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 Search Results

Wading for Bugs
Judith L. Li
Michael T. Barbour

The Wages of Relief
Eric Strikwerda

Waging War on the Home Front
Chauncey del French
Jessie French
Lois Mack
Ted Van Arsdol

Wales since 1939
Martin Johnes

Walker Finds a Way
Robert Hughes

Walking Distance
Robert E. Manning
Harvey Manning
Martha S. Manning

Walking in Indian Moccasins
Laurie Barron

Walking the Beach to Bellingham
Harvey Manning

Walking the Clouds
Grace L. Dillon

Walking the Land, Feeding the Fire
Allice Legat

Walking Washington's History
Judy Bentley

A War of Patrols
William Johnston

The War on Error
Martin Kramer

War Over the Family
David Popenoe

Warfare in Cultural Context
Axel E. Nielsen
William H. Walker

Warrior Guards the Mountain
Alex Kozma

War-Torn Exchanges
Andrea McKenzie

Watching Human Rights
Mark Gibney

Antoine Frérot

Water Ethics
Peter G. Brown
Jeremy J. Schmidt

Water for food, Water for life
David Molden

Water in the West
Char Miller

Water is for Fighting Over
John Fleck

Water Resources
Shimon C. Anisfeld

Water Security
World Economic Forum Water Initiative

Water Sheikhs and Dam Builders
Francesca de Chatel

Water War in the Klamath Basin
Holly Doremus
A. Dan Tarlock

Waters of Oregon
Rick Bastach

Watersheds, Bays, and Bounded Seas
Edward R. Urban
Bjorn Sundby
Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli
Jerry M. Melillo

The Way of the Bachelor
Alison R. Marshall

The Way of the Five Elements
John Kirkwood

The Way of the Five Seasons
John Kirkwood

The Way of the Masks
Claude Levi-Strauss

Ways of Being Ethnic in Southwest China
Stevan Harrell

Ways of Knowing
Jean-Guy Goulet

Ways of the Rivers
Martha G. Anderson
Philip M. Peek

We Are Coming Home
Gerald T. Conaty

"We are not Savages"
Joel R. Hyer

We Are Our Language
Barbra A. Meek

We Give Our Hearts to Dogs to Tear
Alston Chase

We Give Our Hearts to Dogs to Tear
Alston Chase

We Interrupt This Program
Miranda J. Brady
John M.H. Kelly

We Still Demand!
Patrizia Gentile
Gary Kinsman
L. Pauline Rankin

We the Peoples
Edward Mortimer

The Wealth of Forests
Chris Tollefson

Weary Warriors
Pamela Moss
Michael J. Prince

The Weather of the Pacific Northwest
Cliff Mass

Weaving the Boundary
Karenne Wood

Webs of Empire
Tony Ballantyne

The Weight of Command
J.L. Granatstein

Welcome to Resisterville
Kathleen Rodgers

Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption
Arleta James

We're All Mad Here
Claire Eastham

Wesbrook and His University
William C. Gibson

The West and Beyond
Alvin Finkel
Sarah Carter
Peter Fortna

West Ham and the River Lea
Jim Clifford

West the Railroads Made, The
Carlos A. Schwantes
James P. Ronda

Western Apache Language and Culture
Keith H. Basso

Western Pueblo Identities
Andrew Duff

Westward Bound
Lesley Erickson

Wet Prairie
Shannon Stunden Bower

Wetland, Woodland, Wildland
Elizabeth H. Thompson
Eric R. Sorenson

Whales and Nations
Kurkpatrick Dorsey

What Children Need to be Happy, Confident and Successful
Jeni Hooper

What Did You Say? What Do You Mean?
Jude Welton

What Do Unions Do?
James T. Bennett
Bruce E. Kaufman

What Do We Do Now?
Stephen Hess

What Does Consent Mean Again?
Pete Wallis
Joseph Wilkins

What Have I Done?
Pete Wallis
Clair Aldington
Marian Liebmann

What is `Tai Chi'?
Peter Gilligan

What Is a Crime?
Law Commission of Canada

What Is A Man?
Natalie Boymel Kampen
Elizabeth Marlowe
Rebecca M. Molholt

What is Dyslexia?
Alan M. Hultquist

What is Soviet Now?
Thomas Lahusen
Peter H. Solomon

What Is Water?
Jamie Linton

What Makes a Good Nurse
Derek Sellman

What Should a Clever Moose Eat?
John Pastor

What the Hell Happened to My Brain?
Kate Swaffer

What to Feed an Asperger?
Sarah Patten

What We Learned
Helen Raptis

What's Happening to Ellie?
Kate E. Reynolds

What's Happening to Tom?
Kate E. Reynolds

What's Love Got to Do with It?
Thomas J. Scheff

When a Baby Dies of SIDS
Karen Martin

When a Child Dies
Robert S. McKelvey, M.D.

When Anxiety Attacks
Terian Koscik

When Babies Read
Audra Jensen

When Cats Reigned Like Kings
Georgie Anne Geyer

When Coal Was King
John Hinde

When Good Drugs Go Bad
Dan Malleck

When Herscue Met Jomphrey and Other Tales from an Aspie Marriage
Herscue Bergenstreiml

When I Was Small -- I Wan Kwikws
Lisa Matthewson

When I’m 64
Donna Gibbs

When I'm Away From Home
Jean Camis

When Robots Kill
Gabriel Hallevy

When the Caribou Do Not Come
Brenda Parlee
Ken Caine

When the School Says No...How to Get the Yes!
Vaughn Lauer

When Wheat Was King
André Magnan

When Women Held the Dragon’s Tongue
Hermann Rebel

When Worlds Collide
Max T. Friesen

Where Happiness Dwells
Robin Ridington
Jillian Ridington
Dane-zaa First Nations elders

Where Land and Water Meet
Nancy Langston

Where Our Food Comes From
Gary Paul Nabhan

Where the Dragon Meets the Angry River
Thomas Heywood
R. Edward Grumbine

Where the Rivers Meet

Carly A. Dokis

Whistler, Sargent and Steer
David Fraser Jenkins

White Gold
Karl Froschauer

White Grizzly Bear's Legacy
Lawney L. Reyes

The White House and the World
Nancy Birdsall

A White Man's Province
Patricia E. Roy

White Man's Water
Erica Prussing

White Moon on the Mountain Peak
Damo Mitchell

The White Rose
Inge Scholl

White Settler Reserve
Ryan Eyford

White-Collar Criminal
Gilbert Geis

Carey Gillam

Who Are You?
Skip Pessl
Brook Pessin-Whedbee
Naomi Bardoff

Who Is Bob_34?
Patrice Corriveau
Francis Fortin

Who Owns the Stock?
Anatoly M. Khazanov
Gunther Schlee

Who will I be when I die?
Christine Bryden

The Whole Building Handbook
Varis Bokalders
Maria Block

Whole System Design
Peter Stasinopoulos
Michael H. Smith
Karlson Hargroves
Cheryl Desha

Who's Having This Baby?
Helen Sterk
Carla Hay
Leona VandeVusse
Alice Beck Kehoe
Krista Ratcliffe

Who's Who of the Brain
Kenneth Nunn
Tanya Hanstock
Bryan Lask

Whose North?
Mark Dickerson

Why do I have to?
Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Why I Left the Amish
Saloma Miller Furlong

Why the Egyptians Wrote Books
John Tait

Wicked Environmental Problems
Brad Walters
Peter J. Balint
Ronald E. Stewart
Anand Desai
Lawrence C. Walters

The Wicked Wine of Democracy
Joseph S. Miller

Wife to Widow
Bettina Bradbury

Wiki Government
Beth Simone Noveck

Wild and Scenic Rivers
Tim Palmer

Wild By Design
Margie Ruddick

Wild by Design
Janet Catherine Berlo
Patricia Cox Crews

Wild Delicate Seconds
Charles Finn

Wild Horses of the West
C. De Silva
J. Edward de Steiguer

Wild in the City
Michael C. Houck
M. J. Cody

Wild Words
Donna Coates
George Melnyk

A Wilder West
Mary-Ellen Kelm

Lincoln Bramwell

Wilderness Comes Home
Christopher McGrory Klyza

Wildfire Risk
Wade E. Martin
Carol Raish
Brian Kent

Wildland Fire
Environmental Training Centre

Wildlife and Society
Michael J. Manfredo
Jerry J. Vaske
Perry J. Brown
Daniel J. Decker
Esther A. Duke

Wildlife Law
Eric T. Freyfogle
Dale D. Goble

Wildlife, Conservation, and Conflict in Quebec, 1840-1914
Darcy Ingram

Wildlife-Habitat Relationships in Oregon and Washington
David H. Johnson
Thomas A. O'Neil

A Will of His Own, A
Kelly Harland

Will the Time Ever Come?
Thomas F. Thornton
Andrew Hope III

Will to Power
David Mulhall

The Willamette River Basin Atlas
Pacific Northwest Ecosystem Research Consortium

William Beckman
Carl Belz

William Faulkner
Linda Wagner-Martin

William Ingham
Matthew Kangas

William Wobbly and the Mysterious Holey Jumper
Sarah Naish
Rosie Jefferies

Willing Seduction
Barbara Kosta

Wind Energy - The Facts
European Wind Energy Association

Wind Energy in the Built Environment
Neil Campbell
Sinisa Stankovic

Wind Power Plants
Robert Gasch
Jochen Twele

Windfall Apples
Richard Stevenson

Winning the Presidency 2012
William J. Crotty

Winter Music
John Luther Adams
Kyle Gann

Winter Twigs
Helen Gilkey
Patricia L. Packard

Wired to the World, Chained to the Home
Penny Gurstein

The Wisdom of Egypt
Peter Ucko
Timothy Champion

The Witch of Edmonton (Student Edition)
Peter Corbin
Douglas Sedge
William Dekker et al.

Witches, Westerners, and HIV
Alexander Rodlach

With Blood in Their Eyes
Thomas Cobb

With Friends Like These
David Meren

With Good Intentions
Celia Haig-Brown
David A. Nock

Without Apology
Shannon Stettner

Without You
Tamar Granot

Witsuwit'en Grammar
Sharon Hargus

The Wolves at My Shadow
Ingelore Rothschild
Darilyn Stahl Listort
Dennis Listort

A Woman of Valour
Claire Trépanier

Woman the Toolmaker
Tara Belkin

Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence
Lori B. Girshick

Women and American Judaism
Pamela S. Nadell
Jonathan D. Sarna

Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sarah Hendrickx

Women and Knowledge in Mesoamerica
Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Women and Ledger Art
Richard Pearce

Women and Property in Urban India
Bipasha Baruah

Women and the White Man's God
Myra Rutherdale

Women Filmmakers
Jacqueline Levitin
Valerie Raoul
Judith Plessis

Women in Anthropology
Maria G. Cattell
Marjorie M. Schweitzer

Women in Italy 1350-1650
Mary Rogers
Paola Tinagli

Women in Pacific Northwest History
Karen J. Blair

Women on Probation and Parole
Merry Morash

Women on the Renaissance Stage
Clare McManus

Women Pioneers For The Environment
Mary Joy Breton

Women Reading Shakespeare 1660-1900
Ann Thompson
Sasha Roberts

Women, Gender and Fascism in Europe, 1919-45
Kevin Passmore

Women, Revolution, and the Novels of the 1790s
Linda Lang-Peralta

Women, Scholarship and Criticism
Joan Bellamy
Anne Laurence
Gill Perry

Women, Theatre and Performance
Maggie B. Gale
Viv Gardner

Women, Violence, and the Media
United Nations Human Settlements Programme
Drew Humphries

Women's Writing in Contemporary France
Catherine Worthington
Gill Rye
Michael Worton

The Wonderful World of Work
Jeanette Purkis

Wong Kar-wai's Ashes of Time
Wimal Dissanayake

Wong Kar-wai's Happy Together
Jeremy Tambling

Woody's Road
Mary Jo Guthrie Edgmon
Guy Logsdon
Woody Guthrie

Words We Call Home
Linda Svendsen

The Workers' and Peasants' State
Patrick Major
Jonathan Osmond

Workers, Capital, and the State in British Columbia
Rennie Warburton
David Coburn

Working Ethics
Richard Rowson

Working Girls in the West
Lindsey McMaster

Working Mothers and the Child Care Dilemma
Lisa Pasolli

Working People in Alberta
Alvin Finkel

Working Therapeutically with Families
Tonia Caselman
Kimberly Hill

Working with Children and Teenagers Using Solution Focused Approaches
Judith Milner
Jackie Bateman

Working with Families of African Caribbean Origin
Elaine Arnold

Working with Parents of a Newly Diagnosed Child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
Deb Keen
Sylvia Rodger

Working with Suicidal Individuals
Tony White

Working with Traumatic Memories to Heal Adults with Unresolved Childhood Trauma
Petra Winnette
Jonathan Baylin

The works of Richard Edwards
Ros King

World Agriculture
Jelle Bruinsma

A World Challenged
Yevgeny Primakov

World Fire
Stephen J. Pyne

World in Transition, Volume 1
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 2
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 3
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World in Transition, Volume 4
German Advisory Council on Global Change

World Order after Leninism
Vladimir Tismaneanu
Marc Morje Howard
Rudra Sil

World Religions and Norms of War
Vesselin Popovski
Gregory M. Reichberg
Nicholas Turner

World Stages, Local Audiences
Peter Dickinson

The World System and The Earth System
Alf Hornborg
Carole L Crumley

A World That Was
Ronald M. Berndt
Catherine H. Berndt

The World Trade Organization
Asif H. Qureshi

World Water Actions
World Water Council
Francois Guerquin

World Water Vision
William J. Cosgrove
Frank R. Rijsberman

A World You Do Not Know
Colin Samson

David Trend

Worlds Ago
Walter Laqueur

The World's Water 2008-2009
Peter H. Gleick
Heather Cooley
Michael Cohen
Mari Morikawa
Jason Morrison
Meena Palaniappan

The World's Water Volume 8
Peter H. Gleick
Pacific Institute

The Wounds of Exclusion
Colleen Reid

The Wounds of Nations
Linnie Blake

The Woven Coverlets of Norway
Janet Land
Katherine Larson

Writing Archaeology
Brian Fagan

Writing British Columbia History, 1784-1958
Chad Reimer

Writing for Radio
Vincent McInerney

Writing Home
Michael D. Wilson

Writing in Rights
Hilary Charlesworth

Writing on Ice
Gisli Palsson

Writing Qualitative Inquiry
Harold Lloyd Goodall, Jr.

Writing Security
David Campbell

Writing Skills in Practice
Diana Williams

Writing the War on Terrorism
Richard Jackson

Writing without a Parachute
Barbara Turner-Vesselago

Writings on the Dark Side of Travel
Hana Saab
Jonathan Skinner

Written and Unwritten
James O. Caswell

Written as I Remember It
Elsie Paul
Paige Raibmon
Harmony Johnson

Wye Island
Boyd Gibbons

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