonge
Brett de Bary

Racial Liberalism and the Politics of Urban America
Curtis Stokes
Theresa Melendez

Racing to the Bottom?
Kathryn Harrison

Racism and Mental Health
Kamaldeep Bhui

Racism in the Modern World
Manfred Berg
Stephen D. Bryen
Simon Wendt

The Railway King of Canada
R. B. Fleming

Raining Cats and Dogs
National Gallery of Australia

Raising A Child with Autism
Shira Richman

Raising Children with Asperger's Syndrome and High-functioning Autism
Yuko Yoshida
Esther Sanders
Cathy Hirano

Raising NLD Superstars
Marcia Brown Rubinstien

Ranching, Endangered Species, and Urbanization in the Southwest
Nathan F. Sayre

Range of Glaciers
Fred Beckey

Raphael and His Age
Paul Joannides

Rasa Shastra
Andrew Mason

The Raven's Tail
Cheryl Samuel

Razor Clams
David Berger

RCN in Retrospect, 1910-1968
James A. Boutilier

RCN in Transition, 1910-1985
W. A.B. Douglas

Reaching and Teaching the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Heather MacKenzie

Reaction and Resistance
Dorothy E. Chunn
Susan B. Boyd
Hester Lessard

A Reader in International Relations and Political Theory
Howard Williams
Moorhead Wright
Tony Evans

The Reader Revealed
Sabrina Baron

Reading Chinese Transnationalisms
Maria N. Ng
Philip Holden

Reading Hebrew Literature
Alan Mintz

Reading Popular Prints
B.E. Maidment

Reading the Fire
Jarold Ramsey

Reading Vincent van Gogh
Patrick Grant

Ready, Set, Potty!
Brenda Batts

"Real" Indians and Others
Bonita Lawrence

The Reality of Recovery in Personality Disorder
Heather Castillo

Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome
Ann Palmer

Realizing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
Jackie Hartley
Paul Joffe
Jennifer Preston

Reasonable Accommodation
Lori G. Beaman

The Reasoning Criminal
Derek B. Cornish
Ronald V. Clarke

Rebalance Your Relationship with Food
Emma Bacon

Rebel Youth
Ian Milligan

Rebuilding Canadian Party Politics
R. Kenneth Carty
William P. Cross
Lisa Young

Rebuilding Native Nations
Miriam Jorgensen

Recalling Local Pasts
Sunait Chutintaranond
Chris Baker

Reclaiming Adat
Gaik Cheng Khoo

Reclaiming Indigenous Voice and Vision
Marie Battiste

Recognition versus Self-Determination
Avigail Eisenberg
Jeremy Webber
Glen Coulthard
Andrée Boisselle

Sarah Carter
Patricia A. McCormack

Michael Gordon

Reconsidering Retirement
Courtney C. Coile
Phillip B. Levine

Reconstructing Kobe
David W. Edgington

The Reconstruction Desegregation Debate
Kirt H. Wilson

The Recovery Letters
James Withey
Olivia Sagan

Red and Blue Nation?
David W. Brady
Pietro S. Nivola

The Red Beast
K.I. Al-Ghani
Haitham Al-Ghani

The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band
Frances Washburn

Red Capitalism in South China
George C.S. Lin

The Red Man's on the Warpath
R. Scott Sheffield

Red Medicine
N. V. M. Gonzalez
Patrisia Gonzales

The Red Sea Terror Triangle
Shaul Shay

Red Stamps and Gold Stars
Sarah Turner

Red Tape, Featuring a new foreword by Philip K. Howard
Herbert Kaufman

Red, Blue, and Purple America
Ruy Teixeira

Rediscovering a Lost Freedom
Patrick M. Garry

Rediscovering Thomas Adams
Wayne J. Caldwell

Redrawing Local Government Boundaries
John Meligrana

Reducing Global Poverty
Douglas Deur
Caroline Moser

Reel Nature
Gregg Mitman

Reel Time
Robert M. Seiler
Tamara P. Seiler

Reflections in Bullough’s Pond
Diana Muir

Reflections of Canada
Michael Peter Smith
Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies

Reflections of Hearts and Minds
Shibley Telhami

Reforming Human Services
Brian Wharf
Michael Clague
Robert Dill
Roop Seebaran

Reforming Japan
Elizabeth Dorn Lublin

Reframe Your Thinking Around Autism
Holly Bridges

Regenerating British Columbia's Forests
R. Parish
C. M. Johnson
G. Montgomery
A. Vyse
R. A. Willis
D. Winston
D.P. Lavender

Regional Economic Impact Analysis and Project Evaluation
H. Craig Davis

Regionalism, Multilateralism, and the Politics of Global Trade
Donald Barry
Ronald Keith

Regrowing Hair Naturally
Vera Peiffer

Regulating Lives
John P S McLaren
Robert Menzies
Dorothy E. Chunn

Regulation Disorders of Sensory Processing in Children
Pratibha Reebye
Aileen Stalker

Regulation Through Litigation
W. Kip Viscusi

Rehabilitating the Old City of Beijing
Liangyong Wu

Reimagining Intervention in Young Lives
Karen R. Foster
Dale C. Spencer

Reimagining Marginalized Foods
Elizabeth Finnis

Relationship Development Intervention
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relationship Development Intervention with Children, Adolescents and Adults
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relationship Development Intervention with Young Children
Steven Gutstein
Rachelle Sheely

Relationship-Based Research in Social Work
Gillian Ruch
Ilse Julkunen

Relationship-Based Social Work
Gillian Ruch
Danielle Turney
Adrian Ward

Relative Grief
Clare Jenkins
Judy Merry

Religion and Canadian Party Politics
David Rayside
Jerald Sabin
Paul E.J. Thomas

Religion and Sexuality
Pamela Dickey Young
Heather Shipley
Tracy J. Trothen

A Religion of the Word
Catherine Davies

Religion, Ecology & Gender
Sigurd Bergmann
Yong-Bock Kim

Religion, Space, and the Environment
Sigurd Bergmann

Relocating Eden
Alan Rudolph Marcus

Relocating Middle Powers
Andrew Cooper
Richard A. Higgott
Kim R. Nossal

The Reluctant Land
Cole Harris

Reluctant Warriors
Patrick M. Dennis

Remaking Urban Citizenship
Michael Peter Smith
Michael Mcquarrie

Remembering the Samsui Women
Kelvin E.Y. Low

The Reminiscences of Doctor John Sebastian Helmcken
Dorothy Blakey-Smith

The Renaissance Text
Andrew Murphy

Michael Petrou

Renegotiating Community
Diana Brydon
William D. Coleman

Renewable Energy
Dirk Assmann
Ulrich Laumanns
Dieter Uh

Renewable Energy in Europe
European Renewable Energy Council

Renewable Energy Policy and Politics
Karl Mallon

The Renewable Revolution

Sajed Kamal

Renewing Black Intellectual History
Christopher A. Reed
Isaac Reed
Adolph Reed, Jr.
Carolyn Kenny
Kenneth W. Warren

Renewing Salmon Nation's Food Traditions
Gary Paul Nabhan

Repairing Paradise
William R. Lowry

Repairing the American Metropolis
Douglas Kelbaugh

Sandra Postel

Reporting for China
Pal Nyiri

Reporting the Raj
Chandrika Kaul

Representation and Democratic Theory
David Laycock

The Republic of Nature
Mark Fiege

Republican Learning
Justin Champion

Requiem for a Species
Clive Hamilton

Requiem or Revival?
Isabel Stuer
Carl Wise

Research in Social Care and Social Welfare
Beth Humphries

The Resettlement of British Columbia
R. Cole Harris

Resettling the Range
John Thistle

Reshaping Metropolitan America
Arthur C. Nelson

Reshaping the University
Rauna Kuokkanen

Resilience Practice
Brian Walker
David Salt

Resilient by Design
Joseph Fiksel

Resilient Cities
Peter Newman
Timothy Beatley
Heather Boyer

Resilient Gods
Reginald W. Bibby

Resistance Is Fertile
Wilhelm Peekhaus

Resistance to Modernization in Africa
Giordano Sivini
Joan Krakover Hall

Resisting Manchukuo
Norman Smith

Resolving Environmental Disputes
Roger Sidaway

Resource Communities in a Globalizing Region
Paul Bowles
Gary N. Wilson

Restoration of Puget Sound Rivers
David R. Montgomery
Susan Bolton
Derek B. Booth
Leslie Wall

Restoration of the Great Lakes
Mark Sproule-Jones

Restorative Justice
Marian Liebmann

Restorative Practice and Special Needs
Nick Burnett
Margaret Thorsborne

Restorative Theory in Practice
Belinda Hopkins

Restoring Neighborhood Streams
Ann L. Riley

Restoring the Balance
Martin S. Indyk
Gary Samore

The Resurrection of the Animals
Anita Skeen

Mickey S. Eisenberg

Retail Nation
Donica Belisle

Rethinking Agriculture
Timothy P. Denham
Jose Iriarte
Luc Vrydaghs

Rethinking Domestic Violence
Donald G. Dutton

Rethinking Equality
Chris Armstrong

Rethinking European Union Foreign Policy
Ben Tonra
Thomas Christiansen

Rethinking Federalism
Karen Knop
Sylvia Ostry
Richard Simeon
Katherine Swinton

Rethinking International Relations
Fred Halliday

Rethinking Migration
Alejandro Portes
Josh DeWind

Rethinking Online Education
Bessie Mitsikopoulou

Rethinking the Great White North
Andrew Baldwin
Laura Cameron
Audrey Kobayashi

Rethinking Water Management
Johan Rockstrom
Caroline Figueres
Cecilia Tortajada

The Retreat of Social Democracy
John Callaghan

The Returns of Alwin Nikolais
Claudia Gitelman
Randy Martin

The Return of the Wolf
John Elder

Return to Alexandria
Beverly Butler

Return to the Land of the Headhunters
Brad Evans
Aaron Glass

Revealing the Hidden Social Code
Marie Howley
Eileen Arnold

The Revenger's Tragedy (Student Edition)
Thomas Middleton
Cyril Tourneur
R.A. Foakes

Carolyn Ellis

Revisiting the Duty to Consult Aboriginal Peoples
Dwight G. Newman

Reviving Social Democracy
David Laycock
Lynda Erickson

Revolution on the Range
Courtney White

The Revolutionary Ascetic
Bruce Mazlish

Revolutionary Women in Russia, 1870-1917
Anna Hillyar
Jane McDermid

Stephen K. Sanderson

Reweaving the Autistic Tapestry
Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Rewriting Scotland
Cristie L. March

The Rhine
Mark Cioc

Richard Aldington and H.D.
Caroline Zilboorg

Ricky’s Atlas
Judith L. Li
M.L. Herring

The Right to a Healthy Environment
David R. Boyd

The Righteous Demon
Clifford Hospital

The Rise of the Nazis
Conan Fischer

The Rising Sea
Orrin H. Pikey
Rob Young

Rising States, Rising Institutions
Alan Alexandroff
Andrew Cooper

Risk Goverance
Ortwin Renn

Risk in Child Protection
Martin C. Calder
Julie Archer

Risk, Media and Stigma
James Flynn
Paul Slovic
Howard Kunreuther

Ritual as a Missing Link
J. David Knottnerus

Rituals of Surgery
Richard Selzer

River Notes
Wade Davis

River of Life, Channel of Death
Keith C. Petersen

River of Memory
William D. Layman

The Road to the European Union, Volume 2
Vello Pettai
Jan Zielonka

Roads Were Not Built for Cars
Gabriel R. Ricci
Carlton Reid

Roaring Days
Jeremy Mouat

The Roaring Girl
Thomas Dekker
Thomas Middleton
Paul Mulholland

Roasting Chestnuts
Ian Stewart

Robert Brown and the Vancouver Island Exploring Expedition
John Hayman

Robert Davidson
Barbara Brotherton
Sheila Farr
John Haworth

Robertson Davies, Playwright
Susan Stone-Blackburn

Robes of Power
Doreen Jensen
Polly Sargent

Rocks in the Water, Rocks in the Sun
Vilmond Joegodson Deralcine
Paul Jackson

Jörg Zutter

Rogue Flows
Koichi Iwabuchi
Stephen Muecke
Mandy Thomas

The Role of Ecosystems in Disaster Risk Reduction
Fabrice G. Renaud
Karen Sudmeier-Rieux
Marisol Estrella

The Role of Religion in History
George Walsh

The Roman Actor
Philip Massinger
Martin White

The Roman Republic in Political Thought
Joseph Millar
Fergus Millar

Romance and Ritual
Grace Cohen Grossman

Romancing the Revolution
Amitav Acharya
Ian Bullock

Roof Cooling Techniques
Simos Yannas
Evytar Erell
Jose Luis Molina

The Root Causes of Biodiversity Loss
Alexander Wood
Pamela Stedman-Edwards
Johanna Mang

Rooted Cosmopolitanism
Will Kymlicka
Kathryn Walker

Roots & Reflections
Amy Bhatt
Nalini Iyer

Rosie Rudey and the Enormous Chocolate Mountain
Sarah Naish
Rosie Jefferies

Rostow, Kennedy, and the Rhetoric of Foreign Aid
Kimber Charles Pearce

Rough Guide to Sustainability 3rd edition
Brian Edwards

The Round Barn
Suzy Wizowaty

Roy & Me
Maurice Yacowar

Roy Lichtenstein

Jaklyn Babington

Rubens's 'Massacre of the Innocents' in the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario
David Jaffe
Amanda Bradley

The Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour
François Nivelon

The Rules of Integration
Mark Aspinwall
Gerald Schneider

Rules of the Game
Rhonda Amsel
Mark R. Amstutz

Jean-Noël Kapferer

Running with Walker
Robert Hughes

Rural and Urban Sustainability Governance
Kota Asano
Mitsuo Takada

Rural Development in Eurasia and the Middle East
Kurt E. Engelmann
Vjeran Pavlakovic

Rural Planning in Developing Countries
Barry Dalal-Clayton
David Dent
Olivier Dubois

Russia and the New World Disorder
Bobo Lo

Russia in 2020
Maria Lipman
Nikolay Petrov

Russia: Lost in Transition
Lilia Shevtsova

Russian Civil-Military Relations
Thomas Gomart

Russian Jews on Three Continents
Larissa Remennick

Russian Shadows on the British Northwest Coast of North America, 1810-1890
Glynn Barratt

The Russians and Australia
Glynn Barratt

Russia's Far East
Jason Ziedenberg
Judith Thornton
Charles Ziegler

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